Susimo Yoko wears a retro costume show, and it can be so enchanting with “fat” as beauty


Mountain flowers are inserted with treasures, stone bamboo embroidery Luo Yi.

Dunhuang flying dance, the trick is happy, the Tang Dynasty is prosperous, and the ears are endless. Even in modern times, the Tang Dynasty Hanfu is still the national essence of China and the “treasure of clothing”. Ancient civilization and ancient country, China is the only one

With a large cultural country, the nation is integrated.

The beads rotated the star and shaken, and the flowers trembled the dragon snake. Dance the Yangliu Lou Xinyue, the song is full of peach blossoms.

From the healthy body on the early flying murals, the beauty of the beauty, to

The elegant flying goddess of a tan and barefoot, the goddess of the waist apron, among the prosperous goddess, in the middle,

There are always some people who are constantly interpreting their own matching philosophy. There are always history in the glory and autumn chrysanthemum, and the inheritance and continuation of Hua Maochun pine to this day, especially in the era of slightly fat and beautiful, women’s fat has become an art of art. Essence

From the splendid China to the state of etiquette, from

Tang Dynasty

Round neck robe



The reason why Chinese culture can be passed on and carried forward from the Chinese culture is because of a large number of humanities.

It cannot be surpassed and cannot be copied. This is the cultural country that many people praise, the heart of inheritance, the fire of the stars, and endless.

Retro Mosa


The 26 -year -old hot -eyed Yoko is a new generation of online comedy girls. With her “Kuke” and a video of learning BBOX, they have become popular and began to embark on their own short videos. In fact, she is only taken for attractiveness. The real name is called

Li Jiaqi.

A group of Tang clothing beautiful clothes shot by Susimo Yoko is also hot again. This is not only because of the important days on Qixi Festival, with retro costumes, it is very new, and at the same time, she does not lack retro charm. Like the personality of birds, the hairstyle of the head, the color of the personality of the personality and the color of the clothing are exactly the same.

Analysis of the characteristics of hot -bearing Yoko:


The beauty of Tang costumes is all elegant

The wide -sleeved short jacket, the skirt ribbon is wrapped. Generally, the jacket under the jacket is the soul matching system of Chinese Tang and Hanfu. The Tang suit is more rich, and from patterns to colorfulness, it must be more beautiful. This is the charm of Tang poetry culture. Even the Tang poetry we said has made breakthroughs in this dynasty, and so far there are many popular verses.

The Tang Dynasty used fat as a beauty, round face, gorgeous lipstick, slightly fat body with gorgeous short shirts,

Match with the tube top skirt, such as modern skirts, which are charming. In the Tang Dynasty,

Most of the Chinese women’s clothing is mainly made of loose cotton and linen materials and silk satin materials. Not only is it more luxurious, the color is more gorgeous, but also the style is more loose and hypertrophy. This is the basis of fat in the later period.

Real silk brocade, royal style

In fact, Tang costumes have always been divided into stages and periods, and their identities have different identities. The clothing of clothing also has its own characteristics. Generally, members of the royal family and celebrities of senior officials are mostly real silk and brocade satin, because these are all natural high -levels. The fabric, and the tough fabric is more stylish, suitable for making tall clothes.

The early cotton and linen were not so delicate. The current tulle European gauze can be described as wonderful. It can perfectly present the beauty of the skin, and through the retro color printing

, Embroidery and carving, let the clothing have a high -quality meaning and different style. The exaggerated gold and silver decorations are embellished. The flowers are not in the buns.


Susimo Yoko match style analysis:



The beauty of retro, deep blue gradient

The body of the hot eyes is fat, her face is very cute, and her height is not tall, so her personality and characteristics are the magic weapon she walked for a long time. Her image is in line with the style of the fat beauty in the Tang Dynasty. The sleeve tulle shirt, unicorn dragon and phoenix, lotus peony, various beautiful flowers embroidered on the tulle, especially mood.

Exquisite eye shadow, light redness,

Auspicious heavenly daughter, the beauty of Gao Tao, a little red and more delicate and more beautiful, loose long sleeves are elegant, and the blue shirts and tube top skirts of the lake blue are more elegant.

The excess of light blue to deep blue, perfectly interpreting the beauty of elegant and deep.


Key points: The beauty of gradient lies in the unpredictable change, lies in the sense of agility and casualness, and the waves are small

The ups and downs of the boat, the breath, the illegal bowel,

Tenderness, charming to language,


Exquisite three -dimensional small shoes, exquisite and charming.

Everyone has a matching way for themselves.



Cheongsam national essence, the gas of the Republic of China

In addition to the Tang dressed Hanfu we are talking about, the cheongsam should be another combination of the national essence, and it is also a way to match with modern popularity.

This cheongsam does not adopt luxurious design and patterns, but adds the strongest ink to our clothing culture.


The collision of local culture and Western culture has made cheongsam more varieties, and with unique styles and elements, more ethnic elements are

Used on the cheongsam, the western -style tailoring gives the long -sleeved cheongsam with a half -sleeved style, peach heart collar,

Fengxian collar, water droplet collar, high slits, low slits, exquisite rolling edges, small coat buckle, right -handed style, and self -cultivation design concepts all make the cheongsam slowly international.

In addition to cheongsam, there are many Chinese style of modern landscape painting, and the Chinese feelings of piano and calligraphy have been used on the clothing.

It is rich in color and style of clothing, and can also be adjusted according to their figure and style. This is the charm of clothing.

Summary: In fact, our clothing has always been a shadow of national culture and national characteristics. It is lingering. As a Chinese people, the Chinese have been on our shoulders, we have always shoulders


The mission of inheritance culture is not only a non -heritage culture, but also clothing culture, ideological culture, etiquette culture, etc. In this way, we can continue to continue the wearing culture of the motherland. Do not wait until the loss of the loss.


The charm of the Tang Dynasty Hanfu and the restrained ladies of the cheongsam are interpreting our character. Our national beliefs and styles, and the tempering of time will only make it more brilliant.

The pearls are in the jade body, and the wood is difficult. Luo Yi fluttered, and the wind was far away.

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