What material is used in the kitchen table? How is the kitchen tempered glass table?


What material is used in the kitchen table? How is the kitchen tempered glass table? Many people don’t know much about the details. Then the Shenyang Decoration Network Xiaobian will talk about these problems with you to distinguish between the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. So everyone will have more choices when choosing the kitchen table material! Then we start today’s content!

What material is used in the kitchen table? How is the kitchen tempered glass table? Shenyang Decoration Network Xiaobian today is talking to everyone in detail today, then we start today!

What material is used in the kitchen table?

About what material for kitchen countertops is good, many people have a lot of different answers. Therefore, Shenyang Decoration Network Xiaobian organizes the advantages and disadvantages of these different materials, helping everyone better choices.


man made rock

Artificial stone, generally includes three kinds of resin plates, complex acrylic plates, and pure acrylic plates, and acrylic boards are best.

Advantages: Artificial stone flowers are not only rich in color, but also the overall molding seam, plus it wear, anti-polluting, and leakage, is one of the most suitable countertops of the kitchen.

Disadvantages: The appearance texture is not natural, the anti-iron is not strong, and the price I is higher.

Suitable for the crowd: It is a premium mineral powder, which is very environmentally friendly, suitable for people who attach importance to environmental protection.


Natural stone

Natural stone mainly includes granite, marble.

Advantages: There is a beautiful texture, high value, high hardness, large density, wear resistance, where granite antibacterial properties are good.

Disadvantages: There are fine holes, seams, leakage, and easy-to-tibble, difficult to clean, and how much is radiated.



Stainless steel

It is one of the best choices for tableware in the kitchen.


Advantages: solid texture, no leakage, no crack, easy to clean, antibacterial environmental protection.

Disadvantages: The appearance is monotonous cold, once the scratches are not fixed.

Suitable for crowd: people who pay attention to performance, do not demand appearance, and cleaning.

Fireproof board

It is based on a density plate, and the surface is facing a fire board.

Advantages: anti-fouling, oil, anti-high temperature, impact, easy to clean, affordable.


Disadvantages: Easy to delay, easy to deform, easy to hosite, can not seamlessly splicing.

Suitable for people: I like fashion and simple appearance, and people who pursue the price economy.

How is the kitchen tempered glass table?

The tempered glass itself is very high temperature. It can be used to use it on the kitchen countertop, and the general tempered glass temperature difference varies greatly, so it is not necessary to worry about the extremely cold changes, generally quality stone platform, if the heat is not It may be burst. However, the quality of the tempered glass countertaine products on the market is uneven. Nowadays, many people have a problem with the tempered glass countertop, and they are not allowed to give us a wake, even if there is a glue layer, it is also possible to hurt in the crack. we.

So, if you don’t have the best to sell the glass countertops, it is better to choose more stable quartz stone, marble or stainless steel countertops, although there is no glass countertop as beautiful, but they also have their own characteristics.