Toothpaste iron throne, medicine take turns sitting



In 1911, the last year of Daqing (the perishage was early 1912).

The 18 -year -old Fang Liuxian, Zhejiang Ningbo Juvenile, decided to start a business and set up a daily chemical enterprise belonging to its own nation.

Although it just started, the momentum cannot be lost.

This emerging business organization has a very loud name:


“China Chemical Industry Society” (hereinafter referred to as “Sinochem”).

Also this year, a commercial bank named “Tongchangxing” launched its own dental powder brand “Old Trade” and added mint brain and roses into dental powder.

In the next thirty years, Sinochem became the pioneer of the daily chemical industry and made the earliest toothpaste in China.


The toothpaste of China Chemical Society is named “Samsung” card, which refers to “blessing”, “Lu” and “Shou” Samsung.

During the peak of Sinochem, Samsung not only occupied half of the domestic toothpaste market, but also exported to Africa and Southeast Asia.

The Koreans must be angry when they see it, because strictly speaking, Samsung was first in China.

Later, Sinochem was restructured into Shanghai toothpaste factory.

Shanghai Toothpaste Factory is now the name of Shanghai Meijia Pacific.

Tongchangxing’s current name is Blue Sky Group. Its most famous brand is Blue Sky Liu Bizhi.

One hundred years have passed, and the wind of the toothpaste rivers and lakes surge.

You sing me.


Toothpaste is a special daily chemical with mysterious color.

As daily necessities, toothpaste is very common.

As a mysterious product, it has given a lot of role that it should not have: whitening, blood circulation, hemostasis, and treatment.

The reason why everyone has such a high expectation is because toothpaste is the only product in all daily chemicals.

Although mouthwash is also imported, there are not enough people.

Shampoo, facial cleanser, and shower gel are only exposed to the skin, and its ingredients will not enter the body.

But toothpaste must be in the mouth, and at least twice a day.

There will always be toothpaste, which accidentally swallow into the stomach.

It’s not delicious, and you have to eat it, so it is best to make me healthy, which is the psychology of most people.

But in fact, toothpaste is just a cleaner.

The principle of cleaning its teeth is to remove the attachment on the teeth by relying on the friction agent in toothpaste (45%-55%).

In other words, your teeth are not clean, depending on your strength and the time of brushing your teeth.

Only brush 10s, and then the magical toothpaste is not used.

If you use it in 10 seconds, you have to worry if you have to be corroded.

Cheap toothpaste will choose calcium carbonate and silica as a friction agent. The cost is low and the friction is strong, but at the same time, it is easy to wear the tooth enamel on the tooth surface.

High -end toothpaste can be used as a friction agent.

Hydrophilic silica is artificially synthesized, the surface of the particles is relatively round, unlike the angular corners of calcium carbonate, and the glazed wear of the teeth will be smaller.

Of course, it is more expensive.


When it was told that “brushing is only a physical action”, many people do not believe it.

Including me.

Obviously, everyone’s expectations for toothpaste are not just friction agents.

It is a universal medicine that can save the mouth.

Especially in the era when oral medicine is not popular.

The gums are bleeding, they want toothpaste to stop bleeding;

The teeth are yellow, they want toothpaste to have a whitening effect;

The mouth was getting angry, and they wanted toothpaste to get angry.

If there is a demand, there is supply.

Since the toothpaste itself is just a friction agent, add more drugs.

Add drugs, you can choose western medicine and Chinese medicine.

If you really add western medicine ingredients, then it is not daily chemical, but medicine.

Need approval and need to be sold in pharmacies.

There are fewer channels, obviously not cost -effective.

But adding Chinese herbal medicine is different.

I just add plant extracts. Do you say I am medicine?

No, this is grass. Do you say this is grass? Yes, but Chinese medicine.

Adding special approval is not required, and it will not be questioned at the same time.

It is also in line with the health tradition of Chinese consumers.

Just say you buy or not.

In 1971, the Dandong daily chemical plant launched the Candor Chinese Herbal toothpaste containing lilac and borax.


In 1972, the Tianjin toothpaste factory launched Chinese medicine desensitized toothpaste containing whitening and mules.

In the same year, the Qingdao daily chemical factory launched Rutin toothpaste.

In 1974, the Shanghai toothpaste factory was trial -produced to successfully contain tannol.

The history of Chinese toothpaste is simply a set of review materials.

In 1978, there were 44 drug toothpaste brands across the country, of which 11 toothpaste brands containing Chinese herbal medicine ingredients.

It was also this year that Liuzhou Daily Chemical Plant separated its own toothpaste workshop and established the “Liuzhou toothpaste Factory” separately.


Liuzhou toothpaste factory is the second place to be remembered after the Shanghai toothpaste factory.

After launching 20 toothpaste brands, the market’s evaluation of these brands is:

There is no strange, ordinary.

Although there are many brands, none of them are easy to sell.

The researchers in the factory thought of Chinese herbal medicine, and finally selected the “two needles” of Chinese herbal medicines in Guangxi.

Toothpaste brands are also named according to this ingredient, and the “two -sided needle” toothpaste was born.

The success of the two -sided needle set a good example for subsequent toothpaste manufacturers.

① Take Chinese herbal medicine as product characteristics;

② It is best to find local specialty medicinal materials nearby. The cost of obtaining is low and it is easy to grasp the right to interpret.

The two -sided needle once asked the sales personnel to organize a business symposium and declared:

“More than 90 % of consumers believe that the product has a good effect for treating oral diseases.”

