It is rumored that Wuhan Zhuoer dyed the dry grass cortex with green paint at home. Is this true?


Another wonderful thing happened recently: one day before the game against Jianye, Henan Jianye in Wuhan, the player of the guest team Henan Jianye came to the court to step on the field. Not satisfied with the Super League’s requirements for Garp. After the league staff and the Football Association officials involved in the inspection, the Chinese Super League officially announced that due to the unqualified grass quality at home in Wuhan and unable to remedy in a short period of time, the Super League had to be postponed to one month.

Although there are other competition tasks, the maintenance status of the garries at home in Wuhan is not good, but as a top league team, it can not take a decent garbrit to the game the day before the game. Our cognition is really “alive for a long time.” Many Henan fans came to Wuhan to watch the ball while they were dragging their homes during the holidays. As a result, the game was postponed. Fans of other teams seemed to feel their depression.

But at this moment, a small video spread among fans: a staff member drove a car on the dry turf at home in Wuhan, and saw that the turf he drove was immediately dyed with fresh green, and the previous withered yellow was yellow, and the previous withered yellow was yellow, and the previous withered yellow was yellow, and the previous withered yellow was yellow, and the previous withered yellow was yellow, and he was yellow. The color of the color is in sharp contrast. Then some people “broke the news”, saying that the home operator at the home of Wuhan actually tried to dye with green paint to confuse the barrier! The ten passes of the ten passes, even a famous football application reposted this video on the platform.

“Wuhan’s home with paint is dyed with paint”. Such a news spreads across the fans, and instantly ignited the fans’ anger. Fans believe that the quality of staining garries with paint has not been improved, and players are easily injured. After the ball is played, maybe it may be painted. Many people sarcastically said that although Chinese football is not good, the creativity is definitely one of the best.

However, is Wuhan’s home at home with paint dyeing grass cortex? Is this unknown true and false news really misleading by public opinion by Chinese football?

Use paint to dye the garries? If you think about it, you will know it is impossible

After seeing the video circulating on the Internet, the author also thought that the staff of Wuhan at home was dyeing the garries with paint. But calm down and think about it, the practice of giving gorgeon dyeing with green paint is too low -level. Even if the operators in Wuhan want to pass through the level, it is impossible to use this means.

Why do you say that?


First of all, although the paint dyed in paint is very green, its color is very different from the natural grass green, and it is easy to see; second, if the staff at Wuhan really spray the paint, the turf is sprayed with the turf. If you dye, the soil under the grass will also be sprayed with paint, which is also a big flaw. Third, the stimulating stimulating smell dyed with paint is very heavy. Drop.

Therefore, if the operator at home in Wuhan wants to use green paint staining to confuse the barrier, it can only show that they are too stupid. Officials responsible for the venue inspection do not have to take a closer look at the field. Just standing on the side of the field can see the unnatural paint color on the turf, and can smell the thick paint flavor. Even if the operator of Wuhan’s home is lucky to pass the inspection, wouldn’t it make things bigger in front of the national fans to broadcast this game in front of the national fans?

There is another vulnerability about this rumor. Everyone knows that the color of the paint can be maintained for a long time, but when the Henan players step on the warm -up soon, the grass leather in Wuhan is still dry. If the operator of Wuhan really dyed the garries with green paint, why is the turf or dry by the players in Henan?


Therefore, as long as you calm down and think about it, you can understand that the staff may spray on the turf, but it must not be green paint.

What is sprayed on the turf? In fact, it is just a commonly used nutritional green agent


Although it is not green paint on the turf, it is indeed a dyeing effect. You must know that the football game is very fierce. Players on both sides may fall to the ground in any place in the court, and may even make naked wounds come into contact with turf. If the sprayed dyeing agent is toxic, it is also very dangerous for players.

