There is no cold summer, it is incomplete! There are thousands of cold noodles in Shanghai. Which one has these 15 stores?


In the hearts of the magic capital, Yi Guihe’s reputation is righteous!

The signature Yangchun Noodles, the sale of the clear soup with the soup with the endless taste, captured the heart of a large number of tickets to eat!

As soon as summer arrives, it becomes a cold world!

The cold noodles pretended to be “Steel Skin”

Just like the grandma’s house when I was a kid, remembering killing!

Mi Dao also haha!

The cold noodle soul peanut sauce gives enough


The proportion of fragrant vinegar and soy sauce is also wonderful. Each bite is addicted to mixing into the tendon.

Limited old Shanghai planing ice


, ~

Yi Guihe · Inheritance Old Shanghai Featured Noodle Museum


Address: No. 290, Ji’an Road, Huaihai Middle Road Street

Four Ruchun is considered

Shanghai cold noodles


It’s! On the hot summer day, the queue is still unable to stop the enthusiasm of the diners. It is little to sell hundreds of pounds of cold noodles every day!


Each pot of cold noodles must be continuously picking through steamed noodles and artificially chopsticks, and then blowing cold with a fan to ensure that the noodles are clear and smooth and chewy!

There are also many types, Sanshi, silk, steaks, spicy meat …

The least missed is the cold noodles of spicy meat!


The peanut butter of peanut butter is mellow, with the authentic sweet spicy taste spicy meat, it is not enough to eat!

Chinese time -honored name · Siru Spring Food Mansion


Address: No. 72 Shiquan Road

Wang Jiasha is a “queuing landscape” on Nanjing West Road!


Regardless of the holidays and working days, everyone is always everyone at the door!

Peanut sauce is thick, fragrant vinegar appetizers, mung bean sprouts are cleared, and there are super super superb heads to choose from! Click a signature burst fish to pour the head, or pour the head with Babao hot sauce to satisfy!

Not only Mi Dao,

The weight is also sufficient,


It is enough to flutter out with a pot of cold noodles ~


Wang Jiasha (a number of branches)

Address: No. 805 Nanjing West Road


Caolu Restaurant is not as well -known as other old names, but it is good at the old foundation Songjiang!

Traditional snacks, cooking dishes, guest rice … You can get here in one stop!

The cold noodles limited in summer, after the master repeatedly picks the face to cool down,


The taste is quite moist!

There are also a lot of heads, frying three silk, fried three dits, big row, etc., you will not step on the mine if you just click ~

Mix with mellow hemp sauce and open it!


Caolu Restaurant


Address: No. 54, Renmin North Road, Songjiang District


Needless to say, Dafu Gui ~

Selling 1000+ catties of cold noodles and 500+ cold ravioli every day is one of the well -deserved “cold surface peak flows”!


Residents living around often come to buy and pack home, and solve it in a meal ~ Even if it is a hot summer day, I can’t stop the aunt uncle who lined up!

@Rogue Rabbit icy

The cold noodles of the wealthy and rich are more oily and smooth,

I won’t stick together for a long time ~


The peanut butter is thick and the acidity is moderate. When I do n’t know what to eat, it ’s right to choose it!

Dafu Restaurant (multiple branches)


Address: next to Jinnan Commercial Building, No. 1409, Zhonghua Road


Wanshouzhai on Shanyin Road,

The store is not big, the popularity is not


Operate at 4:30 every day, and give people one food after returning early and late!


In summer, cold noodles are naturally a signboard! The cold noodles that are steamed directly, the taste is quite q bumps ~


The weight of the head is also quite sufficient, and it can’t be found directly to the noodles!

Wanshouzhai’s sauce is a thick model, but after adding vinegar, it will not be greasy, leaving only mellow! Alas!



Address: No. 123 Shanyin Road

Fry with beef

The fame is fast, and the cold noodles of the summer are not lost at all!

In the midsummer season, there are often aunt uncle crossing half of Shanghai, and the familiar taste in the memory ~


Unique and special peanut sauce

, The texture is thick and smooth, the fragrance is scent ~


The noodles pay attention to the root of the roots, and each top must be wrapped with peanut butter and head soup.