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia was also taken over to endorse the product. The pharmacopoeia said that the two needles have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Many people believe that since it can “promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis”, it can naturally cure toothache.

Add two needles to toothpaste, which sounds more convincing than other previous Chinese medicine components.

Consumers who recognized Chinese herbal medicines quickly made both sides of the most dazzling daily chemical stars at that time.

The sales volume exceeded 13 million in 1980.

Liuzhou itself is an industrial town. Liuzhou, which has dense manufacturing resources and industrial workers, gave birth to national brands such as golden voice and Wuling Hongguang.

Because of this, this small city attaches great importance to brand marketing earlier than other cities, and has taken the lead in starting the “volume”.

As early as the early 1980s, two needles had advertised on the body of the bus.

In 1985, the production and sales of Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste on both sides exceeded 100 million.

From this year, two -sided needle has continued to dominate the domestic toothpaste market.

This is the victory of Chinese medicine.


There are two wealth passwords in daily chemical fast cinema:

First, the product positioning of Niu X is required, and it is necessary to make obvious differences with other brands to occupy the consumer mind.

Second, a large number of paving channels are needed, and of course, it also needs to be continuously intensive to advertise. To make consumers’ urge to become action at any time.

These two points, in fact, local brands are doing well.

Especially the first point.

Two pins,

“A good teeth, two -sided needle”

Liubi Zhi,

“Eat it, it is fragrant, the blue sky Liu must be ruled”


Cold sour,

“Cold and hot, sweet and sour, eat if you want to eat”

Tian Qi,

“Shouting loudly, Tian Qi ~~~”

They are very classic advertisements.

In 1993, the blue sky Liu Bizhi toothpaste found the comic actor Li Jiacun to make a advertising film.

The slogan of “Eat” has made this toothpaste brand popular all over the country and sells north and south.

But this kind of buying a game without preparation and bursting overnight is like a helicopter, getting up too fast and falling fast.

The ups and downs of the ups and downs are the normal state of all brands.

Evergreen is perverted.

Three years later, the Blue Sky Liu Bizhi developed to its peak, occupying nearly 16%of the domestic toothpaste market.

But from now on, it has declined year by year. In 2003, the market share fell to 2%, and the next year sold Bai Bai Group.

Chongqing Toothpaste Factory Cold acid Spirit has positioned its products as anti -allergic toothpaste.

Positioning is accurate, good advertisements.

“Cold and hot, sweet and sour, eat if you want to eat”, it is also a pain point that consumers need to prevent allergies.

But there is a problem. First, it is easy to cause misunderstandings. Many children think that cold acid toothpaste can be eaten. Another, the function of cold acid toothpaste can only be ranked at the end.

Almost the first domestic Tianqi toothpaste pushed the advertising tactics to a new height.

Tian Qiben is a medicinal material in Guangxi.

Tian Qi toothpaste, as the name suggests, is the 70 % toothpaste of Tian Hao Tian Tian.

Tian Qi spent more than 200 million yuan before and after, and launched an advertisement on “Taking Tian Qi” on more than 60 TV stations across the country.

The shouting “Tian Qi” when taking pictures is the brand’s re -spread.

When I was studying, everyone took pictures, and many people shouted Tian Qi.

Many people have unintentionally the free spokesperson for Tianqi toothpaste.

Tian Qi toothpaste’s reputation also spreads quickly.

In 2003, Tian Qi’s sales revenue reached 600 million yuan, selling 1 billion yuan the following year, and sword refers to the first domestically domestically dominant position.

In the era when the TV station is the main position of marketing, everyone can become a national brand for a period of time by advertising.

But similarly, good luck has only a period of time.



1992 is the year when the hell of consumer goods in the Mainland is difficult to open.

In this year, whether it is food and beverages or daily skin care, foreign brands that are coveted by this emerging market have been killed.

The US daily chemical brand Gao Liejie entered China, got 30,000 square meters of industrial land in Guangzhou, and built its first toothpaste factory in China.

Two years later, Unilever obtained the brand operating right of China toothpaste from Shanghai toothpaste factory through leasing.

Subsequently, the fast -moisturizing Giant HP also came to the hot land in this eye.

Procter & Gamble’s toothpaste brand Crest specially took a very Chinese and handsome name for Chinese consumer goods: Jiajieshi.

These foreign brands are the winners rolled out in other mature markets.

He has a very mature operating experience in products, marketing, and channels, and also understands how to get a emerging market.

They know how to find differentiation and clarify the product “positioning”.

Consumers like the new and hate the old, can’t remember so many brands, and have to get stuck.

If everyone is impressed, almost all early toothpaste advertisements are very magical and brainwashing, just to let everyone remember.

Although the local toothpaste is good, it is not rolled to the extreme.

“Eat it,” and “Eat if you want to eat”, you can remember it, but there is no “our goal is, no tooth decay ~~” sounds more impressive.

I have always said that the best advertisements actually have some tendency to “intimidation”.

On the surface, there will be no tooth decay with my toothpaste.

The meaning behind it is: you will have “worm teeth” without brushing.

Does it buy?

Hurry up.


Because of the earliest time to enter China, Gao Lujie was able to grab the “tooth decay” that can mostly hook up consumers.

Gao Lujie grabbed this point tightly, and cut off other opponents.

