The selection strategy of a baseball cap, learn not to be afraid of not being able to get a sister!


For the hot season, baseball caps not only have such sunscreen functions, but also can maintain a stylish appearance and style. Recruit it!

1. Select according to the style


Many people think that the appearance of the baseball cap is basically the same. In fact, there are very subdivided styles in baseball caps. The more common styles can be divided into three types: flat hats, cornice hats and truck hats.


1.1 flat hats

The flat brim hat is named according to the hats of the hat. As the name implies, it is a baseball cap without arc. From the overall style, the flat -brim hat is more common in the hot hip -hop style. Highlighting unruly fashion style.


Of course, the hat also has the left and right of the face shape. The large brim of the flat -brimmed hat can effectively cover the face lines, so it is more suitable for men with clear face lines, or long face shapes are also very suitable.


1.2 Circuit hat

Compared with the brim of the hats, the cornice hat has a little arc, and it has a more relaxed sporty atmosphere than the flat hats. It is also a classic baseball hat shape. Therefore Leisure shapes are also better matching.


In terms of the face shape of the cornice hat, it is more suitable for men with unclear face lines or physical replenishment. The curved contour lines can modify the visual contour. However, men with a lot of face fat will make the cheeks more obvious.


1.3 truck cap


The shape of the truck and the cornice hat is basically the same in appearance. The difference is that there is a layer of sponge in the brim. At the same time, the second half of the hat is spliced ​​from the mesh material. It is also more breathable and comfortable.

The truck hat is basically the same as the cornice cap for the face shape. However, because the mesh material on the rear side is not suitable for anti -wear, but for the high temperature in summer, it is the first choice for breathable and not stuffy truck caps.


2. Select according to the material

The baseball cap not only has diversity in the hat type, but also has a variety of choices in materials. However, different materials will not only have differences in style and sense of wear, so it is also important to start with the material of the baseball cap.

2.1 Cotton material


Cotton materials are very common in baseball caps. Not only have it soft and natural texture, but the overall breathability is also excellent. The good ductility of cotton material can fit the lines of the head, so it has very comfortable practicality, and the price is easy to accept.


Cotton material can be said to be an ideal choice for summer, and the breathable texture will not be sultry. However, because the material of the cotton is relatively poor, the shape of the hat will be worse.

2.2 Cowboy Material

The denim material has always been known for its abrasion resistance. At the same time, the denim material baseball cap has a very distinct American casual atmosphere in terms of style. At the same time, the unique texture of denim fabrics can make the baseball cap wear more and more flavor.

And the toughness of the denim material is also very ideal, which can maintain the original sense of the baseball cap. The denim baseball cap will not be very picky in style matching, but the denim baseball cap will give a unique freshness.

2.3 Leather material


The leather baseball cap has always given a wild motorcycle style. The unique luster of the leather also allows the baseball cap to interpret a unique fashion style. The leather material also has the characteristics of soft and breathable, which is very comfortable to wear.

However, for the hot summer, leather baseball caps are more suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. It is best to match with handsome leather clothes and porn jeans. At the same time, the leather material is soft, and the price is relatively high in maintenance.


3. Select according to the element

In addition to the material and hat type, the main determination of the value of the baseball cap is the overall design element. With the diversity of fashion style, different elements also determine the overall style of the baseball cap, which can be selected according to its own style of wear.

3.1 embroidery

The combination of embroidery with Chinese charm and baseball caps can not only make the pattern more three -dimensional, but also highlight the very distinctive fashion style. And in addition to stinging the logo on the hat, there are also letters and patterns can also be presented through embroidery.

To make the baseball cap easier to match, try to choose the embroidery element as much as possible not to choose the color that is too fancy or layered. The addition of embroidery elements will also make the hat more quality.

3.2 woven belt

With the prevalence of functional style, in addition to the strong style of clothing, the baseball cap has a very distinctive appearance characteristics. The representative webbing elements are incorporated into the baseball cap. style.