Fat glutinous rice shreds and crispy mung bean sprouts, just right!

Zhai Zhai

Address: No. 1503 Pingliang Road

As a century -old shop, Dexing Pavilion,


But many old ladies love!

In the summer, the sales of cold noodles are also very high ~ Click the silver buds of three silk cold noodles, add a ravioli head, and the luxury can also be accompanied by spicy meat, crystal meat, etc., which is super satisfying after eating!

Dexing Pavilion (multiple branches)

Address: No. 471, Guangdong Road

The Meixin Smart Store opened on the northwestern road on the old street of the old name, dumplings, spring rolls, ravioli, eight treasure rice, etc.


It is just on the taste buds of Shanghai people ~

The white silk and green pepper bean sprouts are mixed with thick peanut butter, and I have a taste of a child ~


In addition to the conventional cold noodles,

There are rare “cold noodles” in their family!

Common egg noodles are replaced with alkaline noodles, without steaming, but directly fall into the water and use electric fans to blow cold. The taste is smoother and refreshing ~ You can try it!

Meixin Dimension Store

Address: No. 105 Shaanxi North Road

Yuhua Food Store is the light of Moutai Road!

Old Shanghai’s cold -noodle authentic practice, do not boil water, steam it directly, blow cold, the taste is called a refreshing ~

Green and red pepper, white white, shredded pork, crispy texture with spicy and panto, super classic!


Their peanut butter is also a highlight!


It looks flat, and the strong fragrance when mixed noodles went straight into the nose, which attracted the population!

Yuhua Food Store

Address: No. 321 Moutai Road


After 80+ years of flavor, it is a white moonlight in many Shanghai faces!

The signature hemp noodles, you do n’t eat any more than you eat!


This hook sauce is a heat bomb made of hemp sauce+peanut butter, but the taste is reluctant to stop chopsticks! The texture is thick and the aroma overflows,

After the entrance, I even feel the mouth that sticks my mouth, Harry!

Although it is not cold in the strict sense, don’t miss it in such a delicious portion ~


Mi Xiangzhai


Address: No. 14 Yandang Road

@Maggie Maijiji

Chaiyu Lane is the one that has been on fire recently

Net red shop

, Mainly old Shanghai cuisine, both decoration or dishes, all are memories of killing!



In addition to Chai 香 香, crispy chicken, etc., the most popular is the cold noodles ~ refreshing mung bean sprouts, cucumber shreds, with moderate thick peanut butter, a kind of mothers taste ~

爿 爿 爿 爿

Address: No. 1251, Fuxing Middle Road

Dong Taixiang’s raw fried hall, in addition to being famous for raw fried, various pasta is also one top!

Killed onion oil mix noodles, small ravioli, dumplings, etc., and almost no errors!


And the three -silk noodles exclusive in summer, their family is also very good ~ Noodles are not dry, the soup is thick and not greasy, the three silk is refreshing and rich, very spiritual ~


Dongtai Xiang Shengcong Pavilion (multiple branches)


Address: No. 176, Chongqing North Road

Business hours: 24 hours

Dingqiao Chicken Soup, famous for chicken soup, soup,

Summer cold noodles and cold ravioli are also made up ~


Sanshi cold noodles and hot sauce cold noodles are the highest click rate!

The peanut butter is very full of peanut butter. After mixing, the sauce is firmly picked on the noodles. Almost every bite is a mellow taste ~


(Don’t like to eat too greasy friends, you can let the boss put less peanut butter)


Dingqiao Chicken Soup

Address: No. 48, Baoan Zhi Road

White magnolia snacks are considered

Putuo people eat cold noodles and cold -noodles!

Two or two cold noodles add a head, almost the standard of each table ~

The cold noodles of their family are hard, and they are more chewy in comparison ~ in the sauce

The existence of peanut butter is relatively weak

, More vinegar and soy sauce flavors, which are relatively refreshing models ~

White Magnolia Snack

Address: No. 412, Xincun Road

15 old Shanghai cold noodles!

This summer, check in one by one ~

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