Ten months sold 170 million, this “Chaoshan Tea” is popular in Shenzhen


Chaoshan not only came out of the oil, but also came out of the “English Song”.

This national-style tea and brands have been concerned about many industries this year.

Its name is taken from the “English Song” of Chaoshan University, and the white peaches will sell 4 million cups in a year. Not only “dominating over the chaos”, but also nearly 60 stores in Shenzhen, with a single store survival rate of 95%.


What is the secret of the English song? I understand it systematically.

Chaoshan fires to Shenzhen, selling 1.7 billion in 10 months


The rise of the trend is the young man.

The founder of the Song Song Zhang Zhenhong is a 95, and he made the traditional culture from Chaoshan, made a feeling of tide names.

In 2019, the English song opened the first English song soul shop in Jieyang, with “Chaogent Tea Drink” as the positioning, the main leaf fresh milk tea, the Oolong tea, and the people who drink the tide people are drinking. Deductive in modern trend.

For example, their brand explosions “white peaches”, single product year sales 400W + cup. This single product with Oolong is a tea, plus cream and strawberries, is called “to the tide must drink” on Xiao Hongbei, “The ceilings of the milk tea”, but also become a lot of tide people must shoot Sun’s “home tide card”.


White peaches 沁 snow, map source public comment

Culture and products are special enough, the average price of 15 yuan, the first store is a gun, less than 1 year, in Jieyang, Chaozhou, Shantou, Meizhou and other places opened 100+ home, became the head of Chaoshan District .

At the end of last year, the English song chose the first station of cross-regional opening of Shenzhen. Nowadays nearly 60 stores in Shenzhen, the area is concentrated in 30 ~ 50 flat, the store’s profitability is 95%, and the highest sunrise cup 1800 +, Withdrawal of the market test of the “Tea Capital”.

“Chaoshan can all spread at home and abroad, but it is not easy to go out of the country, as a brand that is going out from Chaoshan, we shoulder some mission.” Zhang Zhenhong said.

At the moment of the new tea, the dividend has retired, from January to October this year, the overall turnover of the English song has exceeded 170 million, and the total number of stores has exceeded 160.


From Chaoshan to Shenzhen, how did the English song come out? I talked to the brand team system:

Explosive annual sales of 4 million cups, how to make it?


Positioning “Tide Movie Tea”, not a slogan, the English song first found its product logic.

1. Clear two 60%, find a heart explosion


Finding the products that can be played is the truth that the tea and drink has been successfully rushed. On the menu of the English song, there are two important “60%”.

The first 60% refers to the proportion of sales of “fresh milk original leaf tea”.

And the industry’s current situation is different from fruit tea, the master of the English songs, and burst out the annual sales of 4 million cups of explosions “white peaches” and 25% of the repurchase rate.

The second 60% is the proportion of “Oolong Tea Foundation”.


The tidal area of ​​everyone “茶 如 如”, almost every household, male and female, is all love to use a small cup of delicious Oolong, “as a Chaoshan brand, our 60% of the tea is used, and Oolong tea is used.” Product person in charge tell me.

These two 60%, basically determined the “mind product” of the English song.

Just like mentioning the book, I will think of burning a grass, I will mention that 7 points will think of Yang Zhihenli,

The mind product can bring sales centralized and industrial chain reconstruction.

2. Clear mouth, “Drink tea incense, there is a return”

Buying milk tea in the English song, at the moment of the cup, the bar, a small sister will be skilled: “Drinking tea, there is a back”.

“This is our product slogan. The requirements are always said that in the bones of employees, pass to consumers.” The British Song Brand team told me.


The characteristics of Oolong tea are high incent and back,

Make the selling point into a slogan, constantly repeat, guide consumers’ sensory experience, form a clear product memory point.


3. First-line brand raw materials, the price is more than the naked eye

In the founding team of the English song soul, I often use the original leaf tea to add tea soup to the fresh milk to make the children to the children.

