Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. smart fingerprint lock brand


Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart fingerprint lock brand -Ru Shen fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock is a smart lock, which is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware. Smart fingerprint lock brands -such as the characteristics of God’s fingerprint locks have become the most important evidence of identifying identity and are widely used in public security criminal investigation of judicial fields. Most of them are currently used by family. Smart fingerprint lock brand — such as God’s fingerprint lock has the characteristics of convenience, fast, accurate, and accurate. With the popularization of technology and the development of smart homes, more and more people have begun to choose smart fingerprint locks. The mechanical locks will be replaced like foreign markets in the near future.

At present, the intelligent home industry is mixed. Recently, the reporter was fortunate to understand that Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart fingerprint lock brand -Xu Zhiyong, the founder of the god fingerprint lock. Smart fingerprint lock brand — such as the founder of the god fingerprint lock Xu Zhiyong said: Fingerprint refers to the uneven lines on the front of the front of the finger at the end of the finger. Although the fingerprint is only a small part of the human skin, it contains a lot of information. These patterns are in these lines. The patterns, breakpoints, and intersection are different. In the information processing, they call them “features”. Medically, these characteristics have been different from each finger, and these characteristics are unique and permanent. Therefore, we can correspond to a person’s fingerprint, and through comparing his fingerprint characteristics and pre -saved fingerprint characteristics, we can verify his true identity.

Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a smart fingerprint lock brand -such as the founder of the god fingerprint lock Xu Zhiyong explained the core components of the lock: motherboard, clutch, fingerprint collector, password technology, microprocessor (CPU), smart emergency key, smart emergency key Essence As a smart fingerprint lock, the most important thing is the algorithm chip, that is, the heart is better. If your mechanical part is good, if you recognize the high degree of fingerprints, you can open it, so what else is it?

For example, Xu Zhiyong, the founder of God’s fingerprint lock, said that no matter what locks, their essence is still mechanical products. The fingerprint lock is a model that uses modern high -tech transformation of traditional industries. Its core technology is first to grasp the mechanical technology. Mechanical technology is mainly from the following five aspects:


1. The reasonable design of the front and rear boards, that is, the appearance, is significantly different from the logo of similar products. The more important internal structural layout, which directly determines the stability and function of the product. This process involves multiple links such as design, mold production, surface treatment. Therefore, the more manufacturers, the relatively stronger development and design capabilities and better stability.

2. Lock. That is the mother -locking mother that can be connected with the door. The quality of the lock body directly determines the life of the product. This is the most core technology in mechanical technology, which is also the lifeblood of fingerprint locks, and it is also the most difficult problem in the industry. 95%of existing production units cannot solve this problem, mainly supporting the way of purchasing. Powerful manufacturers have the ability to design and develop locks by themselves. Therefore, the lock body is the core component that truly reflects the technical level of the manufacturer, and it is also the core technology of the fingerprint lock.


3. Electric. The motor is a driver. Just like the computer’s driver software. It is the connection device of electronics and machinery, the conversion center of power, and plays a significant role in supporting. If the motor stops working or obstacles, the lock will be automatically turned on and unlocked.

4. Fingerprint module and application system. This is the foundation of the electronic part. The fingerprint module is almost the same. It mainly depends on which chip is used and which algorithm is used. After long -term market verification, the effect is very good.

The reporter understands the smart fingerprint locks produced by Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., which is not only good quality, but also very prominent in design. It is very convenient for the elderly at home. I believe that the smart fingerprint lock brand, under the leadership of the general manager Xu Zhiyong, the smart fingerprint lock in Shanghai Ru Shen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., can do better and better. For example, God’s fingerprint lock can not only become a Chinese brand, such as God’s fingerprint locks can also become a world brand!