IKEA shoe cabinet solid wood shoe cabinet price


Shoe cabinets are mainly used to display or store furniture that placed or store idle shoes. The solid wood shoe cabinet belongs to a solid wood furniture. It means that it is made of unprocessed natural wood and does not use any artificial plate. Let’s take a look at the price of IKEA shoe cabinets and solid wood shoe cabinets?

IKEA solid wood shoe cabinet

IKEA (IKEA) was founded in Sweden in 1943. “Creation of better daily life for most people” is the direction that IKEA has worked hard since its establishment. The IKEA brand has always been associated with people’s quality of life and adhering to the business purpose of “providing as much as possible customers who can afford, design well, complete functional, and low price”. Sales mainly include seat/sofa series, office supplies, bedroom series, kitchen series, lighting series, textiles, cooking utensils, house storage series, children’s product series and other about 10,000 products.

IKEA solid wood shoe cabinet recommendation: Hennis double -door shoe cabinet

Hansh two -door shoe cabinet, cabinet design is fixed with the wall connection. Each locker is double -row, with a large capacity and small volume. Not only is it convenient for the rear shoes, colleagues save ground space. Putting the shoes in the shoe cabinet is not only ventilated, but also spacious space, which can be maintained for a long time. Can be equipped with Hannis series furniture.

宜家实木鞋柜 实木鞋柜价格

The installation size is: 89cm width, 30cm depth, and a height of 127cm.

Maintenance instructions: Wipe it with a neutral cleaning agent with a cloth and dry it with a clean cloth.

Solid wood shoe cabinet price

Due to the difference in material size and brand shape, the price of solid wood shoe cabinets is not unified. Generally, a simple solid wood shoe rack on the market is the price before 40-200 yuan. The larger solid wood shoe cabinet, the two -door, three -door or four -door price is a bit higher. Between 200-1000. If the material is better, the price is more expensive. However, the specific price is also related to the region, so it is recommended to focus on the actual local price.

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宜家实木鞋柜 实木鞋柜价格

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