What is the point of buying the electric mattress in the sleeping mattress?


The electric mattress is also the electric blanket that we usually call it. It is a heating appliance on the bed. Today, the editor mainly talks about what harm to the electric mattress and the selection guide of the electric mattress.

What is the harm of the sleeping mattress

睡电褥子有什么害处 电褥子选购指南

1. If the electric blanket is open, there will be a very low electromagnetic field, which will have some adverse effects on women’s endocrine. In severe cases, it will lead to infertility.

2. Men’s testicles can ensure the vitality of the sperm at a lower temperature. The heat generated by the electric blanket for a long time will have a bad effect on the men’s seminal vesicles, making men less sperm, or not strong sperm vitality.

睡电褥子有什么害处 电褥子选购指南

3. Children’s physical vitality is relatively large. As the saying goes, “Children’s buttocks have three pots of fire.” Growth and development is not recommended. If they are afraid that they can add a layer of towels to the quilt, the soft surface can reduce the cold feeling produced when the skin is in contact with the quilt.

睡电褥子有什么害处 电褥子选购指南

4. Sleeping electric blanket for a long time is actually uncomfortable. If the temperature is too high, the quality of sleep will be reduced, so that the spirit is weak after getting up the next day.

5. If the electric blanket is used for a long time, if the maintenance is not well maintained, the phenomenon of leakage may occur (of course it is only very different), so it is best not to use it while sleeping.

睡电褥子有什么害处 电褥子选购指南

Photocopic purchase guide

First of all, we can choose according to the material of the electric mattress: the good electric mattress fabric should be comfortable and soft to feel the feel, and it smells no odor. If it is inferior, it will feel rough and hard to feel. In addition, the materials of the inside cannot be ignored. How to detect it? We can buy it with a flashlight or a strong light light in the dark to see if there are cotton sandwiches;

睡电褥子有什么害处 电褥子选购指南

Secondly, you can choose according to the thermal design of the electric mattress: it is best to buy electrical with temperature gear adjustment. Only the electrical control controlled by the switch belongs to a generation of elimination products. Probably determined that the heating temperature should be slightly higher than the temperature of the human body. The low -end and the temperature of the human body is flat, and it feels warm and comfortable. Although the inferior electric mattresses also have a mild fever function, it will be hot when sleeping on it. a feeling of;

Finally, you can choose according to the safety of the electric mattress: the electric mattress is a new electrical product, and it is directly contacting the human body directly. Certification, you can also try whether the electric mattress wiring is safe and strong after buying. Secondly, it depends on the controller of the electric mattress. The controller is generally made of plastic. See if the edge of the control appliance is rough, and the exquisite quality is good. There is also a product that is too short of the electric line.

So what is the harm of the sleeping mattress and the content of the electric mattress purchase guide is introduced here. I believe that after reading the above content, you have the bottom of how to buy the electric mattress. Help.