Is it profitable? See how my original colleagues have achieved successful counterattack through opening a store


A former colleague, I bought a large house of more than 1 million in four or five years. If he did not change his career, he may still be struggling with a salary of about 5,000 a month and struggle on the poor line.


He originally processed the workshop to work in our company. Later, because the company’s products were divided into peak seasons, they often took a break, and the quality fines were very heavy. I could not issue much money for a month. When it was good, it could be issued more than 5,000 yuan, and only 3,000 yuan was issued. He resolutely chose to resign.

After resigning, he did not work in other companies to work. He did not join any store, but rented a place to sell pork in the nearby farmer’s market. Add your own honey peanuts, meat clips, etc.

Does he make money? I don’t know, but his changes in recent years have explained a lot.


First, his target is not at work now.


Second, he originally left the company more than 120 catties, and now more than 160 pounds.

Third, he was the same community with me. He sold the house the year before and went to a newly opened real estate to buy a large house of more than 160 flat. Worth more than one million. The key is the full amount, without mortgage loans.

So I think he must make money. While the pork was cheaper, he just went to his shop to pour a 200 yuan sausage half a month ago.

If you want to change your life and earn more, you must change the current income method. Although it is very hard to open a small shop by yourself, it is much better than going to work. At least there is a chance to achieve a counterattack.

Of course, any industry has a loss or money. The office workers also have hundreds of thousands of annual salary, and those who open the store also have no money or even closed down. In addition to looking at the site, the industry depends on personal operation.