Lenovo K5 Pro evaluation: AI four-fitting, super price ratio video and audio


1 Introduction & Appearance: large screen design, practical to top

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On October 25, Lenovo K5 Pro officially opened the first sales, the entry of 998 yuan started, and for this price paragraph, Lenovo K5 Pro was new face.

Lenovo K5 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, equipped with 4GB / 6GB running memory, stored as 64GB start, up to 128GB version. There are 16MP + 5MP double-time before and after, running the ZUI 5.0 custom system based on Android 8.1.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Configuration parameters

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Lenovo K5 Pro parameter table


Qualcomm Snapdragon 636


4 / 6GB


64 / 128GB


联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

5.99 inch 2160 * 1080 resolution



16 million pixel main photos, 5 million vision depth

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机


联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机


155.98 * 74.98 * 7.98mm 165g


联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Strong black, elegant gold

Network system

All Netcom dual card dual standby double 4G


Starting from 998 yuan

In addition, Lenovo K5 Pro has built-in 4050mAh batteries, TYPE-C specifications, supports up to 18W fast charging. Color is made with black and elegant gold dual options.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Appearance: large screen design, practical first

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

This year’s Liu Hai design trend also hung in the thousand-yuan machine, but for the introductory model of the cost, the design of the recovery point means shrinking elsewhere else. Lenovo K5 Pro is obviously not one of them.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

With conventional screen design, Lenovo K5 Pro front size still reaches 5.99 inches, the resolution reaches FHD + level, which is very rare for this price model. The screen shows the quality, there is no phenomenon, color saturation and brightness performance, and the performance of the color saturation and brightness.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Behind the cross-stage manifestation is because there is no benefit to follow the “Liu Hai” design. At the same time, in the forehead part of the retaining panel area, Lenovo K5 Pro integrates 16MP + 5MP double-time, for users with Selfie, the effect is worth looking forward to. In addition, the double speaker is also rare in the entry model.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

The front design of the Chinese rules, but the advantages of the full screen still make this 5.99-inch have a considerable portable performance. This thought the size will be large, but the iPhone 8 Plus is also slightly slightly small, the thickness is also more Advantage, so use it as a commuter, it is more relaxed.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

The back of the fuselage is also a relatively conservative design, and the metal body is less than the mainstream double glass design, but it is more close to the pragmatism. Considering that there are still many plastic materials in the same price, Lenovo K5 Pro can’t take people in personality, but the material is solid and work-of-time is surprising.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Lenovo K5 PRO’s dual speaker combination is worth mentioning. By the bottom 5 magnetic horn with the top 1000MW high-power 2IN1 speaker combination, different from the right single channel mobile phone, audio and video stereo, can enjoy high quality in the walking room volume. Equipped with SmartPA and Dirac unique algorithm, can be said to have a few levels that can be directly acting as a square dance speaker, even when the volume is adjusted to the maximum, and enhance the maximum volume. In the measured, the maximum volume is enhanced, and the play music is not only loud, and there is no hike, although this Lenovo has no propaganda, it is the most impressive in the experience process.

Of course, I like to listen to the songs that I like to use a speaker, I can try the playback experience of Lenovo K5 Pro. The bottom 3.5mm headphone interface and Type-C interface support audio output. With the Cirrus hardware solution, up to -122 dB high letter-to-noise ratio, and support high quality music playback, support 24bit quantization accuracy playback & 192KB sampling frequency (USB-C digital headphone mode). Built-in integrated ear, with high-end headphones, you can achieve a music listening experience that exceeds mainstream mobile phones.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

More eggs lies in hardware-level real-time earback fees, less than 10ms delay hardware grade real-time ear, non-destructive sound quality enters the original sound and feedback in real time, realization is far better than the app software-level mixing effect. For K song applications, it is believed that it is a practical function of improving the quality of the work, and the performance in a particular field is even better than the mid-high-end model.

The most worthy of the extra points is the data interface of the Type-C specification, supporting the 18W fast charge characteristics to sell the phone below 1,000 yuan is absolutely praise. It is important to know that there are still manufacturers in 1k or more, especially for mobile phones with 4050mAh big batteries, fast charge support and screen occupies are of course important.

In combination, Lenovo K5 PRO appearance is full of pragmatic colors, it can’t let you see Liu Haiping, gradually changing these mainstream things, but experience, but find FHD screen, dual speaker or even Type-C interface + Fast charge These are all full, these seemingly ordinary but have a pleasant pleasure, after using it, you know.

2 Photo & System: AI four photos, easy to play back to the top

Photo: Ai four photos, easy to play

Most of the tap functions of thousands of machines are most practical when scanning code, but Lenovo K5 Pro is not.

Lenovo K5 PRO took pictures of the main AI four, and there were double-photographed groups before and after. Among them, the front is 16MP color + 5MP depth camera double-fitting combination, support 3D beauty, 9-level depth of field and optical effects. The rear is also 16MP + 5MP and supports portrait mode.

ZUI’s camera application intuitive design is easy to operate, and each function does not affect each other. You can provide custom parameters for more professional patterns and beauty models for sisters like to choose from.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Seeing imaging performance, Lenovo K5 Pro serves as an introduction of the imaging quality of the entry model, in the case of sufficient light, the saturation of the photo is medium, and the white balance is essentially accurate. The 16 million-pixel camera provides a clear image quality, and the overall style is not too sharp, so it will not produce visual fatigue. The automatic HDR feature provided can accurately identify scenes that need to turn on HDR and save the steps of manual open.

