The cloakroom does not have to hit the cabinet. Japan is popular in Japan.


Is the cloakroom pattern of most people be the following? ▼

Full of closed cabinets, full of storage power, and neat and beautiful. But does the cloakroom really have this way of installation? Of course not, in fact, there is a way to save money to save money.

Use the iron storage stand instead! This is a very popular cloakroom design in Japan. It is easy to install, ventilate, and flexibly change, etc. It is a basket of practicality. Let’s take a look together:

→ Easy installation


Unlike the cabinet, the cabinet must be installed, and the cabinet door must be installed. This iron storage shelf is much easier. The assembly can be fixed on the wall with a bolt. Many people can basically get it in less than a long time for a person. There is no need to paint. It is really environmentally friendly and convenient.


→ ventilation

Many cloakrooms have no windows. With the closed design of the cabinet door, the clothes have been stored for a long time, and it is easy to be moldy. However, it is different to replace this iron storage rack. It is installed around the wall, open design, ventilation and ventilation conditions. Do n’t be very good, and the clothes stored can be kept clean and refreshing.

→ Flexible

Why is it flexible and changeable? In fact, this is related to the shelf strip, that is, the following long strip ↓


This is a very common object in Japanese storage. It is fixed on the wall with bolts, and there will be many square holes on it. When we want to put the collection rack, just insert it into the square hole with the card parts. It’s so good, strong and firm. When we feel that the position of the iron storage rack is inappropriate, we can also remove it directly and then re -use the card to fix it in the new position, which will not destroy the wall. No wonder the housewife storage of the principal and the strong, not to play a cabinet with the iron room of the iron net, I have learned now!

Of course, this iron storage rack also has insufficient places, and it is easy to accumulate ashes. In addition, the bearing capacity is also relatively limited, and it cannot be hung too heavy clothes. Therefore, this Japanese -style simple cloakroom design is also kind and wise, but as a saving perspective, it is still good. It depends on everyone’s needs and choices.


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