The 4 hottest shorts this summer have obviously covered meat and long legs rely on them.


How come in summer, how come it comes quickly!

Not only

T -shirt


As well as


Small skirt


Of course, the most indispensable shorts!

Half of fashion in summer, but it’s indispensable




All kinds of shorts, can

Different summer look is created

, It can be cool on the street, can be quiet, or noble.

So, what are the shorts in summer?

Invincible shorts

How can I look good? Let’s carry it down!


Like choosing trousers and skirts, you need to watch shorts selection


Hip -to -hip ratio


The small shorts of shorts are friendly for girls with thin stature, no fleshy waist and hips, but they are very friendly, but


Girls with plump waist and hips

In other words, wearing it is the scene of the social death. ‍♀️

△ JISOO’s shorts can still see that the size is small


The best choice is to choose

A -line version of pants

The tolerance of the body is more nice.

The thinner waist,

Follow the position of the hip and hips slowly downward

Not only did the flesh naturally cover the meat, but also modified the proportion.

It is said that the waistline is selected well, and the figure seems to be quilt

Secondary reconstruction



This year, if you are not

The proportion of body is against the sky

Then die for low -waist shorts!

The treasure that is still attached to the low waistline, look at the display below, you will get

Low waistline is how much to pull

How amazing is the high waistline …


Especially for the small man’s vitamin C,

High waistliness


It can increase your waist -to -hip ratio and general proportion of the body, creating all legs below your chest without burden.

Why is the length important?


Just say, if this shorts happened to be stuck in you

The widest waist and hip

Where do you think is fat or fat?

The premise you are not a big power

If the thighs have meat with meat, choose

Super shorts

It’s not appropriate.

Of course, it’s too long, it’s not enough,


Shorts exceeding the knee

Let you become six or four points in seconds, and it is short.

So the length is also very particular about shorts, it is best


Cover the thigh 1/3-2/3

That is, the position of 3-10 cm on the knee, covering meat & more superior effects of legs.

The last point is to look at the fabric of shorts.

if you have

The fabric is too soft, too close


Yes, just wear it as a sleeping pants, and give up the idea of ​​putting it out.


Too light fabrics will


Stick on your skin


The effect of modifying the leg shape is basically 0️⃣.



The fabric is relatively stiff

For example, leather pants, denim, or suit pants are better to achieve the effect of modifying the leg shape.


To understand a few selection skills of shorts, let’s take a look at what shorts are selected ~

Denim shorts

Denim shorts are the basic items with high utilization rates in the wardrobe.

T -shirt+jeans casual and handsome, easy to wear

Good -looking and laborious


a feeling of.

Bubble sleeve shirt+denim shorts

It won’t be sultry in summer. The refreshing blue and white combination is like the taste of the first love. It is a bit of a French retro tone with a straw hat and silk scarf.

The small A version of the high -waisted denim shorts can’t put it down,

Small waist calf

You can show it out, and it is thin.


Sideline design

The shorts are a little lazy, and there are more designs, full of summer refreshing.

Vitamin C can also try




, I took a little boy, put on a comfortable service, and had no restraint.


Suit shorts


Suit shorts+jackets are the most common way of opening, and it will not make mistakes. It is very suitable for creating

Performance in the workplace


The style.

The tough partner can take one inward

Full of feminine items

Light, with suit shorts to expose slender long legs, they suddenly become charming and full of gas.

I think the black dull buns can be replaced with bright colors, and there is a sudden


Astronomy of vacation

Suit shorts are used to mix and match.


Suit pants+Maryzhen shoes

The combination of salt system and sweetness is very fresh.


Suit shorts+

Sports shoes/Martin boots

The collision with the streets is super stylish.

Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are the “dad pants” we often say. It was originally a man on the Bermudian Island with half of the socks, so he was named “


It grows to two or three cm above the knee, most of which are

Pants version

, Loose trousers, which is a very popular neutral style design nowadays.

Because of its loose version, Bermuda shorts

Highly inclusiveness to the body

, Can create a casual and ingenious look.


In addition to the suit version of Bermuda shorts, there are also leather Bermuda shorts, which look more personalized and build

“Big Woman” Wind



sports Shorts

Isn’t it very popular this year, the Athflow wind,

It is to create a lazy and casual Athflow style.


I have spent many times with you before,

There is no pressure to match


The solidarity is really high.

If you want to wear ins, you can use a short top

Create a stomach outfit

, Covering the flesh of the hips, exposing more slender places.

Or use

Overlap, hat

Wait, to break monotonous, you can refreshed.

Sports style

It is a must -have LOOK for lazy people.

Shirt+sports shorts simple, clean but hidden

Cover the meat and be careful


, Refreshing and comfortable.

okk, that about


That’s it.


The shorts are convenient and stylish, although the flesh is exposed

The effect of covering “fat” meat is also mAX

Don’t miss the babies who are pursuing coolness!

As well as

As well as

As well as

As well as


Bermuda shorts


sports Shorts