With Gao Lujie, I almost entered China Lianlihua at the same time. The original own toothpaste brand is Jienuo, and she also wants to play against the cards, but it is slower than Gao Lujie, and the volume is too small, and it is directly turned over by Gaoling Jie.

There are also Jiajiei who also want to play against the cards.

But it was also snatched first.

The volume is not a decision, but a state.


As mentioned earlier, toothpaste needs to be imported.

This determines that everyone’s requirements will be much higher than other daily chemicals.

Therefore, when a strange toothpaste brand enters the foreign market, the first thing that must be established is the image of “I reliable”.

In 1993, Gao Lujie’s body was still outside the door, and his hands had reached to domestic academic journals, publicizing Gao Lujie’s effect on the mouth of the teeth. After that, the advertisements that made all opponents jealous first.

In all TV ads of Gaoling, there must be a dental expert wearing a white coat.

This is called professional.

This made Jiajie very embarrassing.

Whether it is anti -moth -proof card or finding a professional endorsement, it is a strategy developed by Jiajie in the United States.

The same strategy is used by opponents to operate in the Chinese market.

It’s broken, I’m a stand -in.

The enemies played from the 19th century to the 20th century.

Before the mid -20th century, Gaoling Jie was monopolized in the US market and used Gaoling Jie to fresh and fresh. Whoever loved.

Procter & Gamble can crush Gaoling Jie in the field of soap and laundry, except that toothpaste is rubbed by Gaoling Jie.

At that time, Procter & Gamble’s main push was GLEEM toothpaste, which was similar to Gaoling Jie.

After analysis, Procter & Gamble found that the traditional toothpaste track defeated Gaoling Jie without chances. Is there no other way to go except for fresh tone?


The serious tooth decay problem of Americans seems to be a suitable breakthrough. In the late 1940s, there were 700 million cavities in the United States, which have less than 200 million people.

As a result, Procter & Gamble obtained the research results of several scholars such as Joseph C. Mueller, the University of Indiana.

By 1954, the world’s first anti -toothpic paste Fluoristan was born.

In the second year, the brand name was changed from a straightforward Fluoristan to Crest, and officially launched to the market in January 1956.

In order to verify the effect of fluoride toothpaste to treat tooth decay, Jiajieshi recruited 1,500 teenagers and 400 adults for experiments. The experiments showed that the two groups of people’s tooth decay decreased by 49%.

This made Jiajie confidence.

(In the 1950s, Jiajieshi “defeated tooth decay” advertising films, the content is roughly: Jiajieshi’s exclusive fluoride Asian toothpaste can defeat the tooth decay. The picture cooperates with the children to kiss her mother happily, and all the videos and graphic advertisements in the 1950s that can be found in the 1950s It is to defeat tooth decay)

In the 1950s, Jiajieshi -containing fluoride toothpaste advertisements spread throughout the United States, and there was only one core of all advertisements:

Control tooth decay.

Solving the newly needed products are often sold out.

(Early advertisement of Jiajieshi: “Mom, no tooth decay”)

However, the market did not pay.

(In 1958, the market share of the US toothpaste, the source of the data: the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Lianlihua, “Competition in the US toothpaste market in 1960-1985”, report number. ES 86073, United Lahua Archives, Rotterdam.)

Gaolingjie is still a faucet, and Gleim and Jiajie are not enough to fight together.

You say that you are not good, you have to find someone to prove it.

In 1960, Jiajie was recognized by the “B” of the American Dental Association (ADA), indicating that its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay has reached a reasonable level, and this is the first toothpaste to be certified by ADA.

In the minds of American consumers, ADA belongs to the serious medical organization of tall and explosive, and it is also the world’s earliest dental professional association. It is undoubtedly academic and authoritative.

This undoubtedly separates Jiajieshi from other toothpaste brands in the market.

After receiving the endorsement of professional institutions, Jia Jieshi fluttered.

In the second year of the endorsement of professional institutions, the market share of Jiajieshi jumped to more than 30%, and it was overtaken Gao Lingjie.

After another three years, Jiajie was recognized by ADA’s “A category”. The packaging can be directly printed on the packaging. Since then, the sales volume of Jiajie is higher.

For thirty -five years since then, Jiajieshi has always maintained an advantage of 15%of Gaoljie.

When Gao Lujie began to copy Jiajie’s strategy in China, Jia Jieshi cried.

Gao Lujie does not talk about martial arts, whether it is anti -moth, or authoritative certification. This is what I think of TM.


Consumers don’t care.

Business is only fruit theory.


Later, Jiajie found the “authority” certification organization similar to the American ADA: the national dental defense group.

But unlike ADA, this organization is not so authoritative.

The national dental disease prevention guidance group established in 1988 is an unofficial institution.

Since 2002, the national dental defense team has begun to certify toothpaste.

The first toothpaste product that has been “certified” is also “Jiajieli -containing fluoride toothpaste.”

A national dental defense group has a serious use of industry standards as toothpaste, and toothpastes that have been endorsed are also seriously promoted.

Just like in the past so many years, there are only two universities in TOP2, but TOP3, which has been certified by various lists, has ten magic.

When the first toothpaste was promoted to the “National Defense Group Certification” sign when promoting, other toothpaste brands were also forced to keep up.

Because consumers will call to ask:

“Why did our brand pass the dental defense group certification? Is there any problem with the product?”

The national defense team received a large number of “sponsorship fees”, and the certified toothpaste also got more market share.

But fake words will be exposed one day, and bubbles will be broken one day.

