Just want to play water? Have you ever been involved in these quiet journey?


Regarding travel, some people prefer to travel mountains, and some people like to play water. At the quiet lake and water, holding a book, a quiet daze, maybe a happy thing. West Lake, Lugu Lake, Taiping Lake, Xuanwu Lake, East Lake … Have you ever been to these scenic spots?

Hangzhou West Lake

“Want to compare the West Lake to Xizi, and the thick makeup is always suitable.” Hangzhou West Lake is one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. The Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area is about 60 square kilometers, of which 6.5 square kilometers. There are famous scenic spots such as “Ten Scenery of the West Lake” and “New Ten Scenery West Lakes” and “Three Evaluate West Lakes Ten Scenery”. In recent years, many new attractions have been established and opened.

Zhejiang Qiandao Lake

Aviation Qiandao Lake. (Picture source: Vision China)

Qiandao Lake is located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province. It is hailed as “Qiandao Bishui painting” because of its mountains, water shows, caves, and stone monsters. Thousands of Island Lake Bibo 10,000 hectares, Thousand Island Competitive Show, Mountains are stacked, the canyons are deep, the stream is clear, the cave is strange, and there are many kinds of biological resources, cultural relics, monuments, and rich local products, which constitute the characteristics of the Qiandao Lake landscape at home and abroad.

Sichuan -Yunnan Lugu Lake


Lugu Lake


Lugu Lake Lake, located at the junction of Yunnan and Sichuan, is 2690 meters above sea level, covers an area of ​​about 50 square kilometers. The water quality is clear, and the water quality is maintained for a long time. Here is the reputation of “Oriental Daughter Country”. With beautiful lakes and mountains and mysterious Mosuo culture, it is favored by tourists at home and abroad.

Beijing Yanqi Lake

Yanqi Lake scenery. (Picture source: Vision China)

Yanqi Lake is located at the foot of Yan Mountain in the suburbs of Beijing. The scenery is beautiful and the lake is clear. Every spring and autumn, there are often groups of wild geese inhabited in the lake, so they are named.


Nanjing Xuanwu Lake

Xuanwu Lake sunset twilight. (Picture source: Vision China)


Nanjing Xuanwu Lake is divided into Wuzhou, Huanzhou, Sakurazhou, Lingzhou, Liangzhou, Cuizhou, and Zhouzhou embankment. The Song people Ouyang Xiu once wrote: “Jinling Mo is beautiful in Houhu, Qiantang is beautiful to the West Lake”, Xuanwu Lake is a landscape garden, and it is also a cultural resort.

Wuhan East Lake

Wuhan East Lake scenery. (Picture source: Vision China)


The East Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area is located in the central urban area of ​​Wuhan City, Hubei Province. It is the first batch of national -level scenic spots. It takes large natural lakes as its core and integrates AAAAA -level tourist attractions, national wetland parks, and national ecological tourism demonstration zones.

The vast waters are steaming Xiawei and Wanzhuang, and the magnificent and boundless momentum, which has achieved the reputation of “China’s largest city in the city”.

Huangshan Taiping Lake

Taiping Lake scenery

The Taiping Lake Scenic Area is located in Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The blue water and green mountains in the scenic area are reflected. The environment is quiet and beautiful. It is a good place for people to leave.

Yangzhou Slim West Lake

Slim West Lake beauty. (Picture source: Vision China)


Go to Yangzhou and go to the thin West Lake, no matter what season, she has her beauty. “Twenty -four bridges and moon nights, where the jade people teach flute”, Twenty -four Bridge, Wuting Bridge, Baita, Xuyuan, Xichuntai, etc., everywhere in the pavilions of the pavilions in the Sleeid West Lake Scenic Area The tree jungle is like embellishment, which is beautiful.

(Comprehensive source of text: Xinhua News Agency, Xinhuanet)

Hangzhou West Lake