It’s just a network, but it’s very different-Huaguang Hanging Permocks QY56-LDV Double-pole Steam Hanging Machine



I often buy and buy, so there are more and more clothes in the home. It is natural to wash it, but it is often a matter of time or “lazy”. We change the clothes that should have been washed to machine. So there are more and more fold clothes in the home, what should I do? Hot, the traditional iron is troublesome, and sometimes it will damage the clothes; the ordinary hanging hot machine is convenient, but it is not as flat as flat. Of course, if you send a laundry, everything is good, but it takes time and effort. Today, I will bring you a steam-hanging hot machine, the Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV dual-rod steam-hanging machine, which is a hanging hot machine with a certain amount of flat hot-boiled.

Unpacking and installation

Steam -hanging machines are more convenient and more flexible than traditional iron. There is no need to set up a special countertop. After the one -time assembly, you can use it to use it. As a result, the convenient disassembly of the hot machine is also one of the necessary conditions. This Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV dual-pole steam hanging hot machine is very convenient. It only takes a few steps to complete it easily.

Huaguang Hanging Permese Machine QY56-LDV Double-pole Steaming Packing Machine Outer Packaging Show

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Huaguang Hanging Permocks QY56-LDV Double-pole Steaming Machine Accessories Family Portrait

The Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV dual-pole steam-hanging machine randomly distributes gloves, but there is no common accessories brush of the hot machine, you must buy separately.

After removing all the accessories, I will demonstrate the assembly of the QY56-LDV of the Huaguang Hanging Performing Machine. The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Installation of telescopic rods.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Extraction rod installation

Huaguang Hanging Hotel QY56-LDV is a double-rod type. Just insert the two telescopic rods into the base groove into the seat. Please click to install it.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

2. Hanging frame installation

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

If you put the hanging frame up, the subject is completed. However, if there is no buckle between the rack and the telescopic rod, it needs to work later.


Iron curtain

Installation (important)

Before installing the iron curtain, raise the telescopic rod to the highest position and deduct it.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Iron curtain on the rack iron hook

Speal up the horizontal rod, fix the iron curtain

The ironing curtain is aimed at the buckle on the telescopic rod, and the overall stability is stable together.

Iron curtain is completed

Of course, you must not forget this, iron the bracket. This inconspicuous, but “very, very, very” important. Forgot it, iron out.

Installation complete display

Product introduction: Site Six -gear adjustment

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

The QY56-LDV of the Huaguang Hanging Performing Machine uses a 1.335L capacity water tank, and has no 9-gear adjustment function. Silk, chiffon, fiber, nylon, polyester, velvet, wool, cotton, hemp, etc. are particularly detailed. The gear free switching freely, corresponding to the four seasons of clothing can be handy.


只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Grade adjustment function

The water tank of the Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV is located at the back of the main body. The tea color is made of transparent plastic, and the water tank water level capacity is displayed.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Camellia transparent plastic 1.335L capacity water tank

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Steam pot, filter group block

The QY56-LDV of the Huaguang Hanging Performing Machine adopts the bottom drainage design. Huoguang hanging hot machine QY56-LDV does not support dry burning, so it is best to twist the drainage card lock from the bottom every time, and discharge the residual water. In this way, it can protect the heating pot and extend the service life at the same time. The bottom drainage is also the most thorough way to drain the steam -hanging machine at present, but there is no side drainage.

The steam nozzle of the Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV has a uniform distribution of steam heat from the sprayed, and the steam temperature and stabilization stability can be ironed without destroying the integrity of the fiber of the clothing. However, the steam nozzle has only one plastic rubber shell, and it is not equipped with rubber anti -scalding sleeve. The heat insulation ability is average. It will be a bit hot for a long time.

Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV uses the network mid-network double-layer steam pipe, which has strong insulation effects and tough and durable.

The Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV bracket uses two aluminum alloy telescopic support rods. The support rod is composed of a four-section lock buckle tightly designed an aluminum alloy rod, and the lock can be adjusted to the appropriate height. However, if the iron curtain is used, it can only be adjusted at two levels.


只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

: The ironing effect can be visible

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Originally, I wanted to use a cotton white shirt to test it. As a result, I found a circle. I didn’t, I could only use this blue shirt. After washing and drying, folds are prone to appear. This is a common problem with most cotton shirts. Let me use this Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV to solve this problem.

When I start to power on the water, I wo n’t say much. Let ’s take a look at this somewhat miserable shirt.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Before ironing




The gear adjustment button 8 is “cotton”. The left and right keys are adjusted. There is no habit of turntable. Especially when the sun is relatively sufficient, the LCD screen is not clear. After about 15 seconds, the steam nozzle spray a large amount of steam. After 4 minutes, the folds of the blue shirt have basically disappeared.

Temperature test

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

During the trial, I tested the steam nozzle temperature and hose temperature by the way to test the safety of the Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV. The temperature of the Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV steam mouth is stable at about 140 ° C (some are not normal, should not be so high, this data reference is not large), and the hose temperature is only about 68.9 ° C, which is also partially partial High, pay attention to operation.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Steam hose temperature

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Steaming head steam temperature

Power consumption


只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Finally, let’s take a look at the power of the Huaguang Hanging Machine QY56-LDV to see how the energy-saving performance of this hot machine is.

The Huaguang Hanging Perder QY56-LDV steaming hot machine has designed 9 major gear adjustments based on different fabrics, and the power of each gear is different, with a maximum of 1454W and a minimum of 1107W.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Evaluation summary

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

Through the above items for this Huaguang Hanging hot machine QY56-LDV series evaluation, you can get experience:

○ The appearance is fresh, IKEA livable.

○ Nineteen design, ironing fine clothing.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

○ The ironing operation is simple and effective, and the operation is zero.

○ The workmanship is average, which is relatively good at the same price

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机

○ Thermal insulation design is average.

只是多了一张网,却大不一样-华光挂烫机QY56-LDV 双杆蒸汽挂烫机