In the face of complex leaves detail, Lenovo K5 Pro restore is relatively in place, and the shade texture is fully retained, and the sky portion has not exposed phenomenon.

Texture complex scenes is often a place for thousands of-element models. Lenovo K5 Pro is swayed, which is used as daily records. This camera is able to meet most user needs.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Compared with the mainstream camera model, the brightness of the low light environment is slightly insufficient, but the noise control and the pureness of the screen are satisfactory, and the picture is blurred because the exposure is long, and the color is reduced. In the same model, it is already a quite excellent level.

The depth of field model is an unexpectedly good level. If you take a shot, you can realize a picture of a depth of field effect, and the identification of the edge has a high correctness, and the imagination effect is relatively natural. With the depth of field, it is not difficult to shoot photos like a single ride effect.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

System: Zui has AI blessings

The ZUI system equipped with Lenovo K5 Pro came to version 5.0, based on Android 8.1 depth customization.

The UI style of Zui 5.0 is still familiar with the style, which is clear, relatively refreshing, and is biased towards the preferences of the young audience. Provide a negative screen feature, users can set the utility, or view the number of steps information and news, and improve the efficiency of daily use.

In addition to the basic Android three-year operation, ZUI 5.0 is also equipped with new U-Touch. The specific operation logic is: the bottom quickly slide to return to the previous level, the bottom is slippery, and the hand is returned to the desktop, the bottom side Slide to open the multi-task interface. The practical experience is still very good, of course, if it is not used to it, the navigation key can be opened.

The laboratory function option provides considerable customization, such as game mode, application double opening, location through, where the game mode is naturally the highest use rate, where you can turn on performance and network acceleration, but also provide free disturbance Function allows users to focus on the game.

In terms of the practical performance of thousands of users, Lenovo K5 Pro also slack off, supporting virtual SIM card functions in overseas Internet access is enough to match many high-end models. In addition, the accessible third-party application of music voice provides the possibility of another mode of operation, and if you can add voice wake-up, you can quickly call out the operation of the voice assistant, it is believed to have a more convenient experience. .

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

As a door-to-door mobile phone, the system experience of Lenovo K5 Pro is relatively balanced, and some mainstream functions are fully equipped. The smoothness of the system is also satisfactory. If you can join a unique function in subsequent OTA, then Lenovo K5 Pro is in thousands of yuan It will be more competitive.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

3 Performance & Conclusion: God U big battery combination

Performance: God U big battery combination

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

Lenovo K5 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, equipped with 4GB / 6GB running memory, stored as 64GB start, up to 128GB version. Light is 4 + 64GB start configurations in 1,000 yuan, the gear is very rare, and the solid hardware parameters are undoubtedly a big sale point of Lenovo K5 Pro.

Tonglong 636 has a 14-nanometer FinFET process process, with an eight-core Kryo 260 architecture that is tested from the mid- and high-end type Snapdragon 660, CPU performance is 40% higher than that of the Dragon 630, and Qualcomm is based on the ARM architecture to deeply customize Kryo 260, and jumps. The same architecture optimization is the same as the Snapdragon 8 Series; this Qualcomm Snapdron 636 also upgraded GPU to Adreno 509, and performance has also greatly opened the Snapdragon 630, which can meet the needs of large games.

In terms of network performance, the Snapdragon 636 is equipped with X12 LTE modem, downlink supports 3x20MHz carrier aggregation, 256-QAM high-order modulation, peak rate 600Mbps; upstream support 2X20MHz carrier aggregation, 64-QAM modulation, peak rate 150 Mbps. Even in the outdoor game, you can meet the smooth and stable network connection, and seize the opportunity in the battle.

联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

In terms of running, the GeekBench single core score 1336 points, 4,944 points, and the total score of the rabbit is 11,2840, which belongs to the normal level of the Snapdragon 636. The standard image quality is smooth enough to run mainstream large online games, moderate performance performance is more suitable for the use scenarios for daily film and brush social application, bringing longer usage time.

For the Snapdragon 636, more people’s impression is that it is the existence of electricity u., Lenovo K5 Pro naturally equipped with 4050mAh big batteries, everyday one day, one charge is enough to go to get off work, watch the video of the video of the video . Plus thousands of militors 18W QC 3.0 fast charge, even if they return home, they can quickly return to high power levels in just a few minutes, and play the practical use of thousands of yuan.

Lenovo K5 PRO’s hardware leading life experience, but from fast charge support, speaker quality, and 4 + 64GB start, 6 + 128GB top-bearing parameters, this mobile phone saw thousands of machine users to hardware pain points: don’t Fancy shaped shadable screen, do not fever processors, a long-standing long, performance, and support fast charged watch tools are the most needed.


联想K5 Pro评测:AI四摄,超强性价比影音千元机

I first saw that Lenovo K5 Pro would be deceived by its appearance, after all, in the era of Liu Haizong, such a flat shape will bring some misunderstandings. But when you really start the experience, it will find its material is solid: FHD screen, double speaker, 18W fast charge, 4GB standard shipping … These configurations are added to the association K5 Pro stand out in the thousand yuan interval . It turned out that it was full of sincerity.

16 million pixel main photos, 5 million vision depth