Notice on the collection of “Top Ten Famous Eat” and “Famous Eating Stories” collection activities in Luoning County


All units, departments, all sectors of society, and all dry groups in the county:

In order to further inherit, sort out, and tap Luo Ning’s characteristic food, promote the folk food culture with the characteristics of Luoning regional characteristics, enhance the influence of Luoning cuisine, and promote the rapid development of the county’s catering market and tourism industry. Luoning’s “Top Ten Famous Eat” and “Famous Eating Stories” solicited activities.

1. Luoning Top Ten Make Eat Selection

(1) The top ten famous food selection activities this time are recommended. A total of 50 local specialty snacks are recommended. Netizens can also refer to the category listed to supplement and improve, and recommend 10 famous foods.

(2) Recommendation method: Pay attention to the various promotion of the county and comment on the comments below the event.

(3) Media recommendation: Losen, Luoning City Affairs, Luoning Hot Spots, Losing, Weixi Luo Ning, Power Luoning, and Baidu Luoning Bar are launched at the same time.

(4) Activity time: From now until May 31.

Second, the collection of famous food stories

(1) Scope of solicitation: all Luoning native snacks, dishes, and main non -staple foods.

(2) Story writing requirements: readability and popularity, local characteristics and deep cultural heritage that reflects the characteristics of Luoning, focusing on the historical origin, cultural connotation, nutritional value, production process, cooking method, etc. The sense of history, awakening the long -hiding complex of diners, retaining nostalgia memories, gaining a brand that has widely recognized society and good reputation, and ensures subsequent long -lasting market -oriented operations. The allusion or story must be eloquent, easy to understand, so that the listeners “want to listen”, “love to listen”, “understand”, attract the attention and follow of the audience. We will listen and record your top ten stories.

(3) Writing content: diet name, picture, historical origin, historical allusion, cultural connotation, nutritional value, production process, cooking method, etc.

(4) The works must be original and have not been published publicly on newspapers, networks and other media. If there are disputes such as copyright, copyright or reputation, the responsibility shall be borne by the author himself.

(5) Setting of the story: The method of mailing by the famous story is used. Please indicate the title (story+name+unit+contact information), and indicate the name, unit, postcode, address and contact number in the end of the text. Essay mailbox

(6) After the solicitation activity is over, the organizing committee will organize relevant experts to select the collected story. Once adopted, the payment is paid. And published through major media.

The ideal city comes from the ideal person. Looking forward to a wonderful story named you and Luo Ning!

The Communist Party of China Luoning County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China

May 15, 2019

Attachment: Luoning Traditional Diet Reference Catalog

1. Stadium

1. Luoning steamed meat

2. Luoning paste

3. Sweat dumplings


4. Luoning Soup Soup

5. Food

6. Corn

7. Beef noodles

8. Central Plains Stew

9. Porcelain surface spin (hot noodle soup)

10. Egg noodle soup

11. Flying soup (egg noodle leaves)

12. Salted rice (similar to “Laba rice”)

13. Luoning frozen meat

14. Luo Ning Picking Bun

15. Sweet Tongzi (garlic juice dipped in sweet noodles)

16. 面 倭 noodles

17. Peach (táoshǔ) 糁 boiled sweet potatoes

18. Peach Mai Mai Soup

19. Miscellaneous soup

20. Millet

21. Rolling noodles

22. Pour noodles (eggs and noodles and meat pouring noodles)

23. Luoning Liushui seat (eight bowls and one hot pot, thirteen Taibao, Xixi feast twenty -four flags, Mao Jiu bowls, official waiting, etc.)

24. Sour beef

Second, vegetables and food articles

1. Xinghua Tofu Banquet

2. Therefore, the county fish feast

3. Luoning bamboo shoot feast

4. Luoning frozen meat

5. Egg tea

Three, special snacks

1. Pupa noodles virtual cake

2. Roll rotation

3. Grab the fried eggs on the ground

4. Luoning Hezi (leek padokia, 倭 瓜 pumpkin pumpkin)

5. Boiler burning

6. Potana

7. Plus the ravioli

8. Fried ravioli

9. Beef tongue pinching braised pork

10. Fat oil ravioli

11. Masaki Caiyu

12. Dry and dry (egg dried cake)

13. Luo Ning Boiled Vegetables

14. Luoning oil goods (fruit tablets, fruit discs, hemp, sugar cakes, and oil Lai )

15. steamed balls

16. Dumb beans

17. Red Persimmon Steak

18. Fried buns

19. Pancake


20. Vegetable roll (vegetable)