Buy addictive 1688 hair accessories! The lowest only 2 cents


H a r a c c e s s o r i e s


M s m k k

Too cheap!

Hey Girls ~ I am the editor of the class today.

After I was shared with 1688 jewelry last time, everyone’s voice was quite high.

This time I found 4 shops with good sales and word of mouth, and bought a full 49 items.

Less than 200 oceans


In order to prevent your classmates from getting lost, this time each store and each single product have a link.

1688App or Alipay homepage search box

That’s it!


*I bought this ~ How much is it?

Reminder: Shopping rationally, pay attention to check or ask if it supports returns! I don’t know if you buy it at 1688, you can poke the link review.

1688 jewelry with an average price of 3 yuan see crying!


Express fee , 5, support 7 -day package replacement, support mixed batches

M 1 ¥ 0npmcqm00oaan ¥/ 🔗


This is my most recommended shop. It focuses on INS wind. There are many popular elements such as pearls, beads, and gems.

Good -looking and not bad street


It is still

Hello Girl’s homologous store

, But the difference is more than doubled, and suddenly I feel that I was so bloody when I bought it!


I buy all kinds of hairbands in this shop,

No heavy samples a week seven days

The quality is not much worse than selling dozens of dollars in Taobao.


The best texture is this milk -white PU leather headband, which is particularly versatile. The leather is very soft and has a certain thickness,

Tightenedness is just right

, The big star can also hold it.

G1 ¥ SRRGI9680TQAD ¥/ 💰 ¥ 5.8


Jennie also brought a blue similar model, but everyone remember

Pull some broken hair

Otherwise, it looks bigger.

Figure: ins@jennierubyjane

There are three options for this pearl hairband.


The high cranial top is easy to handle.

O1 ¥ JKVOA2Z80OSAF ¥/ 💰 ¥ 4


This kind of small and fresh headband is also very 🉑️, I bought a pink grid and smog blue, which is particularly matched with pleated skirts and vest skirts.

Super vitality


R1 ¥ xurcGTL80SYAL ¥/ 💰 ¥ 3.6


I like the color and effect of this twist hair hoop, I like it very much,



Dai Jiu has a headache

The big head was hurt fiercely.


X1 ¥ AA6XSJE800IAB ¥/ 💰 ¥ 3.6


This pair of bow is planted by station B, although it is a bit expensive,


But the texture is super great

Intersection Special suitable




, Cute and immortal retro.


81 ¥ VHX8TSJ801PAC ¥/ 💰 ¥ 4.5

I bought the same pearl hair chain of the same pearl. I have also shown the hairstyle before. I wo n’t say much here ~ Everyone can also compile hair like the right.

Because the chain is relatively long,

Students with long hair can start

Short hair saves money. I can’t cut my hair for a long time now, and it looks very awkward.


Figure: TB@hello girl

V1 ¥ GBCVNZ130WMAF ¥/ 💰 ¥ 4.5


🌼 🌼 🌼 🌼 推荐 推荐

Left: 1 ¥ HPENESF00RZAM ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ ZES2XE3647OAB ¥/


Left: 1 ¥ WO3RBMC30K0AW ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ SEKZQRR30PIAV ¥/

Left: 1 ¥ qzta7xa64daan ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ tzqsmhj00vsal ¥/


Freight 7 5, support 7 -day package replacement, support mixed batches

7 1 ¥ BGA7M3H80WLAE ¥/ 🔗

This store is not particularly selected, and the price is not particularly cheap. But there are many styles in its family.


Can’t find it elsewhere

The workmanship is also very delicate,

Small details are full

Who can see who grows in the large intestine hair circle and the side clip, you know if you get your hands

The texture is absolutely

It is not like 3 or 4 yuan at all.

Like this haze blue hair circle, click the shop to join the shopping cart. The blue of milk in milk,


Ultra -like filter is adjusted

, Real real monkey to see, the photos cannot show its beauty!

W1 ¥ tzpweya64ihau ¥/ 💰 ¥ 2

There is also this small incense wind clip. The quality is not lost at all. The dozens of Lolita small things I bought. Although it costs 3 dollars in one side, I think it is worth it!


