4 thin coats must wear early autumn


Come to you today.


4 pieces of Wang


, Fashionable and wild, let the fairy’s troubles all take light.

Sir to C, suit

You will always believe in a suit jacket, you bring an infinitely one.




! With the bitch of the jacket, you can let the whole look will enhance a Level, wear a small white and you can get your hands.

# 成 套

I don’t believe it, the complete suit can achieve a fashionable fashion. Low saturation green + loose version, is there a clean and refreshing feeling?

Short money is now wearing is right,

Open to do a button

It will not have a sense of binding, very friendly to the microvesical fairy, one-click GET.

# 颜 混 搭

I learned to wear it, the next stepped version started. Try a mix of color, such as white + blue combination, wearing a letter


Make a replenishment board


Same, the skin is very




Still worried that if you wear too serious, you may wish to make your mind.

Matching the tape + canvas shoes, both the smell of the uniforms, also

Leisure and sexy

It is firmly pinched. Daily commuting is selected, it is not easy to make mistakes.

# 一 简 简原

Of course, I will not add the joins of the skirt. I follow the principle of “one-day simple”. At this time, we choose a floral pattern, and you can enrich LOOK.


I look at the gas field in the air field, thick


Fan, walking on the road is the proper C bit in the crowd, and there is not too strong.


# 合 色 系

With the matching match, you can also find highlights from the suit itself.

Lattice suit

It is a veritable “three good students”.

The co-color combination of the coat has broken the dullness of it,


The index has soared straight.

But pay attention to other items not too complicated, or it will create a congestion.

Classic existence. Cowboy

◇ CROP TOP short

I am going to solve the troubles of small children.

The shorter the sequence

The style is very popular, select the crop TOP short denim, bring your own

High filter

Just one is a gold ratio.


The wardrobe is not lacking is a wide-leg pants, and the combination of all blue is simply a bombing weapon.

◇ Extended doll collar

In addition to street handsome, hard fabric can also create cute winds.

More common lapels, made the design of the doll collar, and you can get the breath of youthful girl.

according to

Last short


The principle, with high waist skirt, direct transformation of the model.

◇ gradient

How can thin denim shirts miss, can be made in colors

Hierarchical change

With the gradient design, the trend is just right? This is neither entangled, not enough, and it will not be exaggerated.

◇ breakthrough color

Jump out inherent thinking

Cowboy is not only blue! Dark red denim coat, very match with autumn atmosphere. This is low saturation,

Huang Haiki

The fairy can stay in Hold.

The lower body must have a breathing, take a picture short skirt, the legs are detached, and the appointment is so worn.

Or exchanged

Tender yellow

Let the whole look look very conspicuous, active and invincible, and the second autumn is full of vitality.

Gentle. Grandma

○ Tie dye fusion

I want to wear bright colors but I don’t know how to start the fairy, let’s take a look at the styles.

Rich color change

, Just light up LOOK, don’t need too much to dress, distortion of fashion people in seconds!

There is a focus on the whole body, and the lower body is mixed with a pure-color pants, and the overall color of the whole body will fall directly, and the back of the street is rising.


Single, small wind

Gentle girl must come to a small wind, the result will not be disappointed. The relaxed and comfortable version is very suitable for a fairy in the upper body.


Tough and soft

The combination, the weekend weekend is also a good choice.


Overlay · floral dress

The weather is still high enough, the thin grace of the milk shirt + sling can try it, the pure wrestling is directly full.

Thin line fabric appears



The thin lever is like a PS effect is like a PS.

○ Do a shawl

Playing a grandmother as a shawl, as a transition season is also a good look tip.

At the chest


, The achievements of the age of age, it seems to have a fresh Korean heroine Feel, easily getting a brown tea.


Trust must. Shirt

√ Match a dress


This piece of shirt is used to have a summer and autumn transition too suitable!

Grab the summer tail, wear the favorite color, and do a small rainbow. With a dress, clear and refreshing, naturally emit girl feelings.

√ Matching the tape

When LIYA wears a hanging belt, it will also match a shirt, sun protection in summer, autumn is used to wind, and the breathable is thin and not bored.


With yellow joins, let the original black white color

Live up

, Eye-catching and white.


Don’t be limited to solid color

The lattice shirt is also very nice. Inside the black small sling, open it and still A, simple, you can create a lazy casual fan.


√ Match your father pants

Vertical type

The stripes are more visually more thin, and the particles of the next door are mixed with a father and pants. It is simply a must-have everyday commuter, and it can wear it.


Enriched by thin coat, you can also wipe out sparks, maybe in the summer, the fairy can find inspiration.