Maternal and gynecologists recommendation during pregnancy! Let the pregnant mother sleep well



Insomnia during pregnancy is a problem that plagues pregnant women. There are many causes of insomnia during pregnancy. At different stages of pregnancy, the causes are different.

During the early pregnancy, at the beginning of the mother, there must be some small tension, small, and some of the wind blowing grass during early pregnancy, such as occasional abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and severe early pregnancy reactions, which often cause anxiety and tension, which causes insomnia. During the whole pregnancy, the whole pregnancy is a relatively comfortable stage. The fetal growth and development of the fetus are stable, the placental function is mature, and the abnormal conditions are less offset. It is not easy to cause insomnia.

However, in the late pregnancy, as the uterus increases, the burden of pregnant women is getting heavier, and insomnia is increased with the increase. One is that the uterus increases upward to compress the diaphragm. The second is that the uterus increases the bladder forward, causing frequent urination at night and affecting sleep quality.

Therefore, in response to the problem that troubles everyone, I recommend a few sleeping recipes to everyone-

1. Early pregnancy, because the embryo is in a sensitive period, try not to intervene without drugs, mainly because of the adjustment of life and psychological state. Before falling asleep, you can soak your feet with warm water. Do not touch electronic products such as mobile phones for a long time, and increase your tension or excessive emotional state. It can be rest properly at noon, but the time should not be too long. Generally, it can be used for 20-30 minutes. You can choose a cotton comfortable eye mask to increase the speed of falling asleep.


2. During the late pregnancy, many insomnia is caused by frequent urination. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink warm milk to help sleep before falling asleep. You should control the intake of liquid and fruits before going to bed.

3. The symptoms of consciously dull pregnant women in the third trimester are getting heavier, and they cannot even be awakened when they are lying flat or sleeping at night. Cardiac ultrasound examination exclude heart function abnormalities.

If you do not reach such a serious level, you can improve sleep by general adjustment–

1) Take a side lying position when falling asleep, but you do n’t need to tangled the left side or the right side, you can avoid the occurrence of hypotension in the supine position. It is recommended that you choose the waist cooker side sleeping pillow special for pregnant women, which can increase the sense of security and comfort.


2) Soak your feet with warm water before going to bed to promote the blood circulation of the peripheral, and speed up the speed of falling asleep.

3) However, because many pregnant women have obvious insomnia before pregnancy, they need to be intervened by drugs to fall asleep. Then, in the late pregnancy, if insomnia continues, general treatment has no effect, otherwise, pregnant women will have long -term insomnia. Increase the risk of hypertension during pregnancy. You can choose drugs that regulate plant neurological disorders such as canisin; you can even choose sedative sleeping pills such as Shule and stable. Especially for pregnant women who have diagnosed hypertension during pregnancy, ensuring sufficient sleep and rest is the prerequisite for achieving good blood pressure control.

During pregnancy, the most impact on everyone’s sleep quality is emotional. No matter what the situation occurs during pregnancy, the relaxing mood is very important. The whole pregnancy is also a process of psychological quality. Various emergencies during pregnancy can ensure good sleep.

I wish you all sleep during pregnancy!

I am Dr. Wang Lei -love life, love the sun!