The New Year is still even more amazing to wear “red coats”! Keep in mind these 3 rules, keep it fashionable and not old -fashioned


Welcome to 2022 with a new temperament and dress, you will have a different life experience. In ordinary daily rhythm, only by continuously updating lifestyle can we appreciate the fun behind life. Are you ready to spend the beginning of the New Year with a different posture?

The superior shape of winter has to rely on coats, warm and stylish, thin and tall. And how can you get a red coat in the New Year? In winter, a touch of bright red, let you create a high -quality style.


Red is a very pleasing color in the visual sense, especially in the cold atmosphere of winter, the red eye -catching experience brings a warm experience, and the shape is naturally full.

Red element gas field is fully opened


Analysis of red systems, we generally do not be too picky about red saturation. The stronger red, the easier it is to set off the fair effect of the skin color. The red system is used in the winter, which looks better.

① New Year and New Year

Red is the traditional Chinese festive color. The more you approach the New Year, the more you have to decorate the bright red for your dress. The red -style coat and various items echoed the red couplets, blessings and lanterns, and the peaceful atmosphere was full. This is the new weather of the New Year.

② The red and red fire is omen

Red contains the best meaning in all colors, representing a new year’s career and a peace of mind. Wearing red clothing reflects enthusiastic emotional colors. The initial red at the beginning of the new year has a more peaceful meaning.

In the red -style red items in Quanzhong, we especially recommend that you choose a red coat for the New Year. Grasp the overall -style heavy top item, which is more conducive to shaping the overall style.

Keep in mind the 3 laws and recognize a red coat

There are many skills to choose a coat. After we choose the color of the coat, we can implement it from the following three rules. Select the right red coat that is best for you.


The first rule: see the length

① Pass the length of the hip

Girls with short choice of coats should not be too long, easy to lower their heights, showing short stories of short body. The length of the red coat and the hip of the waist are just right, which can expose more leg lines, and it can also lengthen the leg shape with boots or high -heeled shoes.

② and knee length


Women with a moderate or fat body can use long red coats with knee length to modify the figure. With a certain height blessing, don’t worry about the long clothing and lower the shape. The gourd -shaped or pear -shaped woman with a stature can be used to cover the wide hips and thick legs with the help of a straight version of the knee length, reduce the expansion of the shape, cover the disadvantages of obesity, and look like a short boot. The lines are clean and neat.


③ Super long style


Currency over the knee or ankle length is relatively rare. One is that the height requirements are obvious, but it is slightly inconvenient to walk. However, many high -definition brands will launch similar coat items to meet the needs of individual wear.

Women who like to wear high heels or high heads can start one, and it can protect the cold when the weather cools down. The long and ankle’s ultra -long red coat is very tall and has the strongest in the air field. It can also be used as a styling with a formal occasion.


Second law



Look at the design

It is not difficult to choose a red coat. After we solve the color problems of the coat, we can put more attention on the neckline and waist design of the coat. With the details of these two places Disadvantages.

① Great Folding Collar Style


The neckline is folded and there is a profile coat with obvious deep V. Most of the fat women’s necks are very short, and wearing small neckline coats will appear to be bloated. Choosing a big folding neck style is more calm and elegant.

▪ button design is low -key and generous


: Women over the age of 50 do not need to be too complicated to choose a red coat style. The style of the button embellishment is minimum and stable, and it is very practical in any occasion.


② Straight version

After the overall vertical version of the coat is set to the coat, you will find that the straight -line version of the coat will be thinner after choosing left and right. Remove the traditional design of the card waist style, you don’t have to worry about the upper body and obese of the upper body. The linear lines are very friendly, and wearing pants and skirts look clear.

▪ Corporal buckle design is cute age reduction

: The straight -line version of the coat is matched with the sheep’s buttons, which has a French style of age and sweetness. Women 30 or 40 years old are also friendly.

③Mile design

The most changing design is a shawl -style coat, or a sleeve design, or a collar strap, a long skirt with the same color, combined high heels or short boots, and shows long leg lines. A simple red coat can also wear a variety of shapes.

The shawl -style red coat initially became popular from the show, and perfectly integrated it into daily wear, which can greatly enrich your autumn and winter design.

Third rule: see matching

Although there are not many changes in the red coat type, we can choose different styling choices by replacing the internal combination. Suitable for red coats with lining items should not be too fancy. The lower the color, the easier it is to achieve coordination.

① button red coat+jeans

The more casual daily match can be combined with jeans. The red line is eye -catching and slightly open -minded. The paired pants should not choose the color system too light, dark or black denim blue is very friendly, blue low -key and red publicity. Supplement each other, and Zhonghen a set of natural and natural daily mix.

② Craccirt red coat+knitted sweater+shirt

The multi -level top combination can make the shape a sense of progress and the sense of detail, comfortable and styling shirts and knitted sweaters. As the inside of the red coat, you can open your clothes and shape a more chic form.

If you feel that the neckline is ventilated, you can use a silk scarf or knitted scarf embellishment, or a tie with a suitable line as a neckline decoration, with a red coat with a cardigan style. design.

③ Falling shoulder red coat+black sweater


The red coat of the workplace is simple and clear as possible. The shoulder -style coat is very casual and does not deliberately build the body proportion. However, it can show a superior figure through the clean vertical lines.


At the same time, it is necessary to meet the simple principles. The pure black sweater is in line with the high -level and capable temperament. The combination of red and black sets off a tall and slender figure, and instantly becomes a full -fledged queen!


The New Year still needs a red coat with excellent temperament. According to the above three principles, it is really very elegant!