In 2005, a “two tables flickering 1.3 billion people” media reports exposed the “national defense group” in front of Chinese consumers.

The two legal practitioners reported the “dental defense group” to the court because of “deceiving consumers”.

Toothpaste is just a daily chemical products that clean their teeth and fresh oral cavity. They are not medicine and cannot cure disease.

However, the certification of the National Defense Group said that after their tests, the toothpaste that they certified showed many special effects, which not only could prevent some dental diseases, but also reduced the treatment effect of some dental diseases.

Isn’t this cheating?

In the end, the national dental group was banned.

To be honest, Jiajie is also a victim.

Because it copied the US strategy, the problem was that Gaoling Jie also took the certification of the dental defense group at the same time. This is the real volume because it is unnecessary.

Only when you get certification in the United States can consumers recognize you.

But in China, there are countless brands that have been certified, and you have no advantage.

Make a wedding dress for others.

In the 13 years of the Chinese toothpaste market, the Chinese toothpaste industry has been in the wind.

The city’s head has become the king flag.

Gaoling Jie sat on the iron throne in the toothpaste market.


But Jiajie still has a trick to reserve skills.

It is to alert the marketing goal.

Jiajieshi launched the “Jiejie School Oral Education Program” in China, which claims to benefit 300,000 schools and 80 million students in 2003.

I do n’t know about this number, but it scares me anyway.

A large number of children’s image appeared in Jiajie’s advertisement: Today the children knocked the shells and sent toothpaste to elementary and middle school students tomorrow.

This is actually well understood.

Children are more likely to be affected by advertising, so it will also indirectly promote the choice of parents and consumers.

Another “Yangmou” is “I can’t beat you now, so cultivate the next generation of consumers.”

Now seeing my advertising children, when they grow up, become independent consumers, they will naturally develop their brand loyalty and consumption habits to Jiajieshi, and cultivate potential markets in the future.

Do you say this effect is useful?

Yes, but it is really not big.

Consumers like the new and hate the old, let alone the training period for more than ten years. It is estimated that TM has forgotten who you are one year later.

You know, this is an emerging market, not a mature market.

Emerging markets mean the rapid growth of the economy, consumers’ pockets will become more and more drum, but the pattern of consumer goods has not yet stabilized, and new consumer products will emerge endlessly.

Newcomers from generation to generation abandon the old card.

Since “anti -mothing” is robbed, we should grab another position.


East Asian consumers are obsessed with whitening in their bones.

A bite of white teeth is a necessary part of high value.

The earliest Slogan in China in China is

“Healthy smile comes from Jiajie”

It’s still a bit related to the anti -tooth, and then go back,

“Beyond diamond -like dizziness”

“Love life, love laugh, love whitening”

All hints:

“My toothpaste can whiten teeth.”

As mentioned earlier, the main effect of toothpaste is to allow the friction agent in the toothbrush to rub the toothpaste, and brush it with an attachment attached to the surface of the tooth.

These attachments may be food residues or stains, or tooth plaque or dental stones. With these friction agents, the attachment can be removed, which will expose the color of the teeth.

“Whitening” is actually the basic function of any toothpaste.

The foam produced by toothpaste is just to reduce the direct damage to the teeth.

When a toothpaste focuses on its own “whitening”, it is as absurd as a water heater that he will burn water.

But that’s not necessarily right.

Because the color of the teeth was not white, but pale yellow.

In order to further meet the whitening needs of East Asians, special whitening agents are needed to toothpaste, such as polyphospholic acid salts such as sodium phosphate and sodium scorphenosate. The formation of stones and pigment deposition.

The simpler and rude can also add a color, which is slightly equal to brushing a layer of white on the surface of the teeth. This paint whitening effect is difficult to last, and the mouthwash can cover it off.

In March 2015, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued a notice that Jiajieli Double -effect Dazzling White toothpaste was suspected of false advertisements and was fined 6.03 million yuan. The whitening effect displayed in the advertisement screen is generated by PS too much later, not the actual effect of toothpaste.

The 2021 version of the “Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations” is listed as ordinary cosmetics.

The whitening effect of toothpaste has been banned.

However, through the baptism of many consumers for ten years, the attributes of the most concerned toothpaste are still white teeth. Next, they care about freshness and anti -mothing, and then the demands of fire and anti -allergy.

Whitening and anti -mothing, occupying these two functions, toothpaste brands have succeeded in half.


At the beginning of the century, toothpaste hegemony Gao Lujie invested 180 million US dollars each year, of which the Chinese market accounted for 10%of the investment.

Many, but I don’t think it is enough.

Because China is the world’s largest emerging market, Gao Lujie is careless.

This gives Jiajie a chance.

Its company’s P & G’s P & G’s 2002 advertising investment exceeded McDonald’s and became the largest foreign brand in China’s advertising.

In 2004 and 2005, Baobao became the “bid king” of CCTV for two consecutive years.

Watching two hours of TV, you can encounter ten Jiezi ads.

As a latecomer, Jieshi caught up with Gao Lingjie with the bombardment of advertisements and anti -killing Unilever’s “Hao Qing” and “Jienuo”.

Lianlihua was awakened by the “Chinese” brand, and under the vigorous marketing, it kept the face in the toothpaste market.

In terms of advertising content, although foreign brands are more accurate in positioning, local brands are not bad.

The worse is the frequency of launch.

PK is still strong.

Foreign brands can subsidize the money in the mainland market by making money in the European and American markets.

