“Lao Xu Jian Tea” 455: Pu’er Sheng Tea Tasting Report (Chongqing Tea Friends) without any information


Today, I have to come to “Lao Xu Jian Tea” time, I want to invite our tea friends to contact us.


Today’s tea is from Chongqing, this tea friend has not left, including the name of the tea. This tea seems to have a little bit, it should be removed from a cake tea, let’s take a look at what tea, how is tea, and how much is the rough year.


Take 8 grams of tea, this tea is not considered tight, don’t deliberately go, how long it is, when you wash your tea, you can. This tea is very good, with obvious floral flavor in honey, a drink, from fragrances to confirm that it is a tea in the Yiwu production area.

5 Bubble, first look at the leaves, the leaves look slightly a little miscellaneous, there is a little red terror, but not much. The toughness is not to talk at all, it is not a problem that is easy to break, there is a little rot, and it is also very sticky. The tea is very hard. This tea is estimated to be summer tea. It is probably between July to August, and it is not autumn tea.


At the beginning of this tea, it was like Easy, but actually drunk from the tea rhyme, and later, it should be that it should be close to Yiwu, and the tea is close to the border. It is very like Yiwu. Tea, there is a kind of taste. But from the tea rhyme, it is not easy to, the tea is very weak, and it will be a little water flavor at the beginning, and the water is getting more and more heavy. This tea is very bitter, and it is also numb, the lips, the whole oral cavity, especially the tongue has a feeling of hemp. Drinking the 4th to 5th bubbles also drunk a faint salt flavor, indicating that this tea is fertilized, and glyphosate, or the Malaysia is not as serious. It is estimated that this tea is in the surrounding rubber forest, and there is such a feeling around the rubber forest. This tea quality is really not good, it is not recommended to buy or so-called collection.