Zhengzhou 27wans have a shop in the Tibetan ink stone pot stewed meat, and can also eat barbecue!


Big Fire Hall

Address: 150 meters east of Navigation Road and Renhe Road to the South 150 meters south

(Behind 27 WAT Golden Street)

Tel: 0371-55561668

Per capita: 70 yuan

Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00 17: 00-23: 00

Promotion: Consumption with this link before the end of March 2019 and forwarding a circle of friends to send a copy


Shredded cake

(Enjoy it at the same time as other offers in the store)

When it is cold, it is best to come here

Winter to warm, it is a pot of hot soup


Can satisfy your two wishes for drinking soup and barbecue

The store has a kind of industry and small fresh style as a whole


It feels like sitting in a coffee casual bar to eat barbecue

Strong industrial style

Spacious and bright, without losing literature and art ~


Tibet Moqin is the last county in China

It is the last paradise in China

Ink stone pot


It is a natural soapstone that is only available in the local area

It contains a large number of trace elements needed by the human body

Foods stewed foods in regular foods have obvious food therapy and health care effects

And a bite is worth more than 3,000 ~

The ink stone pot here



Lamb, chicken, pure bacteria soup, shabu -shabu

The main is to drink soup and eat meat

Let you warm your whole body in one sip

This soup pot ingredients are really not easy

More than 30 kinds of ingredients are made for 4 hours

Drink a bowl of soup before eating meat

It will be warm up in the cold winter


After drinking the soup, you can start eating barbecue around the stove

In the fat house, it is charcoal barbecue

It can be baked in this way to stimulate the original flavor of meat

Plateau seed oil from Xining as the bottom

Pork belly beating on the iron plate

In the eyes of a food

It is probably the most beautiful voice in the world

With the store’s homemade peppers, cumin or secret sauce

Wrapped in Yunnan lettuce (commonly known as “Italian lettuce”) leaves


Putting a bite into the mouth, the happiness of happiness burst instantly


The beef that is fully marinated by the secret sauce

After comforting the wine, the fishy smell has disappeared

Just turn it simply on the iron plate, you can eat it after discoloring

This kind of iron plate is baked in a short time

Keeping his juice to the greatest extent

The meat is also more smooth and tender

Coupled with the moisturizing of red wine, the taste becomes very delicious


Fresh ingredients and delicious black pepper marinated on the same day



Black Pepper Beef

It is very refreshing whether it is dipping or eating alone

Fat and fresh fresh

Pork belly

Each piece will control the width of 4 cm

This will make the meat evenly heated

The roasted meat is fat but not greasy, and the two sides are yellowish

Eat in your mouth and be full of scorching!

There are many other roasted products


Pimple shrimp

After high temperature roasting


Let the shrimp evaporate quickly, so that the shrimp becomes crispy




, Golden roasting, crispy appearance

But the heart is smooth tofu,

You can taste two tastes in one bite!

and also

Red -hearted potato

It is sweeter and glutinous than ordinary ones


This potato came from Yunnan by plane ~



Under the effect of early high temperature oil, Qin produces its essence


A mushroom is a bacterial soup ~


, Being a childhood taste!

Remember to leave a stomach to give it, fragrant and crispy

I really can’t eat this elsewhere elsewhere


Want to know what it tastes? Hurry up to the fat house!

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Shredded cake