Procter & Gamble can even subsidize toothpaste through the profits on shampoo and shower gel.

How to fight local brands?

No one thinks how attractive brain platinum advertisements are, but Platinum Platinum Wins are high enough.

Even if you hate him, you can’t forget him.

The same is true for local toothpaste brands. There is no problem with advertising content, but the frequency of launch cannot keep up with foreign brands.

In a high -speed consumer goods track, the shopping decisions of the new population depend on the frequency of advertising.


Under the crushing of multinational brands, domestic brands can only focus on sinking markets, mainly to do the low-end toothpaste market with a low-end price zone of 2-5 yuan.

The problem comes. When the national income starts to grow rapidly, the price fight is just drinking and quenching thirst.

Because of the expensive toothpaste, the essence is just cheap fast -moving consumer goods.

One toothpaste, twice a day, one person needs to use it for 1 month to 2 months.

Even the expensive Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste was tens of dollars, which was not cheap, but it was not expensive.

The monthly salary increased from 1,000 to 2,000, and the average price of ordinary toothpaste was still six or seven.

From 2,000 to 4,000, the average price of ordinary toothpaste is still six or seven.

From 4,000 to 5,000, the average price of ordinary toothpaste is still six or seven.

As a fast -moving consumer goods that are not so high -frequency and need to eat into the mouth, there are a few or even a dozen more than a dozen pieces. For consumers, there is not much physical sensation.

They are actually more willing to buy that expensive.

If residents’ income does not increase at all, it is right to lower the low -end brand route.

However, if residents’ income grows at a high speed, it is a mistake to take the low -end brand route from the beginning.

There is no finished egg under the nest.

When foreign brands have eaten the markets of high -tier cities, they begin to force the low -end mass market.

Gaolingjie began to adopt domestic raw material suppliers to reduce costs and prices, and captured low -end markets.

Jia Jieshi was unwilling to show weakness, and even aimed at Chinese consumers’ preferences: like the concept of herbal medicine.

The herbal crystal toothpaste was born. At the cheapest, one of the small outfits only cost three dollars.

Originally, local brands were most considered to be the barriers of Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste. I did not expect that Jiajieshi actually impacted the market with high -brand and low -price products.

Since then, Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste is no longer a unique weapon for local brands.

Soon Gao Lingjie also launched herbal whitening toothpaste.

The power of high -end brand advertising coupled with low prices, foreign brands hit domestic goods at all prices.

According to the data from the market research company Our International, herbal toothpaste’s market share in China increased from 1.1%five years ago to 8.8%in 2011.

During the same period, Jiajie’s market share was 19.7%, and Gaoling Jie was significantly improved, while Unilever’s Chinese toothpaste did not keep up with the “herbal trend”, and the market share dropped from 12%to 9.9%.

Foreign -funded toothpaste burst from 8-10 yuan to starting from 3 yuan. In addition, the “national dental defense group” assistance, the local brand that adheres to the low -end market, has no power to fight back.

Among the top ten domestic toothpaste brands in 2000, foreign brands accounted for six seats.


Until the millennium, the toothpaste market was still in the ascendant.

Emerging domestic brands still have opportunities.

But at this time, the old local toothpaste was out of mind.

In 2004, Gao Liejie and Jiajieshi market share of 45%, 13%of the two -sided needle, and 7 11%of Tian. The Chinese toothpaste leased by Lianlihua accounted for 10%, which is also the last glory of domestic toothpaste in the early new century.

After 2004, both needles and Tian Qi turned sharply. The diversified development of the two companies made themselves unsatisfactory. Tianqi toothpaste completely discontinued production in 2014.

The decline of the two -sided needle is not completely unprecedented. Although it has occupied the first sales volume for many years, the products are mainly concentrated at low -prices, and 70 % of the sales come from powerful Chinese medicine toothpaste.

But this toothpaste is only priced at 1.96 yuan.

2003 was the peak of the two -sided needle. The operating income of toothpaste was 442 million yuan. In 2004, the two -sided needle was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It was also the first listed company in the Chinese toothpaste industry. However, toothpaste revenue was only 292 million yuan, a decrease of 34%from the previous year.

The downhill roads of the two -sided needle brand are steep and anxious.

The two -sided needle brand has changed from low -end to cheap products. The earliest reason is that they appear on the toothpaste line of two -sided needle travel hotels.

In the 1990s, the two -sided needle (Yangzhou) Hotel Products Co., Ltd. was established.

Yangzhou is the base of hotel supplies, and the market of hotel toothpaste is not small.

The move quickly expanded the revenue of two needles.

But to b or not to b, it has always been a problem for Fast Consumers.

Soy sauce can be to B because the soy sauce brand will not be exposed to C -terminal consumers.

You have eaten it, you don’t know.

It does not affect the brand’s own positioning.

But toothpaste is different.

Most of the two -sided needle toothpaste is sold to fast -growing hotels.

The feeling of cheapness is difficult to establish brand loyalty among consumers.

By 2017, the annual sales volume was 1.54 billion yuan, but 1.5 billion was the tourist hotel toothpaste.

Even if it has accounted for 50%of the toothpaste market in the tourist hotel, the average price of only 8 cents.

Not only do you not make money, but also make the brands of the two -sided needle completely reduced to synonymous with cheap toothpaste.

Then Kang tooth Ling, Sanxiao, Naisi, and Cold Sour Ling defeated.

The East is not bright and the West is bright.

