The Hipo thermal insulation cup has officially launched the titanium cup in the “titanium” era


Shanghai, November 6, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Recently, Hino officially launched the new “Titanium Cup” that has been devoted to the development of the new product to the market. As a new generation of thermal insulation cups, the Hill Titanium Cup is made of pure titanium inside and outside, and it is welcomed by high -end consumers who have been focused on healthy.

希诺保温杯迈进“钛”时代 正式推出钛杯

Higo, who has been on the road of innovation, has made a large -scale research and investment in titanium in 2017. In 2018, it began to develop the research and development of heating titanium cups. After more than three years of polishing Variety, light and healthy new generation · titanium cup.

The Hipuo Titanium Cup can be described as “equal beauty and connotation.”

Haoyue Silver, Yinhong, Lake Blue, Deep Blue Black, Eye Shadow Powder (from right to left)

“Titanium” has its own color, each one is unique

Titanium has the characteristics of oxidation into different colors with high temperature, which provides more possibilities for the richness of the product. At present, the Haoyue, silver red, lake blue, dark blue black, and eye shadow powder of titanium cups are all different colors presented by the titanium cups at different temperatures. Because it is completely the material itself, the atmosphere is healthy and healthy and environmentally friendly. From the perspective of the cup body, each side is as bright and gorgeous as diamond cutting surface, and each cup can be regarded as unique. It is precisely because of the characteristics of titanium that titanium has also become the new favorite of the jewelry industry.

Titanium metal shows different colors with changes in temperature

“Titanium” affinity human body, healthier and lighter

希诺保温杯迈进“钛”时代 正式推出钛杯

The listing of the titanium cup marks the official opening in the “titanium” era in the Japanese product cup industry. In the past century, the thermal insulation cup market has been produced with stainless steel materials, and the insulation and cold performance of stainless steel has also been familiar with. But compared with “titanium”, stainless steel is still inadequate.

First of all, titanium has biological nature, and has been widely used in medical fields such as fixing teeth, human bone reconstruction, and surgical surgery. If the stainless steel material is used as a bone, you need to remove the stainless steel sheet after the bone healing, otherwise it will cause secondary damage to the human body. “Titanium” does not cause this trouble to cause doctors. The “artificial bone” made of titanium grows in the human body for a few months, and the bones will grow again in small holes and screws of titanium tablets. The new muscle fibers will be wrapped on the titanium thin slices. The connection of flesh and blood plays a role in supporting and reinforcement. In this way, “titanium” is praised as “parental metal”. This is also an important reason why he chooses to choose titanium to make the insulation cup pot.

希诺保温杯迈进“钛”时代 正式推出钛杯

Secondly, “titanium” is light and hard, 43%lighter than stainless steel at the same volume, but three times the intensity of stainless steel and 1.3 times that of aluminum alloy. It also means that the same heavy water, the titanium cup is not only lighter, but also more abrasion, falling, and collision. For example, the largest 470ml titanium cup in the new product is only 278 grams, which is lighter than a mobile phone.

Furthermore, titanium has very strong corrosion resistance, so it is often used in industrial electrolytic grooves, reactors, seawater diluted pipelines, and ship propellers and other components or equipment exposed to high corrosive environments. Many consumers have found that drinking water with stainless steel insulation pots sometimes smell rust, because the material itself is not stable enough. Stainless steel insulation cups are particularly not suitable for saving soy milk, carbonated beverages, tea, coffee, Chinese medicine, etc. The titanium cup has no trouble at all, use it as safe and safe everywhere.

Comparison of titanium metal and stainless steel attributes

The listing of the “titanium” cup brings consumers with safe and healthy drinking water, and the innovation and change of new materials for the industry, and it is once again upgraded to the thermal cup pot industry. Higo has always adhered to the concept of “making the best cup for the Chinese”. For more than 20 years, he has been exploring the best materials, the best design, and the most in line with consumer use habits. Boutique.