There are no red people, only add pets, specifically for upgrading, talk about the nostalgic version of the Beastmaster Hunting of “World of Warcraft”


Hello everyone, I am the editor ink. In this issue, I brought the explanation of the hunter of the main beast talent in the 1960s, that is, the beastmaster hunter. Beastmaster Hunting is a relatively weak existence of Warcraft in the 1960s. It is generally used for leveling, or the transition from the blue -green stage after full level. Below, we will simply discuss the talent of the beast king from several levels for your nostalgic reference.


What are the advantages of the beast priority leveling

Just like the punishment of the Palace, the enhancement of Shaman, the use of shadows, the wildness of the priest, the wild use of the wild, and the thieves, the beast king’s talent was almost synonymous with the hunter upgrade in the 1960s. Of course, here refers to the Deep Beast King, that is, the ultimate “wild anger” layer. For example, the beast king upgraded talent in the figure below.

One of the advantages: pets


“Resistant training” and “thick skin”, respectively increase pets of pets and armor, respectively, and the baby’s tolerance is the same level. It is more obvious in conjunction with some high -blood or high armor bonus pets, such as pigs and bears, such as pigs and bears. The level of leveling often has ADD situations, which can improve the survival of pets, which can avoid a lot of time waste of resurrection and recovery.


Another layer of Nai Jie is to upgrade monsters. For example, with the blood AA team of the mage, many of them require the talent of the beast king. Even after the perfect doom after the full level, the beastmoral hunting of the celebrities can reduce the rollover rate to a certain extent.


Two of advantages: pet hatred high

Hunters are mostly over -level monsters. We know that with the “roar” of CD’s taunting skills, there are discounts in high -level monsters, so harm hates are more important. “Wild anger”, “violent”, and “madness” provide a very large bonus of pet DPS (corresponding damage, crit rate, attack speed), and it is not counted and extra hatred.

The hunter brushes the monster faster, and the fake death of 30 seconds is often in the CD. If the pet can’t hold it, it is undoubtedly very troublesome. It can only be melee to cut off. On the one hand, there are fewer hunters, and the skills are often dissatisfied with changing weapons. The skills are often dissatisfied. In addition, there are only two skills of raptors and cats of melee. One consumes a general attack, one needs to dodge and triggers, and the efficiency is very low.


Three of the advantages: not eating consumption

The upper layers of survival talents are strengthening the survivability. The level of leveling is very low. We mainly compare the shooting talent here.

Fighting first requires good equipment support, especially to change weapons, otherwise the damage of the aiming is really not enough, and our intensity and crit rate are scary in the early stage, and it is difficult to exert the characteristics of the shooting system. Shooting focuses on skill output. Even if the “efficiency” of energy saving, the multiple and aimed blue consumption of blue consumption is still very exaggerated. In the 1960s, there was no viper guarding. It was not the rhythm of the hunter to make 2 or three monsters. Finally, hatred, unless it is matched with special hatred pets: birds or bats who can grow up, or those who are often OT can only be cut in the melee.


In fact, the hunter levels pays attention to the word ease, and the flat shot accounts for more than 80%. The basic poisonous snake nails can be thorns. The advantage of the beast King is that you can basically fight monsters. The baby can resist resistance. You do n’t need to treat it frequently. Just hit a bandage. In the case of poor equipment, the hunter behind the empty blue did not even have half the attack power of the pet. In the face of low -level monsters, the shooting system is difficult to fall in seconds in front of the monster. The close -up card is 8 yards, whether it is a slap or a kite, it is a huge waste of time. Many 10,000 -year -old stubborn party, after trying to level the beast king’s level, is also a variety of real fragrance.

The beast king disadvantage after the full level


There are advantages to have disadvantages. The 60 version of the beast king hunt is far less than the 70 version of the strength and brainlessness. The latter achieves the dual hegemony of PVP and PVE, and even pets also play the role of MT. There are three reasons for weakness.

One of the disadvantages: low equipment income

After the full level, the hunter with a slightly improved equipment will wash and shoot, and after the equipment is strong in the later period, it will still be washed and survived. The only enhancement of the 60 -level beast king’s talent to the owner is the “strengthening eagle guardian” on the first floor: ordinary long -range attacks increase the attack speed by 30%, and the others are single -strengthening pets. Larger. The equipment of the hunter body is getting stronger and stronger, but the pets inherit the owner’s equipment. The T3 set of hunters and the full -level hunter. The pet attributes are completely the same, and their income can be imagined.