Not only Gao Loujie and Jiajie, but other foreign brands were mixed in China at this time.


First of all, it is worth mentioning the “Lion King” from Japan.

1911 is really the year of toothpaste.

Not only in China has its own toothpaste, Japan’s first modern tubular cream toothpaste is also available in this year. This brand is the lion king.

In 1988, the Lion King officially entered the Chinese market, but the toothpaste product line was a bit late to China.

Like Jiajie’s strategy in China, Lion King toothpaste admires whitening effects.

As for the products and functions of Chinese herbal medicines pushed by other brands, it has never been promoted.

Director of R & D in Lion King jumped out and said: It is wrong to promote toothpaste to treat oral diseases.

Think of black dots, probably the unconfident of Japanese toothpaste.

After all, everyone knows the teeth of the Japanese. What do you say?

emmmm …

The beauty of the teeth is really not convincing.

The king of the Lion is mainly for whitening.

Later, “whitening” could not be used in the field of propaganda, and the entire line was replaced with “bright white”.

Even if the alternative toothing toothpaste, the core is still whitening.

Whitening is too accurate, this is the pursuit of all East Asian consumers.

The Lion King sells well in East Asia. In 2012, the overseas market closed up about 2.9 billion yuan, and in 2017, it increased to approximately 6.6 billion yuan.

About one -third of the total revenue of the entire Lion King Group.

In half a century, the Lion King, which has no new toothpaste factory, built another new toothpaste factory in 2018, with a production capacity of 130 million toothpaste. The goal is the East Asian market with China as the core.


At this time, the picture turned again, and the British came.

Comfortable to talk about whitening, only talk about “medicine”.

Comfortable toothpaste ranks fourth in the global city, compared to traditional daily chemical brothers such as P & G, Gaoling Brown, and Unilever.

Grandulsk, a subsidiary of the comfortable brand, is a pure pharmaceutical company.

Giant Pharmaceutical Company.

There is only one concept that the comfort that only entered the Chinese market in 2008 from the beginning to the end:

I am “medicine”.

Although it can’t really promote itself as a medicine.

Solida continues the genes of its pharmaceutical factory from beginning to end:

Gingle care toothpaste add potassium nitrate;

Anti -allergic toothpaste contains acetic acid 锶;

Fully repair toothpaste and add sodium siliconate.

Every time I look at comfortable ads, it is like a chemistry class.

There is no way, who is the toothpaste brand of the pharmaceutical factory.

In 1961, comfortable toothpaste came out. The characteristics of the first product were chloride ingredients, which focused on anti -allergies. In the 1970s and 1980s, Jiajie swept the United States, but returned in Europe. European consumers pay more attention to anti -allergy and gums.

(Kajiechi returns in European feathers)

But I said earlier that for Chinese consumers, the demand for anti -allergies ranked last.

The same is the same as Jianri and Jieshi, and they all like to highlight the “white coat”.

White coat+medicine style packaging is standard for comfortable advertising.

Comfortableness ranks among the top eight in the Chinese market, and even surpassed the former king Gao Lujie.

In anti -allergic toothpaste single markets, the old -fashioned anti -allergic toothpaste such as cold acid spirit has been “Others”.

Local brands seem to have no power to fight back.


At this time, a “local brand” fell from the sky.

For the first time, I heard black toothpaste and thought it was an American brand. Later, when I thought about such a country that pays attention to politics in the United States, how could there be such a brand.

Get your home.

In fact, black people are domestic products and Chinese brands.

In 1933, the brothers of the Yan family who resigned from Sinochem adjusted the formula of the “white jade toothpaste” of the old owner and launched the black toothpaste.

(The image of the early black toothpaste comes from the White (imitated black) comedian Al Jolson.


Later, the company’s main body was relocated to Hong Kong, the factory was placed in Taiwan, and it mainly attacked the Hong Kong and Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets.

Before the 1980s, black toothpaste accounted for 75%of the market in Taiwan, and it had an absolute dominant position in Hong Kong.

Teacher Zhou Xingchi has become a black toothpaste in “Variety of Stars”, which is his influence in Hong Kong.

In the Southeast Asian market, black toothpaste is also one of the best.

At its peak, black toothpaste occupied 50%in Singapore, and Malaysia had a market share of 30%.

To this day, black toothpaste is still the hegemon of the Southeast Asian toothpaste market.

For a while, the brand of black toothpaste was endless.

“White toothpaste”, “Greenman toothpaste”, and “Celebrity toothpaste” are the flow of black toothpaste, and even the black girl toothpaste from Guangzhou.

Gao Lujie couldn’t fight black in these markets, and defeated repeatedly.

Join if you can’t fight.

Gao Lingjie took the initiative to cooperate.

Anyway, the purpose of capital is to make money. Consumers are willing to recognize you, then I will be your boss.

In order to raise funds for the development of the mainland and the introduction of Gaoling Jie’s technology, the company of black toothpastes came to Asia Hawley & Hazel to catch the olive branches thrown from Gaoling.

In the end, Gao Lujie acquired 50%of the shares of black toothpaste.

With the help of black toothpaste, Gauljie successfully established in Southeast Asia, hoping to push black toothpaste to other markets around the world.

However, the English name “Darkie” had racial discrimination and was protested by American Democratic members and African -American groups at that time. Gaoling Jie CEO also felt that this name was not appropriate. In 1989, it was changed to “Darlie” and trademarks were changed to the current pattern.

