Make a pair of high -waisted shorts that add fertilizers, loose and comfortable styles, simple production. Author Dongping


Make a pair of high -waisted shorts that add fertilizer, the most important thing is that there are big pockets!

Friends in the group today posted a picture. When I saw these two days, I was about to do shorts and do n’t know what to do? Just come here. Essence Essence No wonder you get up early in the morning to jump on the left eyelid? The reason is here, hahaha. Essence Essence

Look, I haven’t made a picture yet, everyone will start discussing the fabrics. Essence Essence Originally, I wanted to steal a laziness this Sunday, see everyone’s hotness, add a class. Do you say I am good?


I like clothes with big pockets the most, because it is convenient to bring a baby, you can install a lot of things, and you don’t need a backpack. Is there a mother like me?

I like high -waisted models on skirts. I have a lot of benefits. I do n’t repeat them one by one. The most important thing is to show long legs.

Let’s take a look at style pictures


Earlier effect

Rear effect

Especially loose style, share the L code cut picture


The pants look very simple, but the cutting drawing is a bit troublesome. I was tangled when I labeled the data. I was afraid that everyone was afraid of the dazzling. I was afraid that everyone could not understand. That’s it. If you have an unknown place, leave me a message in the comment area. Be sure to comment and remark the location of the picture.


Cut the drawing drawing unit: centimeter

The green line of the preceding film is drawn according to the size of the fit, so that the front film looks relatively fit and thin.

The red line below is drawn with a loose amount, and the latter film is also loosened. The amount of loosening of 26cm in full enclosure is relatively large

If you need other numbers, you can push the board according to the file difference of 0.6cm in length of 4cm.

Clash drawing

I have divided the cutting film in the previous film, show you two effects, I did two effects

The first type is made into a whole piece. The effect is not ideal, the small belly feels slightly convex. In fact, when cutting, the tailor is too long and the fabric is abandoned

The effect of the front and middle film


The second type: The segmentation of the front and the middle segmentation is broken. Obviously the position of the small belly has weakened a lot in the visual effect, and the small belly is not. This small tailor is convenient when typing, and a small piece is enough.

After the above comparison, you don’t need to say which one to use.

I think this is the magic of structural design. In the same style, different design schemes will show different effects.

If you want to learn more women’s clothing version and push board, you can click the circle card below to enter the circle from the most basic women’s self -prototype version making

(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

Sewing process and sewing process commentary

The choice of fabric: The fabrics such as the yarn card will be more appropriate.

Combined with the above -mentioned cuts and your own size drawing plus the appropriate sewing edge for tailoring


The lid of the waist and pockets of the front film needs to be treated


Suture process

Switch the pocket of the previous piece first, sew it according to the point of the paper -like point with a buckle.

Sewing the waist of the front film, the waist should be stuck and sew it with a clean print

The front and lower pieces are sutured with the waist, and the folds are paid attention.

Sewing front and rear sides, after the crotch seam. The suture of the rubber band in the back of the waist

Sewing on the side of the foot, the garment is completed

Okay, this is here today’s sharing


If you like it, you can try it by hand. If you don’t understand, you can leave a message in the comment area. The specific question is best to take pictures and comments. It is convenient for everyone to discuss and learn.

The finished products can also be displayed in the comment area, which can be displayed in the form of pictures, which can allow everyone

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