Tiansheng RV 470B | Aiko’s chassis new layout card “Transformer”


Recently, Tiansheng RV has a new layout of 470B. It also uses the German brand Alko chassis. The body uses a sandwich structureless keel plate, which has good thermal insulation effects. The negative pressure composite of the wall plate is more stable. The quality is 1100kg and the maximum total quality is 1300kg.


First of all, looking at the appearance, the outside size of the carriage is 5890*2350*2420/2500mm. It uses Tiansheng’s patented board. White is the main color.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

On both sides of the front part of the compartment are equipped with an outer window with screens and shading functions. The vehicle body is equipped with lightweight external aluminum toolbox, external sunshade shed, external kitchen, etc., external kitchen with water sink, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas, gas gas The stove can be stored, and a comfortable rest area can be provided when outdoors.


Next is the interior area. The vehicle is designed with a large and one small card area, which is located in the front and rear of the car. The middle is the kitchen area and the bathroom area.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

The style and appearance of the interior are echoing. The blue -gray furniture is refreshing with the wood grain and the white plate wall. The furniture uses the E0 lightweight plate. The left side of the car door is the small card area in the car. It can switch its form according to the needs of the passenger.

On the right side of the car door is the kitchen area of ​​the vehicle. There is a washing pond. The side table on the side can be placed on a small cooking appliance to enrich the life on the journey.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

The main cooking area of ​​this car relies on external kitchen to effectively avoid indoor oil fume accumulation and provide a more refreshing living environment for indoor. The built -in kitchen is configured with a hanging cabinet, which can be stored with the locker below, which is convenient to get it.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

A 12V 108L car refrigerator beside the small card seat can ensure that fresh food can also be owned during driving.

Opposite the kitchen area is the bathroom area of ​​the vehicle. The appearance of the pentagon avoids occupying the carriage walkway, making the activity space in the car more rich.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

The bathroom is equipped with a pool, a portable toilet with a black water tank, a mirror, a shower, etc. The top is equipped with a two -way air -changing fan with lights. The bathroom can timely and effective ventilation and keep it refreshing and clean.

The last area is the large card area of ​​the vehicle, which can have three “deformation”.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

First of all, it can be used as two single beds; second, a desktop is set up in the middle, which can be used as a client area in a large card seat. Finally, connect to the bed board between the two single beds, and you can Become a large bed to use.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

In a limited space, a region can have a variety of uses, which is the manifestation of this mop practicality.

天晟房车 470B | 爱科底盘 全新布局 卡座“变形记”

In terms of hydropower, the vehicle is equipped with a 100L water tank. Supreme Edition: 2000W inverted charging all -in -one, 300W solar panel and 200AH energy storage battery. Deluxe version: 3000W inverter charging all -in -one, 600W+MPPT solar panel and 600AH lithium battery.

Note: The pictures and information in the article are provided by Tiansheng RV