Mai Jiaqi wearing a chiffon long skirt is really elegant, so it is more beautiful, exquisite and elegant


#What to wear today#



The so -called years are not forgiven,


As you get older

Everyone’s skin even changed quietly. The spots may have been climbed with a face inadvertently, and the swimming circle may be wrapped in the stomach unknowingly. Mai Jiaqi is really elegant in chiffon skirts, so it is more beautiful, exquisite and elegant.

These difficult troubles may cause many people to abandon themselves, but

Elegant women always remember

Self -confidence is given by yourself. Although it is important to the outside, sometimes the heart is strong enough to resist these changes brought by the body.


How to create a strong heart, on the one hand, need everyone

Continue to enrich yourself

On the other hand, don’t be afraid of these changes. Although the years are not forgiven, everyone has not spared the years. Mai Jiaqi is really not old, and the nude skirt is simple and generous, but the temperament is stable.

Even if you grow old again,

Also grow old

Essence How to make yourself elegant? So the following methods of elegant dressing should be learned.

Several methods of elegant wear


Elegant dressing skills 1: Proper as a subtraction, simple is not equal to simple


The first point of elegant dressing is to do subtraction as much as possible. What is the subtraction?

Just wear the simpler

The less the elements, the more you will give people a sense of advanced. In fact, watch all kinds of dressed templates.

Everyone will find that the more complicated the elements, the more wearing it will give people a kind of

No texture

In particular, those wearing a variety of different elements, this hard -working matching method, gives people a feeling that makes people feel very low.

Elegant and high -level wear is

Simple and highlights


The elegant wear and minimalist style have something in common in some sense. The minimalist wind pursues the simple and simple of color, which is high -level and natural, and the two points of elegant wear are also core essentials.

Therefore, if you want to reflect elegant wear, the clothing items you choose must

The style is simple and tailored

As the same tube top skirt, the elegant dress is reflected in the outline of the skirt itself.


It will adopt a minimalist method, the original flavor

Keep the characteristics of clothing itself

, That is, there are very few designs that are incorporated, and retaining is just the appearance of the clothing itself.

Seeing here many sisters must have such concerns, the minimalist style is indeed indeed

Will give people a sense of advanced

, But what is the difference between a thin cloth in a thin piece of modification?

The elegant dress that everyone is pursuing is indeed a fusion

Minimalist style with few elements

, But there are highlights. How does the minimalist style reflect the highlights? You can protrude through some accessories.

For example, the design of the shawl, the shawl itself is a kind of

Comes with elegant temperament items

After it collided with a minimalist dress, on the one hand, it not only increased the overall design sense of the skirt, and on the other hand, it was like the finishing touch to inject the soul into the overall dress.

In addition to the shawl, the ribbon or hair band with the same fabric as the skirt

They have the same effect.

Elegant dressing skills 2: Properly expand the scope of color selection, bright colors do not represent rustic

Speaking of elegant wear, many people must first first appear in the mind

It’s black and white and gray

This kind of color saturation is relatively low. It will not be too noticeable to wear on the body, but it will give people a comfortable and warm feeling.

Indeed, these colors are considered

The core color of minimalist style

But this does not mean that if you want to reflect the elegant temperament, you cannot choose some bright colors to match.

The bright color has its own advantages, and its color is bright, so the effect of completing the skin color is stronger. In addition, the bright color will give people a kind of

A more eye -catching feeling

Wearing it on your body will make you catch you at a glance.

But it is undeniable that some bright colors are overweight and will cover up everyone.

Your elegance

, Increase the feeling of tacky, so pay attention to many factors when choosing bright colors.

Different colors have different effects on skin tone.

The skin tone is cooler

The range of color selection when choosing can be expanded accordingly.

Many people may be cold skin

Not a special understanding

In fact, how to determine whether you have a tips for cold skin, you can easily determine according to the color of the blood vessels on the wrist.

If you are blue -purple in natural light, then

Just prove that you are cold skin

, But if the color of the blood vessels bias is more yellow -green, then it means that you are warm skin, and if it is between the two, it is natural skin.

In terms of cold skin, everyone can wear some

Clothes with powder

, Clothes such as white or lake blue and pale pink can better set off everyone’s skin tone, but you must choose some warm tones such as orange -yellow light green, which will let everyone to a certain extent let everyone let everyone let everyone make everyone The skin tone is yellow.

For warm skin, when choosing, the first thing to avoid is

The color system that adds fluorescence

, Several color systems with the strongest fluorescence, you can refer to the color of the red and green lights. This type of color will make the warm skin more yellow.

So warm skin

What colorful clothing is suitable for

Woolen cloth? Warm skin is more suitable for some elegant colors, colors like camel coffee. The tone of this type of tone is light and the saturation is low. Wearing it on the body will give people a sense of atmospheric stability.

Elegant dressing skills three: appropriately increase the length of the skirt, the long skirt is more generous than the skirt

I wonder if there are sisters who like to watch various fashion party or fashion ceremony programs in their daily life. If you are careful enough, you will find that female stars are attending some

When a grand occasion


The skirts wearing are basically long skirts.

Not because the skirt is not fashionable enough, but because


Long skirt is more advanced

, More can be held on the occasion. Long skirt is a kind of skirt with elegant attributes. It is more atmospheric and gentle than short skirts, and is more suitable for attending grand occasions.

So when everyone has

More important occasions


Or when party, you should choose the style of the long skirt as much as possible when choosing a skirt. If you think that the mop long skirt is very cumbersome, you can also choose some skirts with an ankle above the ankle. Will give people one

Steady professionalism.

After watching so many skirts, I do n’t know if this has brought new ideas for everyone. I hope everyone can know which dress they are suitable for.