Forestry Expo shows the new results of cross -strait agricultural and forestry industry cooperation


Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, November 6 (Reporter Huang Pengfei) Every time she participate in the exhibition of the mainland, Taiwanese businessmen Zhang Yan is “full of boxes, full boxes back.” With a full box of Taiwan’s specialty products to sell, and then buying a group of mainland specialty products as a gift, this is the “little luck” outside her business.

On the 6th, the 14th Straits (Sanming) Forestry Expo officially opened in Sanming, Fujian. As a sales representative of the Kinmen Agricultural and Five Production and Transportation Cooperatives, Zhang Yan has participated in the 10th Forestry Expo. This year, she took the specialty eight immortal fruit of Nantou in Taiwan this year. As soon as she opened it, she was welcomed by customers.

“We have accumulated a group of old customers here, and the business is good every year.” Zhang Yanpan calculated that after the end of the Lin Expo, he would bring Sanming specialty to Jinmen relatives and friends. “The mushrooms here are particularly good, and they also have good mushrooms. There are lotus seeds, barley and various bamboo products. “

With the theme of “deepening forestry reform and promoting rural revitalization”, this expo was co -sponsored by the National Forestry and Grassland Bureau and the Fujian Provincial People’s Government. A variety of, concentrated on the new results of green industry cooperation on both sides of the strait.

Du Yuansheng, vice chairman of the Fujian Provincial CPPCC and secretary of Sanming Municipal Party Committee, said that as a national forest city, the national collective forestry comprehensive reform test demonstration area, Sanming City has continued to do a good job of “forest” in recent years. The three forestry expo played an important role in promoting cross -strait exchanges and cooperation.

“I am glad to see so many Taiwanese folks come here every year. The positive energy accumulated by this event is very considerable.” As a guest of the conference, former vice chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang Jiang Xiaoyan said that the Fujian mountainous area and the central and southern Taiwan are very similar. Every time I visit, I feel like I go home. I hope that the Lin Expo will be better and better, so that cross -strait folk exchanges will become hotter.

Zhang Hongwen, chief economist of the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau, said that Sanming City has the only modern forestry cooperative experimental zone in the nation’s only cross -strait modern forestry cooperation. In recent years, it has accumulated important experience in the reform of the collective forestry system. Realize complementary advantages, comprehensively promote cross -strait forestry cooperation and economic and trade exchanges, and build Sanming into a pioneering area, demonstration base, and important window for cross -strait forestry cooperation.

The Forestry Expo was held from the 6th to 9th. At the same time, there were many sub -activities such as the Green Financial Forum, the Cross -Strait Forestry E -commerce Conference, the Talent docking and exchanges of cross -strait talents, the art exchange of cross -strait flower arrangement, and the exchanges of precision poverty alleviation in the forest area.