Challenge the year! How does the seller get a “self -service collection machine”?


At the end of 2021, under a series of major promotion blessings, Chinese sellers were more than the Amazon platform. During the promotion period, cross -border popular products such as home, toys, and clothing are sold well.

Different categories of sellers have been reported frequently. During the promotion of the Scan Robotic Congress, the overall sales volume increased significantly, and emerging sites such as Amazon, India, and the Middle East also performed well; multiple domestic downstakes performed well, with an annual sales of more than 200 million yuan; 3D printers successfully broke through niche categories. Circle, sales have risen.

“Money” is unlimited, and you should make money more about how to collect money?

How hot is the cross -border e -commerce in 2021, no need to say more. With both markets and policies, domestic enterprises have been running out of each other and appearing on major cross -border e -commerce platforms.

The huge number of seller groups provide a large amount of goods for consumers around the world. Since the shopping season in October last year, Amazon has delivered billions of packages to global consumers. Among them, the number of cross -border sellers with more than 100 million yuan increased significantly. They either deeply cultivate the industry and make the brand go to sea to become a reality; or transform from domestic e -commerce, and gradually form the core competitiveness of its own products through a strong supply chain system.

And over time, these cross -border sellers who made a lot of money in 2021 also began to prepare for a new year’s cross -border business. Some are busy developing new sites to seize new markets; some are busy Develop explosive models to meet growing consumer needs. However, some sellers have been in trouble of cross -border receipts, facing the problem of interruption of funds, and they are struggling.

Indeed, every ring of selected products, stocking, and logistics and storage requires sufficient funds as reserves. Once the funds return, the normal operation of the store and even the annual sales rhythm will be interrupted. If the seller wants to “settle the bag for peace”, he must step by step to make it all.

What are the difficulties to break the bag?

In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, offline transactions have continued to transfer to online, consumer online purchase behavior has increased, and the frequency of electronic wallets has also increased significantly.

According to the “2021 Global Payment Report” released by FIS, in the global e -commerce payment method in 2020, the share of electronic/mobile wallets reached 44.5%, and credit cards were only 22.8%. It is estimated that by 2024, the electronic wallet will account for 51.7%of the total e -commerce payment, the credit card will account for 20.8%, and the debit card will be 12%. The use rate of these three will account for 84.5%of e -commerce consumption.

Behind this series of numbers, the cross -border e -commerce payment industry is also at a continuous stage. At present, there are still several major hidden dangers in the part of cross -border receipts:

1. There are many payment links and mixed

: There are many intermediate links involved in cross -border payment methods, and a series of issues such as the difficulty of applying for difficulty in applying for overseas bank accounts, complicated store capital management of different channels, and slow withdrawal from accounts. The entire cross -border receipt needs to pay the corresponding handling fee, which increases the cost of receipt to a certain extent.

2. Information security is difficult to guarantee

: Under the rapid development of the industry, a large number of licenses have a license but a small business scale and difficult to achieve sustainable development. Due to the lack of a strong network data supervision system, various security issues occur from time to time.

3. Fund may face risks

: As a link between banks and sellers, cross -border payment institutions have accumulated huge funds. Once an online attack is encountered, seller funds will face risks.

Based on the above difficulties, in actual investigations, Hugo cross -border also heard many “expectations” from sellers on cross -border payment:

Seller A: Of course, cross -border receipts are the most important safety. For hard -earned hard -earned money, no one wants to collect it for no reason.

Seller B: The rate is lower and transparent, and the profit is saved.

Seller C: The time to return the money is fast because time is equal to money.


Of course, for cross -border sellers, cross -border receipts are not just concerned about one dimension. Many sellers said that when choosing a cross -border payment institution, they will pay more attention to the comprehensive strength of service providers, including credibility, qualifications, and stability, as well as the speed, rate, currency or platform service capabilities of the platform.

The cost reduction and efficiency, the official shot, as low as 0.4%of the rate

As Amazon’s official cross -border receipt service, Amazon’s global receipt worldwide is more advantageous in “comprehensive evaluation” and has received praise from sellers.

In summary, Amazon’s global collection has the following three advantages:


Information security is guaranteed

: The seller does not need to perform MWS authorization, no need to leave the station, and the seller’s platform is directly operated; there is no need to use a virtual bank account, and the licensed service provider regulates compliance to ensure that each transaction can be traced.


Payment link is simple and convenient

: Assist the seller to receive global payment and deposit directly into the seller’s local Chinese bank account; one -stop service, the seller platform directly manages global receipts; one step is in place, the money will be automatically transferred on the date of payment, saving effort and effort.


Transparency without hidden costs

: The seller uses Amazon Global receipt to enjoy the two major preferential tools of “stairs pricing” and “joint account”. The cost is fully transparent and the rate is updated every month. There is a chance to automatically upgrade the more preferential rate ladder every month.

At the same time, in order to allow more cross -border sellers to experience a safer, convenient and transparent collection service. Amazon’s global receipts will launch heavy welfare activities after October 1, 2021, and new sellers can enjoy the 0.4%preferential rate of 2022 after obtaining preferential qualifications until the end of 2022.

It is reported that as long as it is October 1, 2021, the new sellers who enter Amazon can participate. There is no need to sell for 10 million sales, and there is no threshold for accounts. The event will last until January 31, 2022, and at the same time, it will be faced with the seller of the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Japan.