Okay, I am dissatisfied with the renaming estimate. Although the trademark becomes Darlie, it adds a phrase combination of “Darkie is Now Darlie” to the newly applied trademark. The advertising film also emphasizes “black toothpaste or black toothpaste”.

The Chinese name “Black toothpaste” has not changed, and the result is a timing bomb.

In 1995, the black toothpaste returned to the Chinese market again. The black trademark map was a portrait portrait, wearing a bow hat with a bow hat with a big white teeth.

Because of the use of black and white, many people think that it is a black avatar. In fact, it seems that it is a white.

The main production base of black toothpaste is Guangzhou.

Born in the Mainland, he went back to the Mainland.

The interesting thing is that the cycle is not just the return of the market.

(The black toothpaste from China Chemical Society was merged in the 1950s, and was renamed Shanghai toothpaste factory.

In the 1930s, Samsung, Baiyu toothpaste and black toothpaste of China Chemical Society were fierce.

More than half a century later, each representatives United Leahua and Gaoling Jie fought fiercely.

It feels like a script written by the Creator.


In fact, strictly speaking, black toothpaste is also related to Chinese herbal medicine.

When the black man was born, the original advertisement stated that in the “black toothpaste” formula, it contains a clean tooth drug on a certain tree in Africa, which is the reason why African black teeth are particularly white.

Is there any more attractive people who love whitening teeth than this statement?

These two words are the best advertisements.

After black toothpaste returned to the Chinese mainland market, it performed well. Especially after being recognized by Chinese consumers as “local brands”, the market share rose from more than a dozen in 2000 to third place in 2008.

During the six years from 2012 to 2018, black toothpastes have been suppressing Jiajieshi and Gaoling Jie, becoming the champion of China’s toothpaste market.

According to the Euromonitor International data, when the highest light of black toothpaste, it once occupied 17%of the Chinese toothpaste market.

In 2020, the Freud incident occurred in the United States, setting off a “black life” storm.

Black toothpaste lying gun.

Foreign social media have set off a campaign to discuss and resist “black toothpaste”.

“Black toothpaste metaphor is not good. White is good. This is the racist problem facing us black people.”

Come out, sooner or later.

In 1991, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce determined that the “Darkie” trademark had “racial discrimination” and rejected the trademark application of Haowei (that is, good):

“Haowei Co., Ltd. changes the text or graphics of the registered trademark of 552362, 552364 on the toothpaste commodity, adds” Darkie is Now Darlie “text on the above -mentioned all -packaging trademark, or turns the gentleman’s avatar image into an ugly altering. Black avatar images, etc., “Darkie” text and ugly black avatar graphic trademarks obviously have racial discrimination against black people, violating the relevant provisions of my country’s “Trademark Law” … Haowei Co., Ltd. decided to unwilling to revoke its registered trademark … Commodities with the above -mentioned racial discrimination trademark shall resolutely prohibit production and sales in accordance with the law … “

Black toothpaste also delayed it for several years for this reason before returning to the mainland market.

The word Darkie does have the taste of racial discrimination, and the earliest LOGO image of black toothpaste El Joly is also considered a symbolic character for racial discrimination.

Every few months, there are international media email asking when Gao Lujie renames it?

The stressful Gao Lingjie accelerated its name.

In January 2021, Hawley & Hazel’s company and trademarks in the mainland applied for “good coming.”

After a year, “black toothpaste” is about to say goodbye, and “good toothpaste” appears to the stage.

No matter what, it was indeed the king before.


The last toothpaste brand of the Top Tie Tie is Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste.

It is because it really hit the “pain point”.

Gao Lujie said that he can prevent tooth decay by himself, because as long as he brushes his teeth, you can prevent tooth decay.

Jia Jieshi said that he could whiten, this is also a nonsense, brushing his teeth well, his teeth will show the original color.

Yunnan Baiyao said that he could treat “gum bleeding”, at least from the final effect, it did it.

Based on the clinical academic papers released by Heyuan City People’s Hospital in Guangdong Province.

Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste has a certain effect on gingivitis.

In 2005, more than 6 yuan is a high-end toothpaste, 2-6 yuan is the mid-range, and 2 yuan below is low.

Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste is listed, the unit price is 23.

Industry shock.

The foreigners of the toothpaste industry play “high -end” as soon as they come up.


Yunnan Baiyao smiled slightly: I did not sell toothpaste, but medicine.

In order to not directly match the superprooping of other toothpaste brands, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste also uses health products to promote the method of health products, and uses Yunnan Baiyao’s own drug channels to allow toothpaste to directly enter the pharmacy for sale.

The medicine cannot be sold in convenience stores, but no toothpaste cannot be sold in a pharmacy.

As a “medicine”, the price of white medicine toothpaste is within the price range of various products in Yunnan Baiyao.

If you think of it as a toothpaste, it is really expensive.

It is not expensive if it is not regarded as a toothpaste as a medicine.

(The quotation of Yunnan Baiyao executives in an interview with CCTV)

At that time, Aiyi did not treat Baiyao toothpaste as an opponent, and the questioning had never been broken.

China Merchants Securities once analyzed:

“We believe that Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste may obtain a certain market share (200-5 million branches) by combining the dental department, dental clinic and pharmacy sales. Due to the high price of toothpaste, sales will be achieved. It will be considerable, we temporarily expect the sales of Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste in 2005 to reach 20 million yuan. “

Everyone was “fooled” by Yunnan Baiyao.