G1 ¥ FLAGPHO64LHAU ¥/ 💰 ¥ 2.5


Left: 1 ¥ SV1SYO5644DAQ ¥/


Right: 1 ¥ 0LN0TKZ00GTAG ¥/

Left: 1 ¥ LLX2EU700XZAS ¥/


Right: 1 ¥ BeruHSS64poab ¥/


Left: 1 ¥ FHCGMBW30M9AF ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ BYQT8QR64ASAL ¥/

Express fee , 3, free shipping over 58, 15 -day package, support mixed batch


K 1 ¥ T4BKUDR301yal ¥/ 🔗

Students who like shark clip, Ma slippery, live in this house,

Easily realize the freedom of grasp


Intersection A variety of shark clips, temperament, retro, cute, ghost horse … super ~ complete, open the new world door in minutes!


Because I usually do n’t use sharks, I only picked 4 my favorite. The quality is not bad, and it will not be colored for a long time.

There is no burrs on the corner of the corner


, Grasp the bar!

This white clip is the one I use the highest frequency. Whether it is simple T -shirt or gorgeous skirt, it can create

French laziness

Z1 ¥ zmzgmje30dlay ¥/ 💰 ¥ 3

Students who like Green Hi can grab the clip of Kangkang, and they can’t tell the retro sense of retro. Because it is such a straight panel grip,

Students with many hair can choose it

41 ¥ vnr4anu30wgat ¥/ 💰 ¥ 3

The metal shark clip should be today’s Internet celebrity explosion. Although it is a bit rotten, it is really fashionable. With a suit jacket or white shirt,

The cold wind is very easy to come

F1 ¥ wzxfcym30kdaq ¥/ 💰 ¥ 4.2

I also taught everyone how to use shark clamps before. Today, I will teach you the wonderful use of a few shark clips.

/ Half -tie Princess Head 主️

🍄 steps

: The hair is divided into two parts, and the hair bundle is twisted around the circle. The shark is clamped on the side of the end of the hair. After clamping, it must be drawn, otherwise it will be too rigid.



/ Ultra -low reversing disk hair 扭️

: First comb the hair into a bundle, twist in one direction, and then wrap the balls upwards. After putting on the shark clip, the old operation and pumping the wire.

In the end, you can also curved the bangs of the cheeks to modify the face shape.

Left: 1 ¥ 3ZPJOLG0085AB ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ 5C6XO7R30QJAW ¥/

Left: 1 ¥ yycv5x564wnag ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ H2KJCEN30R8AE ¥/

Left: 1 ¥ SSBE3B080O3AZ ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ x3b3pbj64wiav ¥/

Freight ¥ 3, full 包 38 free shipping, support 7 -day package replacement, support mixed batch

E 1 ¥ BMTETJL30WPAC ¥/ 🔗

Tengyi is a 7 -year -old shop with a high return rate! In addition to hair accessories, there are all kinds

INS wind, girl heart good thing

As long as you click in, I can brush for more than an hour!

I have bought the repurchase twice, and I have forgotten to shoot. Most of them buy some small hair clips. The Japanese is more cute, which is very suitable for compilation of hair embellishment.

These little daisy woven hair clips don’t look at the taste of the earth,

But using the pastoral style to use it is right

Intersection Two ponytails and wearing a straw hat, is it internal flavor!

I1 ¥ vzqioa064ngat ¥/ 💰 ¥ 1.4

Ms. Tuo Xunya’s blessing, in recent years, the color cards have been stunned again. Sure enough, fashion is a reincarnation. But everyone must remember,

Don’t stick to the scalp

, Exposure the hairline in minutes.

*Do this



It is best to lay the hair layered, don’t be on the hair above.


The hair is also fluffy

, Such a small face.

D1 ¥ VGGD0L764F0AW ¥/ 💰 ¥ 0.5

Recently, the edge of the acetic acid is also very popular. But this kind of hair clip has a certain weight,

Fine soft hair cautious

Finally, there are some bow duck brap clips and a word clip,


This is more suitable


, Little body is greatly useful.


Picture: TB@图 图 图 图 a ACC

Left ¥1 ¥ JS1PBBT80w2ay ¥/ 💰 ¥ 0.2


Right p1 ¥ PQKZBSK809WAJ ¥/ 💰 ¥ 0.3

Left: 1 ¥ zb1j9n700ygaz ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ E280WKV80JCAV ¥/


Left: 1 ¥ 8DG6IHP30FMAF ¥/

Right: 1 ¥ R0MDZOE30TKAX ¥/

Left: 1 ¥ zhhszwx803xak ¥/


Right: 1 ¥ WHAIRGH00Leax ¥/

That’s it for today’s sharing. Do you have a grass? I have to say that there are a lot of treasures above 1688, and you are welcome to give me all kinds of grass!


· Today’s night talk


What good you have bought at 1688?

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