Three wonderful heart abuse romance novels, which poke your tears in the book, the first one is tortured to heartbreak


3. “Flame Mother” Author: Black Yan

Copywriting: For the sake of him, no matter how much suffering in front of him, she is also sweet! I don’t know what words to use to express the hot love of Yan Niang! However, in his eyes, she had not accommodated her from beginning to end. The hostess wants to give up, but it is so simple to give up, so she decided that she must follow him in her life. No matter the end of the world or the sea corner, it is okay!


Comment: This novel is very beautiful. The flame maid in the book is very enthusiastic. He does not care about the indifferent temperament of the male lead. He has always been with the male lead. On the day of the male lead, she never showed a trace of bitterness, but exposed her love to the male lead. Although the giving of Yan Niang made people feel bitter, fortunately she could wait for the love she wanted at the end. Black face is abused and soft. Book friends who like ancient style abuse don’t miss this book!


2. “Three Thousand Crows” Author: Shi Shiro


Copywriting: A high -ranking Emperor Ji Ji Qin Chuan’s surname was anonymous to work as a miscellaneous worker in Xiu Xian, but he never expected that the people he had met before came to this place. Woman. Suddenly a Fu Jiuyun, who was watching a very romantic, popped up next to her, has always been difficult for her, and it is difficult to distinguish her. Qin Chuan secretly stole the treasures of the Mountain Lord while the Dragon King was chaotic, and Yang Chang left. At this moment, I felt the deceived Fu Jiuyun immediately chased. However, after learning about her mission, it was difficult to stop, but instead took the initiative to use her life to become full. But she didn’t know that in order to meet her, she watched her alone for thousands of years.

Simplified comment: The novel “Three Thousand Crows” is really very classic, and it is also a fairy -welding that can be as famous as “Flower Thousand Bone”. The hostess was resolutely brave on the road of revenge, and the male lead accompanied her for ten lives to finally achieve positive results. After reading this book, you will find that love is that even if I abandon my life, you must protect you. Have you moved after reading this novel?

1. “Non -Mi Lord Wang Ye Want to Resort Concubine” Author: Mo Wu Bige

Copywriting: There is a kind of poison, which is called concentricity by people. The poisonous people in their bodies will begin to connect. In the 21st century, Hailan, as one of the archeological teams, was rescued by her ex -boyfriend at a danger. However, her ex -boyfriend Qin Ge died for this. On Qin Ge’s Lingtang, Hailan learned that he and her in the past three years, but because of her life implication of his true beloved woman, she was very painful and just met a mysterious woman. The woman told Hai Lan that if Qin Ge was reborn again, it had to break the butterfly effect and prevent the construction of the tomb, because without the tomb, everything would come back.

Comment: This novel is one of the big classic novels of Mo Wu Bige. For me, the most tearful thing is that Shangguan Jinghong recovered after the memory of Tian Shencun. The most abused bridge was that he died deeply. Xiao Ba went to the palace to take the corpse, and he really cried. Although abuse, it is real and beautiful!