The steel king has been discontinued! Who has the most potential to become “Little Steel King”?


[Recommended by Watch House Watch] Speaking of the king of sports steel watches, the 5711 series can be described as deserved. Under the blessing of Patek Philippe brand halo, coupled with the high premium of the secondary market, it has made it a well -deserved king of sports steel. However, the latest news shows that the 5711A has been discontinued and the relevant pages have not been retrieved on the official website of the brand. This will inevitably regret that friends who like it. In fact, in addition to Patek Philippe 5711A, there are still many dazzling sports steel watches on the market. They not only have reasonable prices, but also have many remarkable appearances and movements. Let’s take a look today. Who is most likely to appear on the throne of “Little Steel King”.

GP Zhiba watch laurel champion series

Model 81010-11-431-11A


The Laurel Crown Series of Zhiba has a long history, and its design elements reflect the characteristics of sports watches in the 1970s. The bezel designs are practical, inspired by Italian architecture, with brand characteristics. The case adopts an integrated structure design, which saves the ears or surface ring, making the table easier. The combination of the classic watch design and the era craftsmanship makes the watch full of retro wind and modern aesthetic concept.

GP01800 movement


The laurel series 81010-11-634-11A was released in 2018. It uses a 42mm diameter, and the dial is decorated with the Paris de Paris. The pointers and the hourly label are covered with luminous coating. Shape the retro type. The GP01800 movement carried by the watch is carefully polished, and it is decorated with Geneva wave patterns and round grain patterns, which is very beautiful. The movement consists of 191 parts of the movement. When the chain is full, it can provide at least 54 hours of dynamic reserves, and the waterproof depth is 100 meters.


Earl Piaget Polo

Model G0A41002

Earl’s POLO series began in the 1970s. Polo originally meant that the ball was sported. The brand drawn inspiration from the atmosphere of the polo and launched this unique and novel sports watch series. G0A41002 is currently selling models. It uses satin wire and polishing method. The front bezel and the side of the case are sat satin polished. Combining, it has a sense of hierarchy and reveals a strong sports style.


1110P movement

We know that the count has always had deep accomplishments in the field of ultra -thin movements. Cal.1110P automatic upper -chain movement on the watch on the watch is only 4mm, and it can provide up to 50 hours of power storage time, which once again shows the excellent skills of the Earl in the field of ultra -thin watchmaking. Under the blessing of the CAL.1110P movement, the thickness of the case has reached 9.4 mm. The horizontal comparison of the same level of sports steel watches is undoubtedly full.

Chopin Alpine Eagle

Model 298600-3001


The Chopin Alpine Eagle series was unveiled in 2019. It is conceived and designed by the brand’s co-president Karl Frederick Schofer in person to integrate elements such as the Alps eagle and its community habitats. The case and the bezel are carefully polished by the satin, showing the gloss and brightness of the golden gold.


01.01-C movement

8 screws on the bezel are the same as that we know another “king” royal oak tree. It is one of the highly recognizable design elements of the watch. Alpine Eagle’s design runs through the theme of the “Eagle”. The dial -like texture is polished from the iris of the eagle, and the special blue will reminiscent of the glaciers on the Alps. resemblance. It is equipped with a self-made movement of Chopard Cal.01.01-C, which has been certified by the Swiss Observatory and has a 60-hour dynamic reserves.


Model 03.9300.3620

In 2022, the new product line of Defy series -Skyline. This entry -level watch is designed with a minimalist small three -needle. The second hand in the 9 o’clock direction has a 1/10 second display function. DEFY Skyline changed the DEFY series with titanium -based cases in the past, and chose to use fine steel to make it to make it a prerequisite for becoming a “small steel king”.


El Primero 3620 movement

El Primero 3620 is a high -vibrate movement. It improved on the basis of El Primero 3600 and removed the timing module accordingly. Its vibration frequency can reach 36,000 times/hour (5Hz, 10 vibrations), which has the same 60 -hour dynamic reserves. It is currently only used for the Defy Skyline series. The unique 12 -sided design, the plane is rusted vertically, the partial angle part is polished, the two different processes are intertwined with each other, and the details are rich. At the same time, the price of 6,5000 is also competitive among the products of the same level.




The four steel watches recommended above have a unique texture with a deep blue dial with a deep blue dial. They all have remarkable points: GP has gained greater development space after leaving the operation. The next hotspot; Piaget Polo’s movement is only 4mm thick, which is undoubtedly the most extreme and light existence of the four watches; and DEFY Skyline has a unique 1/10 second display with high -frequency movement blessing. It can be described as unique. Except for Chopard Alpine Eagle’s public price of 1,0300 yuan, the remaining tables are priced at less than RMB 100,000. Compared with high -end popular models, their price advantages are significant. So in your mind, who is the most qualified to become the “Little Steel King” in the new generation of sports display? (Xiao Feng, House of Figures/Watches)