Tungsal steel material for strap


The tungsten steel material, known as “modern industrial teeth”, is widely used in space, aviation, navigation, national defense, military, medical, electronics and other fields. As far as the more popular mechanical watches of young people, their strap can be produced with tungsten steel, which is better maintained compared to leather materials, and the price is relatively reasonable.

The advantages of the belt are relatively soft, light quality, more comfortable to wear, not easy to hurt, skin and clothing, etc. The disadvantage is that often exposure to sweat and chemicals will become crispy, hard -hard, and easily break. Especially in summer, wearing this product is a more painful experience, and your sweat will shorten its life to a certain extent. It is worth mentioning that the maintenance of the belt should be paid attention to:

1. It cannot be immersed in water for a long time because water will cause the belt to become hard and brittle.

2. It cannot be shot by the sun for a long time because the sun will accelerate the aging of the cortex.


3. It cannot pull the belt hard, otherwise the fixed position is prone to cracks. The larger the strap, the more easily the strap, the more easily the movement should be broken.

The advantages of tungsten steel straps are high hardness and good wear resistance. The disadvantage is that it is easy to break and does not fall. The maintenance method is:

(1) Daily cleaning: If the watch is excellent, waterproof 30m can be rinsed under the faucet, and the dirty is a little bit toilet, and then rinse it.


(2) Washing dirt: You can remove the bracelet and send it to the glasses shop. Washing it with an ultrasonic washing machine, no harm to the bracelet.

(3) Pay attention to daily wear and do not contact chemicals, such as vinegar, wine, various types of washing products, etc. After contacting the above items, rinse it with water as soon as possible.