Chinese man, don’t just know wearing sports pants! These 9 men’s trousers enhance your style


Personal jackets and the latest sports shoes are always the best items that men want, but do not let these things be blinded. A suitable men’s pants may be that you are wearing the lowest -key but very affected items.

Many Chinese men are more inclined to choose high -efficiency sport -footed shorts, but once so, you will find that no matter how matched other matches, you will always be able to look like it is just running up.


There may be some men’s pants that you may not pay attention to, but you should definitely consider the unknown men’s pants.


1: Core velvet pants

Cordonal velvet is one of the most unused materials in men’s style. It was once the patent of academic people, but now it is properly dressed and can become an indispensable pants. This men’s clothing in the 1970s is now revived, so it is the best time now.

Cordonic velvet is composed of weaving and twisted cotton or wool to form a parallel line texture (called “Wales”). Among them, wool is the most durable one, but they may be a bit hot, so it is best to leave them until cold.

Contrary to the connotation of sometimes dullness, the core of the light is very glorious during leisure. With a dark light core pants with a sweatshirt and a pair of practical leather sports shoes.

In the party season, this striped fabric is also very good, adding a little personality to a more formal dress. Slim cutting lights and monk shoes is an excellent partner, but do not play the tie.

2: Wool trousers

Wool men’s pants are the favorite of fashion bloggers and artistic directors around the world. Whether it is matching other customized items or creating casual outfit, wool pants are the perfect choice. There is no sign of weakening.


This kind of pants look good in a more traditional way. To get inspiration, you can go to PITTI UOMO (the world’s largest men’s exhibition) to see. The experts there are often paired with a pair of Brock shoes, Derby shoes or Mengke shoes.


3: Crowded khaki pants

If you want to show your retro male temperament, a good oblique khaki trousers are that high -quality craftsmanship perfectly integrates reliability and fashion, both cool and durable.


Crowded cotton cloth is a traditional material that is cut from heavy cotton cloth. After weaving, a surface of parallel oblique pattern is formed. Each of it tells a story. It still makes you look


More mature and traditional.


Strictly speaking, this style is still casual pants, so you can match a pair of casual shoes (such as any shoe with a contrasting Vibram sole), T -shirt or sweater, and a jacket or denim jacket to create a relaxed and cool sparkling Out -off shape.


4: Liney trousers

Not long ago, linen trousers were still sweaty deformity lanterns, and there was no place in the style of modern men and wardrobes.

Fortunately, designers have done a lot of work in recent years to revive them. The tailoring of the non -forming is gone. Instead, the tapered and modern leg lines are replaced, making each body look more perfect. The linen mixing fabric makes them more practical, not easy to wrinkle, and it is still as refreshing as before.

Try to use them as part of a linse suit to create a neat and clean atmosphere, but the more modern way of dressing is


Nine -point, with sneakers and plain T -shirts.

5: Pumping pants


If you don’t want to be too exaggerated, drawing rope men’s pants are the best things in the men’s clothing field in the past ten years. The previous drawing and tight belt are limited to sportswear, which is usually considered a lazy logo.

Nowadays, drawing pants are tailor -made, and there are more materials. Wool and linen provide the best choice. Once you feel how comfortable it is, you will never turn back.


6: Ultra -thin foot pants

Combined with the comfort of the jogger “I don’t wear anything” and the more modern work pants, they are as comfortable in the office or gym. This is a rare example of fashion and functions for greater interests.


But more and more Chinese people seem to forget that it is still sports equipment, and has been updated. From Nike to Lululemon, if you wear it most of the time, we recommend that the atmosphere of street clothing continues, paired with Palace, Stussy, etc. The brand’s logo T -shirt and low -key running shoes, if you don’t want to wear ultra -tide brands, then put on a pair of new white lace -up sneakers, and then put on one (irritated) Oxford shirt to make yourself look even more Sharp.


7: cropped pants


Town pants are a good way to add fun to the tired format, expose ankle or expose your men’s socks. In addition to let your shoes have the opportunity to show, precise cuts also highlight your walking lines.


However, it is important to obtain the correct length. Unless they are very fit, go to the tailor shop to accept professional advice, three to four inches above the ankle is a safe choice.

Town pants are very suitable for formal occasions and occasions after get off work, although you are no doubt that you wear the former. Short oblique cotton material can be paired with white shirts, high -grade suede short jackets and white sports casual sports shoes on weekends. At the same time, in a more formal occasion, black cropped pants with gray suit jackets and formal shoes are the ideal choice for easy business and leisure office.

8: Together

The work pants have a long history of military history, and now they have returned in a more fashionable way.

The key to making men’s trousers is to ensure that they find a balance between self -cultivation and wideness, so they need to cut their clothes. Although there is a big pocket design, in the current circumstances, simple lines are better than practicality, so they are empty.


Standard khaki, green can be well paired with any clothes of the navy blue, so you can consider a workplace jacket to match the weekend dress. At the same time, you can try a pair of modern black workpieces, and then with a white Oxford shirt, gray sweatshirt and Tibetan blue coat, this looks more smart.

9: French pleated trousers

The details of men’s clothing of the grandfather not long ago, this is a design that was selected by comfortable rather than beauty. However, in this era of loose and oversized tailoring, comfort is no longer a derogatory word. Fold pants are becoming popular again, now it’s time to put them in your wardrobe.

When you spend 10 years forcing your legs to put on jeans similar to sausages, wearing loose clothes seems a bit daunting. The trick here is to achieve a balance between fit and breathable, and to achieve the best results with refreshing and comfortable and cone -shaped tailoring.


As far as the style is concerned, the loose jacket is inside with a white T -shirt to clear the level. A Cuban collar shirt in the pants is also very good. As for shoes, insist on wearing Derby boots, Brock shoes, or if you like adventure, wear white canvas sneakers.

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