Deren laughed at Youren, Wen Ren gave love toys, how about the two brothers’ attitude towards these two nephews?


Nowadays, many royal families have become a symbol and no longer exercise administrative rights. Therefore, they have also changed in the inheritance of the throne. Men and women can inherit. For example, before the birth of Princess Charlotte in the British royal family, they changed the throne The inheritance law, the announcement of the later royal family inheritance, will be changed to “Changye” inheritance. But some royal family has not changed so far, and the Japanese royal family is more famous.


The current emperor Deren only has one daughter of love, while Prince Wenren has a son Youren. Daren proposed the Emperor’s affairs a long time ago. Yuren was still somewhat sideways before birth, but Yuren changed after birth. After so many years of discussion, the Emperor had to be inherited by men, and the Emperor had to be inherited by men, and the emperor had to be inherited by men, and but the emperor had to be inherited by men, but Women can stay in the royal family after marriage, no need to leave the royal family. So what is Deren’s attitude towards Youren, and Wen Ren is about love.


On the 80th birthday of Queen Mihiko, he filmed a documentary. In the documentary, their families planted rice in the ground. When Prince Yuren came to give Mihiko wooden board, Deren was next to him. Seeing the interaction between the ancestors and grandchildren, Deren looked happy and looked at Youren tenderly. It was not because Youren was a king’s competitors, but could not like it. And in their new year’s family portrait, Deren and Yazi always looked at Youren’s movements happily. Perhaps for Deren, Youren is his nephew who has a blood relationship. At the same time, because of the birth of Youren, it has reduced a lot of pressure on Yako. They also have gratitude in their hearts. Therefore , Even very happy.

The interaction between Prince Wen Ren and Aiko, the niece of Aiko, but in their new year’s family portrait, Wen Ren also smiled to send the toy to Princess Aiko. Maybe for Wen Ren, Aiko is the child of the elder brother. Just that, if you like it, you should not be able to talk about it, but you won’t hate too much. What do you think of these two couples and what are their attitude?