Disadvantage: Poor copy environment

MC is very friendly. In the early stage, the controlled beastmoral hunting can make good output. This is why the hunter is replaced by the deserted artifact, but one person is used as two. However, the trade union has a little progress. If you pay attention to DPS, you will reject the beast King Hunter’s entry (one of the judgments is to have a linked soul). When the beast hunter can enter the book, it will be used as a mixed -like existence.

It is worth mentioning that in the many unheated private versions, the BUG pet Robes hurt by shadow damage, because of its abnormal output ability, makes the Deep Beast King always the highest output, and the new version of the nostalgia is the repair version.

One generation of god pet radish silk


One of the main outputs of the beast King, pets, from the BWL, the copy of the copy has become very harsh, and the death is quite frequent. When it comes to TAQ and NAXX, there are very few pets that pets can go up. Even if the hunter such as Naiferian is the boss, the luck will be in poor luck, and the pets will be wasting for 10 seconds and 1700+ blue as soon as they go up.

There are extreme teams, afraid of ADD and other accidents, asking pets to not be allowed to fight, and even except for the hunter, the hunter is not allowed to bring a copy, otherwise DKP will be deducted. The unsuccessful of pets for pets is a major factor restricting the output of hunters in the earth. In fact, taking MC as an example, if it is properly controlled, pets can account for about 20%of total damage.


Disadvantage: PVP is a chicken rib


The Beastmaster Hunter is a hegemony on the way to level, but it is not very good after level 60. Most of them can only bully environmental protection. After everyone’s equipment is improved, pets do not hurt.

In terms of skills, if you only add 70 version of the “wild heart” (commonly known as human beast), which is the state of the hunter’s little red man, it is also prominent in PVP. However, the 60 version only has “wild anger”, that is, pets are violent, and the hunter body has no enhancement.

The heart of the beast, the 70 version of the big killer

It is worth mentioning that the classic old pets are very crispy, far less than the expedition version. In the later period, any soldier and mage can kill pets casually. Pets are only for the function of preventing separation and skill control, not output, not output effect.

The beast king’s control technique is only one coercion. Be careful not to take effect immediately. After the pet is required to hit the BUFF, hit the enemy. And if you want to get a 31 -point move, you will not be able to dispel the shooting of the shooting system and control the decline of one level. Therefore, in general, the control of the Beast King may not be as good as a bottle of “free action agent”.

Talent selection of the Beast King Department


Speaking of the bad things about the beast king, the points of assistivity still have to be produced, and it is more in conjunction with deep shooting (the main survival deputy beast king is not visible for the time being).

Objective PVE to the group, there are generally two types of main shooting (31 points) after full level. The first is the sub -talent of 20 beast beast kings. Except for no attack speed, the pet’s DPS attributes are all there, and you can eat 100 points. Strike aura. The second is the Beastmaster only exerted 5 points to strengthen the eagle guardian, and the other 15 points of survival. The advantage is to improve the survival and control of the group (10%blood and temptation), and the output of the hunter’s ontology (beast and humanoid killer), This is also known as the limits of the turret output talent.

The most mainstream shooting talent

The firing talent of the partial door


According to the tests of the hunting gods, in the 1960s, even if the T3 set of graduation costumes, the entire output calculation of the group, the main survival was still not as good as the main shooting. As for my own experience, if the main shooting, if the pet is controlled properly, the talent of the Vice Beast King is also higher than the associate survival (before TAQ), depending on personal preferences.

A little tip of the beast king hunting PK


Choosing the Deep Beast King has a certain meaning at the PK level. The common techniques are to open the coercion and wild anger before the duel, and immediately receive the pet. After waiting for 2 minutes, insert the flag and put the pet. , Equivalent to two sets of skills.


About T0.5 Beast King set and command talent


The orc orders the talent with 5%of the pets. Only on this level, the value of the orc hunting on the PVE is not weaker than the giant. Personally, the main advantage of the giant hunting is the shooting of the civil war between the hunters, and the 5 -point bows are basically ignored.

The T0.5 of the Beast King’s suit, some components are equal to T1, but there are four pet attributes, gloves and pet crit 2%, shoes with pet damage 3%, hat plus pet blood volume 3%, clothes plus pet armor with pet armor, pet armor plus pet armor 10%. In addition, the three -piece “hidden pass” of the ruins also adds 3%of pet damage. In short, if it is not a good attribute of the part itself, there is no need to stack the pet attributes.

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