This winter, the “sluggish down jacket” is on fire! It is more fashionable than cotton coats and warmer than coats. No wonder people love people


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Heaven and earth are cold and have a temperature in life. Hot


It is the endless fireworks, which is fun for the cold and ruthless natural cuteness.


Each life is not because of the poor and small, and instinctively eager to grow up and the sun. This power can shake the earth. If you can start this momentum, I believe that life and even the whole mental state can be renewed.

Among them, the daily boring and bland injection of [beauty consciousness] is to open the key. Put in beautifully, eat well, do things seriously, sleep peacefully … Alive, awesome!


Today’s fashion sharing is naturally related to temperature. When chills come, how to wear warmth and fashion? When the cold wind is low, what to wear to look good and warm?

Not as good as a piece

羽 joint jacket & down jacket




I believe you are no stranger. The special craftsmanship will be outlined with mezzanine textiles and applies in daily life. The bedding, home objects, clothing shoes and bags … can be seen everywhere.

In wearing, it usually uses cotton products or down jackets as the carrier to bite autumn and winter, with beautiful and warmth. From the process of seaming, Luo Wei made detailed analysis of the items it involved in detail for your reference.

First: Lightly


The two words are thin and thin, and the thick cotton clothes or down jackets are out of bloated, and they are sought after by many beautiful and fashionable sophisticated people. The material is thin, beautiful, and beautiful, and the unique air level is firmly locked in calories and temperature.

The moment you put on your body,


Beauty and



Back a surprise. Some areas, some people, are lighter, and they are very beautiful in winter. The common light and light models are nothing more than the following two:


Horizontal/vertical line




: Unlimited length, the stripe lines that are uniformly arranged in the body are obvious features, and have a free and easy -to -spray momentum. Moderate strength and comfortable touch, worth trying.


: Few persons and figures, just grasp the two principles to perfectly avoid lightning.

Principle 1



Pay attention to the collar type

There are generally three common ones on the market: no collar circular, hooded, and self -equipped neck. In addition to the versatile of the hooded style, there is no collagen or a collar or a bib -style.

Principle 2: Pay attention to the line

Like the principle of thin stripes, when the thread is paved densely, the tension of the down jacket’s horizontal expansion is controlled to minimize. Depending and firming, first -rate lean effects.


The comparison below is more clear. However, the amount of thin down jacket itself is small, and it does not need to be excessively regulated, unless you are right


Perseverance has been bone.

The vest extended from a down jacket jacket is


The earliest and wider use of craftsmanship, even with a special retro annual rotation complex, active in grandma or men’s wardrobe.

At this time, the unique warmth function has long been surpassing fashion and has become a must -have for winter and cold. In the figure below, the mix of the slim down jacket and the vest. Perhaps the most popular fashion is given to the most popular task of beauty lovers.



: It is more complicated and changeable than the simple stripe lines.

When becoming the main form of the gap, it is destined to set off a more fashionable waves.

Fixing the expansion of down or cotton, the texture is thicker and dense. The texture of the lines that swims secretly is a kind of introverted and low -key high -key high -key, which is a subtle publication.

The same collarless design is also thin and dull, but the diamond pattern can give birth to thousands of fashion with the long or short or short, personality or conventional silhouette. What is even more amazing is not to pick people, no matter maturity or youth, you can find suitable styles.

: For the mature and classic diamond pattern, Luo Wei recommends choosing

Personalized tide

, Or have obvious design highlights, it is easier to resolve rustic and show fashion.

Think about it, there are no highlights and loose rhodolis pattern down jackets. The sense of age and retro is obvious. If you have fresh popular elements and coolness, you will be passers -by in minutes.

I have to say that there are always some


Combination deeply. For example, green+denim blue, white or beige+black, as if you do not think about it, use it as soon as you use it!

The 3rd sets of the following figures are exactly the matching templates of different seams of down jackets. From thick to thin, from long to short, from color to style, it is a classic and worthy of reference.


Second: heavy money


When the thin and light words gradually cannot afford the low temperature of the increasingly down, thick and warm

Big down jacket

Huang came. The reason why it is called “big” is well received in terms of weight, area, and volume.

Despite the warmth, the inconvenience and bloating of the comes have become the number one regret for fashion dressing. How to solve this problem, maybe


Craftsmanship is a good solution.


The figure below is the contrast of no gap, sparse gap, and dense seams, because the length of the length of length is different. However, from the perspective of the seams, which one is obviously thin and bloated.

: For heavy down jackets, we mainly worry about two issues: one is bloated, and the other is not fashionable enough. If you want to solve it, there is the following tips:

Technical one

: The more dense and thinner the seams are

Similar to the light and light models above, when the thread of the down jacket is more obvious and dense, the horizontal expansion of the downness of the down will be restrained, thereby shrinking the sense of weight and achieving a thin effect. If you are thin, please be casual.

The seam can control the down jacket



Treatment, realizing the thinness and lightness we want, so that the overall horizontal sense is constrained. In addition to the wind and cold, fashion will be as follows.

Technical two

: Soft lines, light fabrics

The thick down jackets with down fluffy, soft fabric, and linear lines are biased. From the sense of vision, a lot of feeling will become


Light and natural

Essence Even black, it looks feminine.

Although there is no obvious change in waist curve, it is not like H -shaped tough.


, Make the emotional light of the down jacket. And these are exactly the need for elegant women to dress most.

The style of the black down jacket in the figure below


, Strong and resolute, neat and stylish. Compared with the above styles, the contrast of hard and soft is distinct. Although subtle, I have to pay attention when choosing.

If you can’t try the right good -looking down jacket, maybe the lines of straight lines and temperament are matched.

Thickness does not mean that there is no feminine; bloated, nor does it mean that there is no curve. In the shaping of curve, there can be multiple forms, and it is not necessarily that there must be lines.

For example, the side split, a little waist, stitching, irregular design, or the personality embellishment of the transfer focus … All help

Overall lightness

The actions are counted.

When it comes to femininity, the following two down jackets can be described as the extreme. A thick, but inadvertent details. The other one is more direct and obviously written with gentleness.



Design, let light and thick seamless connection. Each of the good styles is common in down jackets. The boring foundation was also cool and fashionable due to the differences in material brought by stitching.

Even more bold, with dazzling gloss fabrics, enlarge differences.

Technical three

: Feminine element

The waistline of Yingying’s grip was standing, and the thickness of the down jacket was invisible. The very popular styles in the past two years have captured a lot of beauty. There are curves and more enchanting, how rare this is the fashion scenery of the down jacket.

In addition to the belt, the embellishment of other feminine elements is even more wonderful. For example, lace, A version, X curve, bright colors, etc.

In the wear, the belt is created


It is also important. Compared to the full -pair of arms with a glance, the intentional opening of the waistline on the left side of the figure below is not ingenious.

However, this is a topic of down jackets, and the next issue will be available for you.


Okay, about

绗 绗 down jacket

Basic wear and sharing is over, and higher -level dry goods will be paired in the future. If you want to really improve your clothing, you may wish to pay attention to Luo Wei carefully and seriously.

I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

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