2022 Tiger Spring Festival Gala Jewelry Jewelry Type Style Styling


The Spring Festival Evening of the 2022 Tiger Year of the Tiger in China in the Four Seas not only brought you beautiful and moving songs and dances, and continuous sketches of laughter, but also became a large -scale site of the goods, Zhang Xiaofei’s coat and eye shadow, Li Sisi’s lipstick and so on As for the audience, while admiring the show, they also received their favorite things.


Spring Festival Gala scene (picture source Weibo)


In addition to lipstick and clothes in the Spring Festival Gala, the jewelery of BlingBling is extremely exciting.


The Spring Festival Gala Jewelry of the Year of the Tiger


Let’s turn on the journey of “planting grass” together.

01 “Happy Year”

Happy and auspicious year (Tuyuan Network)

There is love in your heart is the reunion year. No matter where you are, the people around you are the family of each other and open the year of the tiger in the singing. The first show of the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger, “Happy Year”, many film and television stars spent with everyone.

Liu Tao (Tuyuan Network)


Liu Tao was dressed in a number of red clothing performances in this show. At the Spring Festival Gala scene, a red velvet dress appeared, and helped the Deng men’s magic performance later. It became one of the highlights of the Spring Festival Gala. It is Liu Tao’s ruby ​​earrings, the colorful color of the ruby, adding color to the beauty, and more beautiful meaning.

Mao Xiaotong (Tuyuan Network)


Mao Xiaotong also appeared in the Spring Festival Gala in the red skirt. On jewelry, Mao Xiaotong chose the Tiffany Solese series ruby ​​earrings and rings, Tiffany T series diamond -mosaic hinge coil bracelets, festive and old.

Song Zuer (Figure Yuanwang)

Song Zuer was dressed in a hundred flower dresses, with Boucheron Plume de Paon series peacock feather earrings and necklaces, showing gentleness and charming, full of spring warmth.

Zhang Ruohuan (Tuyuan Network)


Zhang Ruohuan appeared in a red suit suit, with Fred Feiden necklace, and he was handsome and full of spirit.

02 “Time A sense”

“Time” (Figure Source Network)


What is our sense of time, looking for answers in the relaxed and cheerful melody, Deng Chao, Li Yuchun, Yi Xi Qianxi sang the “Time sense” in the same stage.


Li Yuchun (Tuyuan Network)

Among the three, Li Yuchun’s shape is the most dazzling and fashionable. She wore a pink embroidery dress to appear, showing high -level and exquisite. At the same time, it was paired with the Gucci Link to Love series pink tourmaline ring and echoed the color of the clothing. Essence

03 “Father and Son”

“Father and Son” (Tuyuan Network)


How to understand and accompany each other between the father and the son, the sketch “Father and the Son” gave us the answer. Sun Tao, Wang Lei, and Yinger jointly performed “Father and Son”.


Yinger (Tuyuan Network)

In the performance, Yinger’s red cardigan and jeans can be used by most people. On the jewelry, Yinger mats with Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred Charden CHANCE Infinie series diamond earrings to make daily simplicity to the end.


04 “True Love Dance”

True love dance (picture source network)

Ren Jialun, Wang Yuan, Jike Yiyi, and Song Qian joined hands with the Chinese acrobatics group to present “True Love Dance”, and felt youthful vitality in the brisk rhythm.


Gick Yiyi (Tuyuan Network)

Gick Yiyi was dressed in a classic gold coin with a red knitted dress, and the high ponytail paired with exquisite makeup, overflowing the joyful atmosphere. On the jewelry, she chose BVLGARI Bulgari Dream ’Dream series earrings and rings, the Fiorever series ring, 18K gold diamond jewelry and red matching more fashionable trend.


Song Qian (Tuyuan Network)

Song Qian on the same stage appeared with a red suit suit, with CHANEL medieval jewelry, full of atmosphere, using antique brooms as Chocker, and retro gold rhombus earrings, fashionable temperament.


05 “Love together”

“Love together” (Tuyuan Network)

Li Ronghao and Zhang Shaohan sang “Love together” on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. The smart singing voice and technology were perfectly blended with technology, and they were in the ocean of love together.

Zhang Shaohan (Tuyuan Network)

Zhang Shaohan was wearing a bubble sleeve ice gray -blue thin gauze dress. The feathers swayed softly on the dresses, and the steps were like dreams. They were paired with Makiimakii Jewelery Flying Bird series contracting vermiculite earrings.

Li Ronghao (left) (Figure source network)


Li Ronghao appeared in a white suit suit, wearing the Cartier Love series necklace, simple and classic.

06 “Bells of Spring”


Spring bells (Tuyuan Network)

As the bells of the New Year sounded, Sun Nan and Tan Weiwei sang “The Bells of Spring” together to welcome the new year of thousands of purple and thousands of reds.

Tan Weiwei (Figure Yuanwang)


Tan Weiwei sang on the stage with a yellow skirt, and his shawl showed his gentle temperament. He was paired with Daibels Arpeggia Platinum single -layer diamond earrings and Allegria Eternity wide version of platinum ring.

07 “Happy Time”

Happy Time (Figure Source Network)

What is happy time? About three or five friends to collect the joyful memory. Zhao Liying, Wang Junkai, Zhu Yilong, and Yu Kewei went together with the stage together.


Wang Junkai (Tuyuan Network, Swallow brooch is a similar display)

Wang Junkai was wearing an exclusive custom red velvet suit, wearing a Mithridate limited swallow diamond jewelry brooch, red velvet and satin blooming colorful colors, diamond jewelry swallows refracted bright light, dotted with juveniles, and the rhythm of smart music.


Zhu Yilong (Tuyuan Network)

Zhu Yilong also appeared in a red suit, wearing Chopard L.U.C XP Tiger Nian 莳 莳 莳 莳 and Happy Snowflakes necklace, shining the Spring Festival Gala.

Zhao Liying (Tuyuan Network)


Zhao Liying appeared in a cute and sweet red skirt. She wore Guo PEI 2022 concubine red Chinese heart dresses and wearing Moneta Haute Joaillerie’s latest high -end jewelry. The rich ruby ​​embellished her ears and fingertips.


Yu Kewei (Figure source network)

Yu Kewei wore an orange flower printed bubble sleeve umbrella -shaped mini short -sleeved dress, and wearing Tiffany Tifani Victoria series earrings and pendants.



Spring Festival Gala 2022 (Figure Source Network)


In a happy and auspicious atmosphere of the Spring Festival Gala 2022, the audience greeted the year of the tiger. The Taurus Ango had resigned, and the jade tiger would welcome the spring. As the party presented, we look forward to the new year. Our days are loud and more colorful.