The milk tea of ​​the English song, the consumer in the raw material is clearly visible: milk is the new hope of 15S low Wemini sterilization, the shelf life is only 7 days, the cream is selected is Anjia animal cream, and the tea chooses the original leaf tea of ​​the origin.

The main raw materials are a first-line brand, but the average price of the English songs is concentrated in 15 yuan, taking the explosive white peaches into the snow 14 ~ 15 yuan / cup, Shenzhen sell 17 yuan, the price is more than the naked eye,

Explosion + taste memory + cost performance, let the English song have found its own ecological bit.


A English song and dance, playing a brand in Shenzhen

In addition to the product,

Regional culture, another trump card found by the English song



When the British Soul Shenzhen flagship store is open, the theme is called “Dancing Pengcheng”, from Chaoshan to find a 50-person English dance team, show all day.


For Shenzhen consumers, magnificent and new-style English songs and dances, and suddenly become hot and topics.

The name of the English song is from the “British Song” in Chaoshan, it is similar to “lion”,

Let the locals understand, let foreign people create curious and topics.

In the store of the English song, the space is integrated into the patio, Ying Song and dance characters, etc., creating a consumer scenario in the unique coastal culture; in the details, the English songs, Chaoshan dialects, the famous historical illustrations, giving people a small surprise.

In Shenzhen, a large number of Chaoshan people live, the English songs are named, and the culture is rendered.

In business, there is a sentence


“Do only what you can do”


In the highly competitive tea market, for regional brands, whether they are well-known, marketing ability cannot be competed with big names.

Using regional cultures to create a unique cognitive advantage, it is “there is only regional brand to do.”

In the tea industry,

The product advantage is good. If you don’t translate into a customer’s cognitive advantage, it is only cost.

. “Name-name purchase” after consumers recognition is the real foothold of the brand.

Supply chain is added, store is subtraction

Every successful brand is supported by the supply chain. The English song is in the field of supply, and the layout is also very early.


1. Select tea, have a thousand mu of tea gardens, only use the core production area

Oolong tea in the English song, in addition to the 1000 mu of tea gardens in Anxi, each tea is a tea leaf in the core production area, such as a single bus, and the tea species of Chaozhou Phoenix Mountain, Tieguanyin uses Anxi core production area. Excavate the domestic 6-class core tea area, lock the core tea production area of ​​more than 500 meters above sea level.


Moreover, only the core production period of tea seeds in one year, such as Tieguanyin is only used in October every year, only the tea leaves before and after the Qingming.

Synchronize the 1200-flat tea distribution center of Fujian Anxi construction, 30 of the dust-20-degree frozen tea warehouse, 3,000 rounds of storage area.

2. Tea, R & D, Oolong, adhere to the original

Most of the Oolong tea is spherical. British songs have made striking oolong tea through the cooperation with tea farmers and tea teachers, and better absorb jasmine aroma in the jasmine, which is more convenient to extract.

In the own tea dispensing plant, the tea of ​​the English song is “craftsman”, that is, through the traditional tea craft, make natural composite fragrance, let the product have more full taste, there is tea incense.

3. R ​​& D for the original tea concentrate, improve efficiency and standardization

The English song insists on choosing tea, tea, but has been working hard to subtract down at the store.

“Developed the original tea concentrate, try to retain the alcohol flavor flavor of the original tea, mainly for the taste of the product, and reduce the cost of manpower, improve the speed of the product, and the store will be added to the store.” The person in charge of the supply chain said.

This year is the rise of the regional brand, and a number of brands try to go out of the region and go to the country.

In the past few years, relying on a burst, one night can bring a silent brand to the public.


With the retreat of new tea, the competition has changed, winning products can only win a battle, do basic skills, find out the characteristics, can win the war.

The industry has developed to now,

On the land, the big tree has been branched, and only a novel species can find their soil and sunshine.