Beijing Fengtai Sample inspection 6 batches of bedding is unqualified, involving Shanghai Dream Silk Home Textiles and Xinlong Home Textiles


Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Jie) On January 10, a reporter from the Beijing News was informed that the announcement of the 2021 product quality supervision and random inspection information announced that 6 groups of bedding products were unqualified and involved in 6 groups of bedding. Shanghai Mengsi Family Textiles, Slytaya, Xinlong Home Textiles and other trademarks.

The unqualified list shows that a batch of “Shanghai Mengsi Home Textiles” brand of “Shanghai Mengsi Home Textiles” produced by Beijing Yibohe Sheng Trading Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Dream Silk Home Textile Co., Ltd. ; Durability tags: sheets; specification models 150 × 235cm; production date/batch number 6958358504081), which was detected that the “product use instructions, fiber content, and water washing dimensions” project was not qualified. 1 batch of “Slytja” brand Slytja pure cotton sloping single -players produced by Beijing Yibohe Sheng Trading Co., Ltd. ; Production date/batch number 6958358500878), “Product use instructions, humid friction coloring fastness, water washing dimensions” projects are unqualified. According to reports, the above two batches of products were sold in the Shoulian Century (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., and at the same time, they mail the spot check results according to the product name address of the product name, showing that the address was not delivered without this unit.

One batch of trademarks are pure cotton thick sheets of Xinlong Home Textile (the specification model is 150 × 230cm, durability label 150 × 220 ± 5cm; production date/batch number 8413201630518). 1 batch of trademarks are three -piece cotton thickened cotton in Xinlong Home Textile (specification model is durability tags: sheets 250 × 250cm ± 5cm, pillow sleeve 48 × 76cm ± 3cm; tag: sheets 250 × 250cm, pillow sleeve 48 × 78cm; Production date/batch number 6203580220842), the two batches of products are unqualified due to “product use instructions, fiber content, and water washing dimensions” projects.

Another batch of “Yuanxin Yuanxin” brand single sheets produced by Jiangsu Yunda Meng Technology Development Co., Ltd. (specification model 160x230cm; production date/batch number 6972676276390), due to the unqualified project instructions for product use.

Figure/Screenshot of the official website of the People’s Government of Fengtai District, Beijing


Beijing News reporter Zhang Jie

Editor Qin Shengnan School Division Chen Yanyan