Although the small black bag is classic, it is easy to memorize the oldness! Fresh straw bag, literary and versatile


In the daily dressing of the girls, in addition to all kinds of beautiful and stylish clothing, the embellishment of the bag is indispensable. In the process of matching, not only the effect of decorating the overall shape and improving the exquisiteness, it is also possible It is a very good item for placing items to provide more convenience for our travel. We all know that black bags are the most classic and good match, but now it is a sultry summer, you don’t have to always carry a small black bag, it is easy to make people feel old -fashioned. Girls who want a fashion style to change their style and choose fresh straw bags. There is a sense of innocence of nature, artistic and versatile.


During this time, the straw bag is very popular, not only its design is very gender, but also different from other style bags. Pure natural materials, do not worry about outdated or memorize old -fashioned, for you for you, for you for you Simple clothing matching adds glory, which is different.

Shoulder Bags


Let’s share the more common shoulder bags. As shown in the straw bag in the figure above, the very small shape is very delicate. The retro color is very textured. It can be used for the occasion of the workplace. Professional clothing brings freshness to your workplace. This is a “capital” that is unforgettable.


The shape of this shoulder grass bag can help you place more items to make you more convenient when traveling in daily life. Choosing a lighter color is better to match the clothes and decorate it with colorful bands to avoid monotonous and add a beautiful feeling. Especially when you wear a black clothes, you will carry such a personalized bag in particular, just to make up for the dullness of black clothing and wear a fresh sense.


There is also a “underarm bag” with a shorter shoulder strap. The overall shape will not be too large. Most of them are small types. They are back to the armpit. Zi helps you show high waistline, visually showing long legs, and easy to wear a tall and thin body.

Hand bag


The third is shared the handbags for everyone. The straw bag in the picture above, the upper opening is very large, and the bottom is narrow and very creative, like a small boat. Such an interesting



Matching with various fashionable and casual clothing, such as fresh and sweet light blue strap dress, with light -colored straw bags can increase elegant and comfortable atmosphere, do not worry about hitting the shirt.


Simple and generous blue sleeveless dress, wearing a fashion temperament in the summer, with a be loud camel straw bag, a hand -made style, just to interpret the strong literary style, create the most beautiful side, wear it with a dress, and there is a dress with it. That’s it.

Pure white T -shirts with green pants, the color matching is very elegant and clean, simple and clear. They are all simple basic items. If you want to wear a distinctive beauty, you can take care of your bags. For example, in the figure above, with a colorful checkered grass compilation bag, the retro atmosphere is strong, and at the same time, it creates a fashionable atmosphere, which has the effect of the finishing touch.


Finally, share a large hand -made grass editing bag, which is very simple and unprepared color, creating a high -level quality, three -dimensional line design design, which particularly attracts attention. The black top with an orange skirt, decorated with a large bag of such a large bag to easily interpret a kind of intellectual and elegant literary temperament, which makes you look beautiful, fresh and natural, gentle and generous.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny. Every beautiful and excellent woman can find a dress that suits them and create our own charm.

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