Buying a bathroom cabinet online, a set of cheap 1,000 yuan, is it really cost -effective? The people in the industry tell the truth


Can I buy hundreds of dollars on the Internet?

Hello, everyone, I am Xiaohui. Today, a customer came to our store to choose a bathroom cabinet. He wanted a 80 cm wide one, but his budget was only seven or eight hundred yuan. There is no such cabinet.

The customer grinded me for a long time, and finally did not deal. He also said a meal,

It is said that the cabinets in your physical store are so expensive, and the quality is average.

Actually, I am also very wronged. Today we will talk about the price of the bathroom cabinet that everyone cares about most. First of all, declare that the price of the bathroom cabinets in our store is mostly more than 1,000 yuan, except

In addition to a few special styles, can the 700 yuan bathroom cabinet be bought?


Everyone knows that the price is not particularly low. A few hundred dollars of bathroom cabinets are available, but its material is also the cheapest material. The PVC material can be said to have been eliminated, but many manufacturers still use it to reduce costs. The plate I took in my hand is the PVC plate

You can take a look. There are many small scratches on the side of this board. These are all stained with my fingernails. Take a look at the scene for everyone to see. See a nail cover, you can have a scratch.

The texture of this kind of plate is particularly light and there is no gloss, and what, and,, to


It is very low hardness, and a nails can pick a trace. PVC’s plates have been environmentally friendly gimmicks a few years ago, and have been popular for a while, but now they are not produced very much, but such a hardness bathroom cabinet is placed at home. Do you really dare to use it?


In addition, many people will see some solid wood -free cabinets with seven or eight hundred dollars. Some time ago

A netizen told me that she spent 780 yuan in a live broadcast room to buy a 80 cm wide solid wood paint -free bathroom cabinet. At that time, it was OK to look at it. Gully, just place an order



‘But after getting the goods, the details are like this. Put the picture for everyone to see this detail. It is simply unbearable. There are obvious flaws on the board. In contrast, the details of our solid wood lacquer cabinet are very different. I don’t know if such cabinets are out of facts

But his service life and safety performance will definitely be greatly reduced. Why is there such a bathroom cabinet on the market?


Because now everyone is very hard, you can buy an 80 cm wide bathroom cabinet with seven or eight hundred yuan. The reason why he sells is so cheap, its cost must be greatly shrinking, because the bathroom cabinet is him. The polishing and improvement of details require a lot of labor and material costs. You are like such a cheap cabinet. It does not have so much cost to put it on this product.

After all, others sell bathroom cabinets for charity. It was also to make money. In the end, the netizen spent 200 yuan and returned this bathroom cabinet.

Finally, I think that appropriate profits and relatively high -quality products are not contradictory


When we buy products, we do not blindly seek cheapness, or pay attention to balanced product quality and price!