After testing 12 shower gels, L’Occitane was removed from the shopping cart, and finally recommended these two models


Relative to the “battle bath” of the whole body in 3 minutes, girls will slowly stay in the bathroom for the first half of the hour, and then come out of fragrant. After all, bathing is unique for those who work all day long. Enjoyment.

Many people’s requirements for shower gel are good smells. What human perfume and Han Han must be necessary … It is also a way to use shower gel as perfume, but before “seeking incense” Hidden health hazards brought by Lu.

Recently, the Clearance of the Capital Terminal tested 12 best -selling shower gels on the market, all of which were open and net red.

Test brand

Doffen, Lux, Keran, Philippine Shop, Julie Kou, L’Occitane, Six Gods, Australian Treasures, Watsons, Shu Lei, Hope, Weili

Test indicator

Safety indicator

: Missitative preservatives, risk preservatives, heavy metals, formaldehyde, dioline, pH


: Valid content content

Test Results

1. The content of all shower gels meets national regulations. Among them,


Keran, hope

Relatively higher, better cleaning ability;

2. Recommended

Philippine Shop, Julie Kou

, Safety performance is very high, two words, reliable!



The detection of preservatives MIT and CMIT did not marked on the packaging, which belongs to the product without compliance;



Determine heavy metals: arsenic; arsenic; arsenic;



MIT preservatives exceed the EU limit;


Shu Lei, Australian Treasure, L’Occitane

Find the trace amount of formaldehyde,


L’Occitane, Watsons, Australian treasure

The content of the carcinogens is detected, and the content is within the scope of the state;


Lux, Weli, Keran, hope

PH is alkaline or stimulates the skin.

Weilinsco to sensitive preservatives MIT super EU limit

It can cause sensitized anti -preservatives nampioprobolinone (MIT). In this shower gel test, it cannot be spared to “step on the thunder”,

The MIT content of Healthy Shower Gel (fresh lime) is 68 mg/kg. Although it meets the requirements of my country’s standards, it is nearly 5 times that of the EU standard limit.

In addition to Weli,

Aobao, Watsons, Shu Lei, Hope, Philippine Poems

Five shower gels also detected a small amount of MIT and/or CMIT preservatives, but

Two preservatives were detected at the same time, but they did not mark it on their packaging page. They did not meet the cosmetics regulations.

▲ I hope that the milk shower gel composition label (not indicated that it contains methyl chloropotenopromoline, methadollyzolerine ketones)

L’Occitane detected heavy metals: arsenic: arsenic

Arsenic is a toxic metal substance in heavy metals and can cause acute or chronic poisoning. The poisonous “cream” often appears in the costume drama refers to the trioxide dilateral.

Arsenic and its inorganic compounds are listed by the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) as a first -class carcinogen.

The state stipulates that the arsenic of arsenic in cosmetics is 2 mg/kg. According to the test results, only


L’ -OCCITANE Sweet Cherry Bath Gel has a arsenic, which is 0.32 mg/kg, which does not exceed my country’s standard requirements.

Long -term use of high arsenic cosmetics may cause skin and mucous membrane diseases, such as spots, wart -like keratinization, ulcers, etc., in severe cases of skin cancer; if the symptoms are mild during nerve changes Motor nerve injury.

Among the chemical components of cosmetics, arsenic is the most harmful element except lead and mercury. Arsenic and its compounds are widely existed in nature. Cosmetics raw materials and production processes are also easily contaminated by arsenic.

This bottle of cherry blossom shower gel likes the natural fragrance of natural fragrance will basically not refuse. Although the arsenic content detected this time has not exceeded the standards, but in view of its strong toxicity, it is not recommended to use skin sensitivity and wounds. Essence

Shulei, Australian treasure, and L’Occitane with trace formaldehyde

As a strong allergenic substance, formaldehyde is commonly used in cosmetics anticorrosive. In recent years, the frequency and amount of formaldehyde appeared in cosmetics gradually decreased. The shower gel national standard requires that the formaldehyde content must not exceed 500 mg/kg.

Testing through the length of the custody road,

The three models were detected for formaldehyde, and the content was between 60 and 140 mg/kg. It did not exceed the requirements of the shower gel national standard, and the remaining 9 shower gels were not detected for formaldehyde -the situation was relatively clear.

Here, the long -term way to teach you a small method of simply identifying whether cosmetics contains formaldehyde: if the component table on the packaging includes “imazazinel, bipothal (hydroxyl) imidazoleh, DMDM ​​sidamin” and other belt The ingredients of the word “脲”, then this bottle of cosmetics can basically determine consumers with formaldehyde, and skin sensitive consumers must remember to avoid it.


▲ Shu Lei milk water tender and smooth shower gel composition table

▲ Australian Bao Classic Moisturizing shower gel composition table

L’Occitane, Watsons, and Ao Po detected the trace two -vicious alkane

Disar alkane, 2B -level carcinogen, cosmetics disabled substances. It is often used as a facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, and detergent.

The state stipulates that the dioxane limit in cosmetics is 30 mg/kg, and the EU Consumer Safety Science Committee (SCCS) pointed out that the safety content of binary alkanes in cosmetics should not be greater than 10 mg/kg.


The test results of this time show,

Three shower gel detected ductal alkane, with a content of 2 mg/kg, which meets my country’s standards and the requirements and suggestions of the European Union’s SCCS.

Lux, Weli, Keran, hopes are alkaline, or stimulate the skin

Adults’ skin is usually weakly acidic. The normally epidermal pH range is 5.5 ~ 6.5. Over acid or alkali, it will destroy the skin barrier function. Therefore, the pH value of shower gel is best to approach human skin.

After testing,


The four pH are 9.01 ~ 9.63. As a result, alkaline is alkaline. Although it does not exceed the scope of the shower gel national standard, it is also close to the upper limit of 10.


For the normal skin of the human body, long -term use of alkaline shower gel may stimulate the skin, which may cause dry and sensitive skin. Therefore, it is not recommended that you use such shower gels for a long time.


You can have a strong ability to clean

Can I clean it? It mainly depends on the active material content of surfactants. Everyone’s favorite bubbles are because of it.

The national standard of the bath gel stipulates that the total effect of the general type should ≥7%and the concentrated type should ≥14%.

The test results show that 12 shower gels meet the national standard requirements. in,

The total effective matter content is higher than the remaining 10 models.

The Clear Captain suggested that consumers with sensitive skin should pay special attention to product components when buying shower gels. By observing the ingredient table, try to avoid the shower gel containing allergic preservatives, formaldehyde, and excess flavors.

In other words, you are going to prepare for Double Twelve, which product evaluation do you want to see, and leave a message in the comment area!

[Special Statement]: The test results in this report and mentioning the brand are only responsible for test samples, which does not represent the quality status of the same batch or other models of products.

Keran, hope





Shu Lei, Australian Treasure, L’Occitane

L’Occitane, Watsons, Australian treasure

Lux, Weli, Keran, hope