But in fact, the staff sprayed on the turf is likely not simply a dyeing agent, but a lawn additive with nutrients. This green agent is generally used for the maintenance of the lawn in winter. Its greening effect is more natural and can ensure the beauty of the lawn. At the same time, this green agent is also rich in nutrients such as nitrogen elements needed by plants. This green agent has been used in the greening work of many cities in China. In 2013, Chengdu has also reported the use of such green agents.

Not only is it green, but this green agent can also be used in the field of sports. For example, in the field of golf, this sport is generally carried out on a huge grassland. Sometimes it is inevitable that the color of the turf is different and the aesthetics will occur.

In addition to golf, in fact, some football fields will also use green agents to maintain garries. Now many European clubs of the European club are very professional. There are geothermal facilities under the turf. If necessary, high -power fluorescent lamps are used to help the grass leather for photosynthesis; but before that, the winter maintenance of the turf At this time, the club will use the green agent to assist.


Overall, there is no problem to maintain the turf with green agents. Although it is impossible to change the bad grass quality at home in Wuhan, this is indeed an effective common practice in the industry. It is not dangerous for players in the game.

Catching the wind and catching shadow and confusing audiovisual, fans’ anger is too easy to be misleading

The staff at the home of Wuhan are not green paint on the court, and it is likely to be a greener of the lawn that is harmless to the personnel. At this time, let’s evaluate the practice of Wuhan home operators. How should everyone judge?


Let the author re -narrate the whole thing: Because other activities (and that are not pushing off) at the same time, Wuhan Zhuoer’s home garries were severely damaged, and there was almost no way to repair it in a short time. Wuhan home operators want to remedy through spraying nutritional green agents and other methods, but they failed to repair the garries before the Chinese Super League competition started, which eventually led to the extension of the game.

Due to the insufficient quality of the garries, the league is forced to be forced. Is there a responsibility for the operator of Wuhan at home? Naturally, it can be said to be the only object that needs to be directly responsible for this responsibility. Although the cause of garries damage is very objective, as the responsible person of the home garries, the quality of the garries does not meet the standard in the end, and the responsibility should naturally be responsible for them.

But from another perspective, when facing this issue, the operator’s handling measures are actually not a big problem. In the case of severe lack of time, the operator still tried to remedy with a green agent. Although it was not successful, he never really used the means of bullying such as spraying green paint.


To be honest, if you really want to make the garbrin quality in such a short period of time, perhaps the only way is to completely replace a piece of grass. However, it is absolutely unimaginable to maintain an additional professional -level football field -sized turf, and it is absolutely unimaginable. Needless to say it is domestic, even the European giants like Milan and Inter are not willing to do this. Otherwise, the St. Siro Stadium will not have a nickname of “St. Siro”.

If you think about it this way, do you think the practice of Wuhan home operators is not so unbearable? However, under the confusion of some people who are concerned, the operator has become a black -hearted enterprise with a ridiculous approach such as green paint regardless of the safety of the player, and Chinese football has become an allowance to allow this company to participate in top league garries management The chaotic industry.


It is also interesting to say that the staff claims to spray the lawn with green paint. This kind of confusing audiovisual method is actually not advanced. I don’t need much professional knowledge. As long as there are some common sense of life and can calm down and think, normal people can find unreasonable things. But in the comment area of ​​this news, most of the fans have criticized and ironic Chinese football, and most people have not even watched the video.

This reflects the psychology of some fans and most of the netizens who do not watch the ball: as long as the news of Chinese football is not good, you don’t think it is true, just scold it up. Some netizens do not watch football at all, but at this time they have to scold two sentences at this time, and they can even get the support and applause of others.

In this way, scolding Chinese football has become the best way to earn traffic. Regardless of the truth, as long as the packaging is clever, and with a few words of catching the wind, it can attract the traffic of large groups of netizens. So the nutritional green agent became a green paint, and the slightly fat body of individual players became “the national football is all white chopped chickens.” ….


There are still many places to criticize the improvement in Chinese football, but fans should never criticize it without thinking. Fans are the basis for the development of a national football industry. If even their fans are so easy to be misleading their own football, when will Chinese football wait to rise?