After a few months of birth in Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, they suddenly entered the fast -moisturizing path and traditional toothpaste brands such as Wal -Mart.

In the first year of listing, sales exceeded 200 million, and net profit was more than 80 million.

Yunnan Baiyao found a “pain point”.

Although consumers are unfamiliar with Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, they all know that Yunnan Baiyao has the effect of cure and damage, hemostasis and stasis.

If Yunnan Baiyao has this effect, then Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste will also be available.

Yunnan Baiyao said that he was “preventing and treating bleeding gums” and persuasive.



It happens that more than 90 % of adults in China have different degrees of oral problems. The oral hygiene of the 35-44-year-old people has only 0.22 %.

Despite the “medicine” side ball, consumers soon accepted Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste.

Do you say it is effective?

There may be or not.

But the production of Yunnan Baiyao, can’t you always do it?


So after buying, after all, it is not expensive to calculate it.

If the concept of early people’s brushing is only to clean the mouth, the market has the concept of preliminary oral health after the rise of Chinese medicine toothpaste.

This strategy is a way for Yunnan Baiyao Chuangya Pastening Creative Paste Industry.

“High -priced toothpaste” is not accepted, but “high -priced medicines” are easily accepted.

Tian Ji horse racing.

In 2007, AC Nielsen statistics that Baiyao toothpaste became the brand with the highest local toothpaste.


In 2008, the revenue exceeded one billion yuan, compared with foreign -funded big names such as Yinghua and Gaolingjie.

Seeing the success of Baiyao toothpaste, other brands have followed up and launched many Chinese herbal medicine toothpastes that have “controlled” oral problems. Among them, there are both traditional brands and new joys such as Yunnong Pharmaceutical and Pianzi.

As a result, everyone fell into a strange circle of price war.

Yunnan Baiyao, which has long -term leading images of the same category, not only did not get involved in the price war, but instead further raised product prices and increased its marketing efforts.

High prices make Yunnan Baiyao uncomfortable in the sales terminal. After all, high prices represent higher commissioners.

No matter who you are, you can only push them higher.

Yunnan Baiyao invested more than 200 million in advertising and marketing in 2007.

After that, Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste all the way surpassed Gao Ling, Jiajie, black toothpaste, and occupied the first throne in the market for revenue. (Note: This actually accounts for the cheapness of the unit price. If it is sold at about 3-4)

Why can Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste rush out?

I’m afraid there are some chicken thieves’ tricks in it.

In 2018, netizens who certified as “Popular Popular Doctor Boya” pointed out that Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste contains western medicine ammonia methyl acid. Its main effect is hemostasis.

Later, Yunnan Baiyao issued a description,

“All ingredients used by Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste comply with national and international relevant regulations, without illegal additional ingredients, and no disabled ingredients.”

According to relevant national regulations, daily chemical products can indeed add ammonia methylic acid within the prescribed proportion.

But shouldn’t the problem be white medicine toothpaste?

The core selling point is the secret recipe of traditional Chinese medicine, but western medicine appears in the formula. What component is the treatment of gum bleeding?

This incident is gone, and there is no market share that affects Baiyao toothpaste.

I didn’t understand at first, but then I realized it.

This is not important.

Regardless of the confidential formula or ammonia methamphetamine, it is good to solve the problem.

Those who trust the confidential formula still believe in the confidential formula, and because the confidential formula is not believed to be the white medicine toothpaste because of the ammonia methamphetamic acid.

After all, it is enough.

Chinese consumers are pragmatic.

After the storm, the overall revenue and net profit of Yunnan Baiyao still rose steadily.

However, the osmotic rate of toothpaste is almost the apex.

According to the “China Oral Clean Cleaning Nursing Products Industry Association” data, my country ’s toothpaste output was 650,000 tons in 2020, an increase of 10,000 tons from the previous year, a record of the lowest growth rate since the previous year.

In terms of price, the main products of major brands have reached the space of 20-30 yuan/branch, and Yunnan Baiyao no longer enjoys its advantages.

And the price limit line has also been touched. The price of mainstream toothpaste at home and abroad is generally around 30 yuan, and it is impossible to continue to explore.

Yunnan Baiyao once launched toothpaste priced at 89 yuan/branch, and the market feedback was mediocre.

The rapid rise in costs such as raw materials and advertising marketing makes toothpaste no longer high gross profit.

What you have to do next is to fight in the stock market.

Black toothpaste encountered a crisis of rename, belonging to self -confusion;

The gap between Chinese toothpaste and high -lodging white medicine toothpaste is obvious, and it is difficult to make up for short -term.

Except for Jiajieshi, Bai Yao has almost no opponent.

So it is the first.

As for whether it is always, that’s not good.

However, it is interesting that every toothpaste brand that can be killed, or the old king or the new king, in fact, they all go to the concept of [medicine].

Jia Jieshi made fluoride toothpaste and got an endorsement, saying that he could prevent tooth decay.

Gao Lujie is also the same strategy in China.

Both sides, cold sour spirit, and black girl are actually added with Chinese herbal medicine.

Black toothpaste said that he added a certain mysterious herbal material in Africa. Aphrodisiac specially likes to use African stories.

Both comfortable and Yunnan Baiyao also used their cos medicine.

The so -called toothpaste competition is essentially a cosplay competition.

See who is more like medicine.

From this perspective, the most good X toothpaste advertisement may be.

Dalang, it’s time to drink medicine.

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