This type of net red mobile phone case is damaging your phone!


Everyone knows that the applet of our official mall of Fan Fan House has been online recently, but there are too few products we sell now. I have always pondered what should be selling? If you think about it, you can do more mobile phone cases and membranes. After all, the shell and membrane are consumables, and the unit price is cheaper. The probability of duplicate consumption will be relatively high. It has been for several years, and there is no chance to support the fruit of fruit powder again.

The taste of each fruit powder is also different. It is not easy to find the shell that looks good and uses good, so I start to find online and offline. One day I enter the iPhone phone case on Taobao. A hot -selling product aroused my interest. This shell can be separated back and forth. It is adsorbed by magnetic force. The most important thing is that it is also marked with “Douyin Net Red”, known as: the mobile phone case that can be played! These mobile phone cases have a strong metal texture really shiny and gorgeous. Some back cases also have a stylish luminous pattern, blinding you. Essence Essence Take a look at their video introduction. The merchants have played very 666, and the throws of the front and rear shells can be easily adsorbed together.


Since it is the same model, Xiaobian (Guofan House) also found a lot of play video of the same mobile phone case on Douyin, and many likes are tens of thousands. Power is still quite large.

However, the editor of the mobile phone repair suddenly remembered an important thing. In our usual maintenance, it is necessary to remove static electricity before contacting the motherboard. Will this shell be so powerful, will it have no effect?

Users who buy new Apple devices need to query the equipment warranty date and the first activation date, and now enter the serial number to query. Even if the warranty is activated, you can query the first activation date, which is still unlimited.

Nevertheless, Xiaobian (Fan Fan House) is still unwilling to find it in person. Xiaobian now wandered in Huaqiangbei for a long time, and it was very simple to find a shell. Xiaobian went to the third floor of Block B of Manha Digital Plaza in Huaqiangbei on the third floor of Block B of Huaqiang North to find wholesalers. In the past few years, it was scary, and now the shops are still relatively less, because consumers have gradually matured, and the shell that is too fancy has been abandoned by consumers. Simple and comfortable is the ideal choice.

But what surprised me is that this “Magnetic King” mobile phone case is rare in the market. Only a few shops with scattered shops have samples, but there are no large stocks. After repeated questioning, the owner finally spoke a real truth: “Many customers have abnormal phenomena such as camera jitter after using this shell. The spot is the spot, someone will get the goods if you set it up “!


It seems that I have been guessed by me, I can’t see it, and there are side effects! The automatic focus and optical image stabilization of the mobile phone camera use the principle of electromagnetic induction. There are magnets and coils in the head. The magnetic shell will change the magnetic field near the camera, resulting in the shaking coil of the head or the unable to focus. Long -term use may cause the camera to cause irreplaceable damage, and the iPhone’s head is not cheap at all, especially 6SP/7P/x. Hundred dollars, let alone talk about after -sales.


However, the effect of magnetic mobile phone cases on mobile phones is not only on the head, but also like mobile phone signals, built -in electronic compass, handset, speakers, etc. If long -term use will be affected, after the internal electronic component is magnetized, the phone will produce each mobile phone, and each mobile phone will produce each. Strange symptoms, we call it “neuropathy”.

Apple officially recommends the design of the mobile phone case to avoid using magnetic and metal materials as much as possible. Although the iPhone uses a metal frame, the antenna is designed! You put on the metal shell, the signal is weakened again! The iPhone’s signal is not very good. To be honest, do you still want to be more almost?


If you think that Xiaobian (Fanfan House) analyzes a bit, you can help forward to the circle of friends and let more fruit fans know it. Sharing is just a hand -raised work, but helping others is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation!