Japanese stationery horizontal evaluation one: the ultimate solution to select phobia! 25 Japanese neutral pens evaluation


Author: xhmole

1. Write in front

For the first time in Aunt Zhang, I always wanted to engage in a big news. Since it is a student party, let’s evaluate the most common stationery around you. Out of practical considerations, this time it mainly evaluates the neutral pens, excluding pens and ballpoint pens. I did not intend to test the falling resistance of each pen, but because of various mistakes, there were still falling on the ground, so some of them mentioned the problem of falling resistance. All the drops appearing in the text were dropped from a table of about 75cm height. It can be used as a reference, but if the one you buy is not as resistant to me, I don’t care. The following is the reading guide:

1. If you pay more attention to details, please refer to the scanning file and handwriting scanning file of the scoring

2. If you want to ask for recommendation, please refer to the second part of “Excellent Recommendation”

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

3. If you want to spend time, you can read the large evaluation and vomiting of each pen after reading

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

4. If you recognize my statement, please like www Tucao and doubts, and I hope I will write it in the comment area in the comments area in the future!

The referenced pictures and text will indicate the source (source). All those who have not indicated the source are original, and the photos come from Nex-F3 and iPhone 6 Plus, which are partially cut and spliced. The text comes from my dexterous hands

Since Aunt Zhang seems to be unable to upload pictures with too large size, if you need clearer pictures (especially scan files), please contact me privately. In order to avoid expression errors in the reading process, please refer to the figure below for some specific titles. The core of the pen is a general term that can be replaced. The pen tongue is a unique structure of a straight liquid -type, which is the general name of the ring groove and longitudinal grooves composed of fins and it.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

Second, technical test

This is the props used for testing, 70g copy paper, Kokuyo’s inside page, KOKUYO ruler, needle tube (the dropper can not be found) and water.

Test 1: The three lines of the 70g copy paper are simply explained. The first one is the normally compared with the ruler drawing line. Immediately after painting, the reference value of the second line is relatively large. The 8 -character is to show the situation of paper when writing. The color block is just referring to the color. Among them, SXN, as a ballpoint pen, still shows common blue. The following text is just written casually. You can observe the corner and end, as well as the rare handwriting in hollow situation. The picture cannot be uploaded

Please go to my Lofter homepage, the three pictures correspond to three tests. Important statement! UMR-85N and UMR-85 are two completely different pens, with a variety of improvements. There are a little error in the test form in the next project. UMN-152), the new version 85N (equipped with UMN-155-05 and the new version of UMN-105N), the new version of UMN-152N. Please pay attention when buying, pay attention to the packaging when buying the core alone. The figure below shows the secrets that can not draw paper and write back.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测这是测试用到的道具,得力70g复印纸,KOKUYO本子内页,KOKUYO尺子,针管(滴管找不到了)和水。

In fact, the control of the pen core leakage and the amount of water out of water is still due to the problem of workmanship. Most of them are because the gap between the pen beads and the ribbon is too large, and too small will cause problems such as less water and rolling jerky. There is still a small gap between the Chinese brands and Mitsubishi under this size, which is also one of the weaknesses of domestic stationery. The viscosity of the ink may determine whether the pen tip is hung on a small piece of ink after a period of time, which affects the next writing. More detailed pictures can be found in “” Mitsubishi Summary “in detail. The picture comes from the WeChat public account “Mechanical Aesthetics” and has been authorized.

Test 2: Give a drop of pure water to see the water resistance of the ink, just in case you really sprinkle the water on your homework. The test steps are as follows:

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

Is the small water beads on the paper?

Unfortunately, it will be effective. After I waited for the water to be absorbed, put the paper on the window sill and dry it, and then the result was: (the picture is in the previous LOFTER, please see my text summary)

Most models of Mitsubishi are not affected. UM-100 and UB-150 are mainly fragile when they just finish writing. Belle uses the product of Pure Liquid Ink is relatively serious, but as long as you do not apply it, you can still easily identify the handwriting. Paitong had no flowers, but the color of the position of the water was obviously faded, and it was a bit blue. The color of the zebra BE-100 soaked color becomes lighter and green, and the JJM-88 is hardly affected. The two models of MUJI are also not affected. Test 3: In the test of KOKUYO’s inside page, I planned to use the Kokuyo Dongda dotted book commonly used by everyone, but considering the paper size and point line effects, the big book is finally used. close to. The results are as shown in the figure (tailoring and stitching), which is no different from the previous 70g copy paper, but it can be seen more obviously that the two pens of the SXN series will be written in one direction (drawing line). Smooth a drip, and then leave a trace in the next draw (please see the left of 88888) and then the UMN-152. Many reverse strokes have no color. This story tells us that the old version of the UMR-85 core cannot be bought … Be sure to buy 85N … In addition, the problem of gray color of some models of the ink color on this paper is not obvious. You can use it with confidence. In short, there is nothing wrong, I actually came to Amway’s book


日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

3: Score

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

I summarized the previous technical test and the several months of use experience into this form.

These eight items basically cover a level of a pen in all aspects. As for the price, because I don’t know the weight in your minds, so it is listed separately as a reference. This price is the price I bought.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

Fourth, excellent recommendation

I know that providing you with detailed scores, some people still have chosen phobia. So please see my recommendation, choose combined with your use occasion

1. Entry-level conscience work: Baole G-1

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

UM-100/G-1/BE-100 is three pens that are often compared together, because they are entry-level and affordable models, and they are also fake severely disaster-stricken areas (fog). After a period of use, I think that G-1 is the best of the three models. If you want to find an affordable choice or have used domestic stationery before, then this pen can become your first step.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

2. Always want to engage in a big news: Mitsubishi UBN-176

Whether it is a workmanship or appearance, he is very surprised by the magical adaptability of various surfaces. Due to its high price and medium capacity, I think it is a bit luxurious to use it to write homework. But as a business person, you can write a period of batch or sign your own name (I know that the pen is a more noble choice, but it is easy to maintain, it is easy to save, and there are many advantages). In addition, this pen can be written smoothly at any time in a special environment such as outdoor camps and exploration. Unlike some pens, the plane was scared. Well, urine.

3. High-quality experience is not expensive: Mitsubishi UMN-105N/105C

There is nothing special about this pen’s appearance, but the core of the pen is Mitsubishi’s very good UMR-85N. This core is used only on the more high-end SIGNO series of UMN-155 The price is in exchange for a basically the same experience. If you are the student party who are pursuing like me, you can’t escape a lot of homework and want to get a good experience. There is no doubt that you choose this one. If you don’t look at the appearance of 105N/C, you can also buy a UMN-155, and then buy 105N/C as a spare pen core. As for why not buy a pen core, please see the “important prompt” earlier

4. Fen Book Book High Three Party: Baile P-500

This pens are the largest capacity in this evaluation. If you have a lot of homework to write and have no intention of paying attention to the appearance, this pen can obviously provide a very good solution. In addition, when you see someone on the Internet PO out of a large bundle of pens, you can also sneer and indicate that you top 5 of them. In addition, if it is a classmate with a very strong writing strength, the needle structure of this pen may make you a little uncomfortable. You can buy one first.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

5. Small freshness of dry goods: Two products of MUJI products

Since countless students are using it, I believe that this product must have any people, maybe it is a simple and cute appearance and experience. The capacity is medium, the writing is smooth, and occasionally accumulate ink. In addition, the purchase channel of this pen is more convenient than others. As long as you find the MUJI nearby, you can buy it. Warning: Don’t take this pen too tossing, it is not even as resistant to Mitsubishi, and there is a risk of leakage.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

6. There must be a force of cheap: Mitsubishi UM-100

This pen has a tough appearance and smooth writing. It is also equipped with Twin-Ball technology, and I do n’t know why I wrote a slight pen. The water is surging and the sense of control is very strong. I suggest you consider using him to practice hard pen calligraphy.

Five, detailed evaluation

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

Early warning: a lot of tuning ahead, ready!

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

I have used a lot of words for so long! If you see it here, please come to the bottom of the article to give me a praise/enjoy it. Thank you for your guest officers. If you are more boring as me to turn your aunt, you may wish to listen to me. A total of 10000+ words, consumed me a lot of time

In the lower right corner of the picture, the model of this pen is marked with the corresponding pen type in parentheses. The following is a caliber, but unfortunately it was blocked by the aunt’s watermark, and it could only be reluctant to distinguish.

Mitsubishi Uni camp

1.UBN-176 (weighing about 15g, total length 144mm)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测


Positioning is partial business. Therefore, it is stable and there is no decoration. The tip of the pen looks metal, but it is actually plastic. Only the pens are made of metal. The whole pen has a certain amount, and the overall appearance is also good. The rubber in the front hand is hard, and the decoration effect is greater than comfort. Pressing the motion is not strong, but there are creaked sounds and a slight sense of staging. The sense of this stage should be because the patented design of the small hook (I don’t know the actual name) in the subsequent strokes can ensure that this pen can ensure this pen. Skill in your pocket, and automatically recover the pen tip when it is on the book. The transparent window can see the use of the pen core. It is worth mentioning that the refill of this pen is designed in the inner and outer dual -layer. The ink at the outer layer flows from the tip to the pen tail. This structure is like enlarging the structure of the straight liquid beaded pen pen tongue to the whole pen. Ink is the high -end “Super Ink” of Mitsubishi. The name is quite straightforward. In short, it claims to have the advantages of all ink. With this core, it can be written in various environments. I haven’t tried underwater. Wet paper is okay. In addition, it is normal for the plane and when traveling to Qinghai. It seems that it is okay to overcome the pressure. There is a small flaw that this pen has just bought a very large amount of water. It will even be written on paper with thick fibers or poor quality. After using about 1/5 The smooth characteristics are very suitable for a lot of writing. Therefore, I suggest not to write small words in the early stage. Signatures or practice can be used. You must write the water in the post -assignment and wait for the stability of the water.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测这款采用了和超经典的BX-V5一样的油墨,但笔尖已经不是针管式的了,而是大家喜闻乐见的子弹头笔尖。前部分使用了较为柔软的橡胶,上面经典的圆形小凹陷在百乐的很多款笔中都出现过。金属笔夹视觉效果不错,接触纸面的部分也处理的非常光滑,不会划伤纸面。按动压力偏大,接触部分的注塑口处理的也非常光滑、圆润,做工很好。容量小于BX-V5,但书写长度应该也在600-800米左右了。笔夹后部的8字形镂空不知是干什么用的,有橡皮屑之类的进去恐怕得用大头针挑出来。整体外观上黑白配色+金属材质笔夹比较时尚。另外笔芯后部夸张地采用了三道防挥发的措施,除了常见的密封油(黄色部分),还有浸泡在其中的圆柱状橡胶(白色),笔芯尾部还有黑色的硬质塑料帽。我也不太清楚是因为此种墨水容易挥发或流动,还是百乐为了万无一失。不过考虑到此种墨水主要应用在BX-V5之类的相对密闭结构的笔当中,倒可以接受。写起来非常舒适,但偶尔出现滑动的现象。PS刚来的时候笔墨挺满的,这支笔我拿去写了很多很多作业才想起来给他拍照,所以墨水只有一半多了……

2.UMN-155-38/umn-155-05 (weighing about 11g, 141mm in length)


(These two 0.38mm and 0.5mm models have the same appearance, only the tail -caliber identification to distinguish, so put them together) The whole body plastic material, the front rubber in the front It is quite comfortable to hold, but it is easy to stick ash, and the light -colored model may be stained with pen and ink. The rear is the plastic with high gloss effect (the slope of the pen tail in the photo is white because of reflection). The spring is strong and the rebound is strong. It is the second highest on all the pens of this evaluation! Intersection Intersection (Do you know what I am talking about, just press the pen on the table to let him jump up …) Although it is not amazing at first glance, it is extremely comfortable for a long time. My test time is the second semester of the second semester of the second semester In the third semester of the third grade, most of the exams and parts were written in this pen. The small thin pen painting was really refreshing, the ink was dry enough, and there was no hand to wipe the flowers. The covered glue in front of this pen is large, and my holding pose is forward (incorrect), so the feeling of the large -scale glue brings is far more comfortable than 138. This shell is also low -key and excellent Mēn Ya Sāo, which will not have a sense of cheapness of 138 at all. In addition, it is more resistant to falling. It should be noted that the two cores of UMR-85 and the new version of the 85n are completely different. This is also the advantage of UMN-155-05.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

3.UMN-105N/UMN-138 (weighing about 9.5g, total length 139mm)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测


These two models are also the same strokes with different diameter. This appearance can be said to be quite classic. The overall is not thick. The rubber holding part of the hand is a bit of the position of the finger belly, which is effective and anti -slip, and feels good. All color rubber parts of 0.38mm are translucent, and 0.5mm rubber parts are opaque. In order to preserve lubricating oil, the mechanical structure of the rear cannot be easily disassembled, but in fact, if you want to remove the core, you can top the rear, so you can add lubricating oil by yourself. Press the pressure of the motion and the consistency is good. After a long period of use, the feel is still elastic. In fact, this pen is my Mitsubishi pits. Then I have been hovering in the broken water of the domestic stationery. So I started thinking about the neutral pen of this brand. Later, I also found that there must be a corresponding Japanese station in every domestic stationery that can be seen in the appearance … I didn’t say who copied who to get 138. ladder. At the beginning, I was a little worried about the chain. Later, after using the two pens cores, I started to buy a lot of pens, and he never let me down (until I saw 155 hahahahaha), at least Mitsubishi’s quality control was great. Essence It is a pity that after a while, the transparent pen shells will make the traces of sealed oil and the rear lubricant in the pen, which reveals a sense of cheapness. If you use a long time (complete 5-6 pen cores), the gel in the front may be loose. If it is translucent, you can clearly see a layer of bubbles inside. So comfortable. Please look at the picture below and pay attention to changes in color. In addition, you can notice that there is a small depression in the place where the thumb holds, which improves the feel to a certain extent.

Notice! The new version 105N and UMN-155 are the same as the new version of the UMR-85N pen core, not the old version of UMR-85 of the UMN-152. The new version of 85N can be able to draw a line and write in the same direction without accumulating a drip. It is really amazing. The following is a picture of self -knowing the great god@下 下 下.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

4.UMN-152 (weighs about 12.5g, total length 143mm)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测这款笔也是经典的Hi-TECPOINT系列BX-V5的衍生型号,改动了导流结构,使得原本笔舌部分也用来储存墨水,因此容量非常大,提高到了夸张的2000米左右。至于外观……见仁见智吧,我真的觉得好丑。笔夹加宽写个0.5,石斑鱼花纹,圆滑的笔帽和圆滑笔尾??Excuse Me??我有点接受不能……不过话说回来这款的售价和BX-V5接近,书写长度又比BX-V5长这么多,它要是不长的丑点恐怕没人去买V5了……以上是我猜的,别较真。实际用一段时间之后(我用了两根)会觉得也没那么糟糕啦……特别是摘掉笔帽以后。再说了毕竟是书写工具嘛。手握部分是硬质塑料,带有防滑螺纹。但不知为何手上出汗的时候握起来比无螺纹的V5还滑一些。书写顺滑度还不错,但倒写有很明显的划纸感,另外在广告彩页那种铜版纸上面书写有时会出现笔迹中空的情况。


日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

This pen is actually a certain time when I did n’t read the model when I bought 138. He is like an enlarged version of 138/105, and the length and diameter have increased. It seems that it is more suitable for people with thicker palms? Intersection The original poster is more skinny, and it is not very comfortable to hold this pen. In addition, the pen core is universal with 138 and 105, so there is no change in capacity. The only significant difference is that it uses a design similar to UBN-176, so that this pen can be automatically retracted when the pocket and the book are caught on the pocket and the book. The US-China Insufficient Pen Watching Core is UMR-85 instead of the new version of 85N. The new version of “UMN-152N” is matched with 85N.

5.SXN-155/SXN-157S (weighing about 10g, total length 140mm)


These two color schemes are very different, but the molds of each component should be the same. This pen is a Jetstream series with unique emulsifier ink. It can even be written upside down in most paper, and write a very smooth and smooth feel. Smooth, fast dry, more positive color, water resistance, stable handwriting and not fading. Perhaps it should be called “Chinese oil pen” … but because of many excellent advantages, I still add it to this evaluation queue. The rubber held on the front hand is very comfortable and a bit easy to stick. Because the pen tail is relatively sharp, it feels strong (pressure) when pressing. The overall black and white and blue color appearance is still very fashionable (80 school uniforms can learn people). The core is a special SXR series, but the pen is compatible with conventional UMR-83/85. When it comes to pen cores, do you have a feeling of excessive design? But look cool. The yellow ball behind this structure is not a large capacity for anti -leakage, but each stroke is also good for you to go smoothly. Whether it is retracted by the pen tip or a falling state in the outside state. There is no such thing as a drop of beads.

6.um-100 (weight of about 12g, 150mm in length)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测


日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

This pen is really a pretty ordinary one. Although there is no rubber, the grip is not too bad, and it may be a bit difficult to use for a long time. The appearance is bland, and the positioning seems to be business. But this pen is used in Twin-Ball technology (in addition to the roller of the pen tip, the connection position of the metal nib and the core tube also has the second one to prevent the drums from ink. Please refer to the structure of the SXR pen tip above.) The lowest price in the pen. The small details worth mentioning are the thickness of the first half of the shell, plus the metal’s pen to make the whole pen center the center of gravity, which improves the feel to a certain extent. At this price, it is relatively conscience, and there is no doubt that it is an economic product. Because of its large water output, the sense of control is very good and the price is not high. I recommend that you can choose when you practice characters. You can easily write the thickness of the pen like a pen, or a friend with a relatively large writing. PS is also a heavy disaster -stricken area. I suggest that you can buy it below ¥ 3.5 online, and do n’t buy the physical stationery store ¥ 5. You can take a look at the transparency of the pen, whether the depression transition is smooth, whether the edge of the pen clip is smooth and not Lá hands (please tell me how to play the word in the comment area) to distinguish the authenticity.

7.UM-151 (weight of about 11g, 136mm in length)


Everyone who looks at the appearance of this pen will feel “I seem to have one” … Yes, this is a long time to enter the Chinese market, and it has been taken into time. Some heart, borrowing chāo Jian Xí, you can find countless models of different brands of the same appearance … We only say that Mitsubishi original, at this price and rubber handshake, it is really conscience, the hand feels good, and also retains the metal pen header. Provide a more stable writing sense. If there is any obvious disadvantage of UM-151 … Please remember to cover the pen. The “water resistance” written on the pen shows that it is easier to dry. I am afraid that it will be drawn for a long time without covering the pen. In addition, I did not do a special drop test, but I fell two when I used it before, and one was fine with the other. Maybe it has something to do with the landing site?

8.UB-155 (weight of about 9g, 136mm in length)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测


日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

In terms of appearance, I don’t seem to say anything … stable and elegant, suitable for business people, although it is not possible to change the core but the capacity is very large. It must be excellent in signing. The pen shell is similar to titanium gray. Look carefully at the light of the stars. In addition, a little olive green is emitted under the sun? gold? The pen hat is tight, and if you use a thumb with a thumb with one hand, you can hear a crisp sound. The shallow Super Ink on the metal pen holder has actually told us that this stuff is not easy … The writing experience alone is a bit like UBN-176 using the same ink. Occasionally, it is almost perfect beyond the phenomenon of paper. In addition, Meiya is very expensive. The price I buy is relatively low. I wonder if it is a fake. Not suitable for writing a lot of small characters, it is not recommended to use homework.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

9.UB-150 (weighs about 11g, total length 138mm)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测


日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

This classic appearance must be known … it seems that they have entered China in the 1990s. Ultra -large capacity, water resistance and low prices make this one the choice of counting office supplies in countless units. It is also a straight -liquid design that cannot be replaced. This pen also has countless imitation models and fakes, which can also be distinguished through details such as workmanship and materials. This pen is particularly resistant to falling. Even I manually picked the pen hat and fell to the ground … In addition, when I tested it halfway, I organized the box and turned out a very old UB-150. From the degree of wear of the shell The first stroke was written, and I did n’t see a few words. What was the difference between the new pens used in this evaluation (why did he be thrown there?). It seems that the quality of this gadget is really good.

10. Mitsubishi Stylefit series UMNH-59 (weight 4G, 141mm in length)


The characteristic of this series is that Mitsubishi encourages everyone to choose a pen shell and a core of a pen, so that everyone has more choices, and Mitsubishi also has more money to earn. At the top of the figure is the black pen shell of UMNH-59. The three in the middle are 0.38mm pens, 05mm pens, 0.5mm automatic pencil components (this automatic pencil component is really mini-black technology from black technology The level, the structure is similar to the round regulations that can store multiple lead cores), and the pre-assembled model UMN-109-38. Umnh-59 is the model of the pen shell, which is very slender and the weight is very light. I am afraid that the pen core does not exceed 5G. Due to the lack of soft materials, it may not be comfortable for a long time. In addition, the pen body is relatively thin, and the nails with three fingers can be conflicted with extreme conditions … The probably positioning should be written for the cute girls, memorizing the homework … There are 4 types of the upper shell, and the core has the pen core. The three diameters of 0.28mm/0.38mm/0.5mm have 16 colors, plus 49 types of automatic pencil components with black technology, 4×49 = 196 combinations … I can only say that Mitsubishi is really intellectual. If this is named one by one, I am afraid that the 3 -digit number is not enough. In addition, because there is no pen clip, the whole pen is easy to roll, so Mitsubishi designed a small protrusion and rolling pen at the middle end. It is a very intimate design. However, the effect is actually average. In addition, the. 24 written on the core container is not a diameter, but a color coding. In addition, in order to facilitate the refactive core, the mechanical structure of the entire pen includes the spring in the back. Pressing the pressure is high, it is the highest in the pen of this evaluation! The advantage is light, portable, rich in color, and still smooth experience under ultra -fine caliber (0.28). I am not aimed at the Hi-TEC-C pen tip for Payhom. I mean … Everyone sitting is 0. However, although it is smooth enough, the color is slightly lighter than the general neutral pen. Other colors are okay, but black looks not good.

Summary of Mitsubishi camp

Personally, I like the overall design and many ideas of Mitsubishi. I like not only good-looking, but also good man-machine efficiency, and it is impeccable to work to UM100 to UBN-176. In addition, when I saw the information on the Internet, I also know that Mitsubishi is a company with a technical strength. Interested students can go to see Mitsubishi’s machine tool and core production process. The advantage is that the selection of ink color of all models is rich, and the color is very pure and bright, especially the most common “.24 Black” compared to Pure Liquid Ink (in V5 and derivative models) and cocoa compared The FRIXION series (FRIXION series) has a lot of advantages and is even more “black”. Whether it is a small caliber, the writing can be very smooth (the bead pen with 0.18mm with tungsten carbon rolling beads was launched). The disadvantage is also obvious, which is not resistant to fall (except UBN-176). If you do n’t fall, you can use a drop of a drop, but as long as you have fallen, you have to ask for a lot of blessings. However, in order to enjoy their smooth writing experience, I still want to use it. As for why you are not resistant to falling, please see this picture:

Yes, if you have a little machine tool operation experience, you know how troublesome processing such a structure is processing on the size of the pen tip. Remind everyone to remember to identify authenticity and not be greedy for small and cheap. If you have a bad impression on Mitsubishi’s stationery, it is most likely because you use fake XD to see the pen tip to work. There is a layer of width and parallel to each other’s milling cutter traces, and the entire metal nib is relatively smooth and metallic luster. It should not be potholes or black. In the end, there is no neutral pen in China in China, so there should be a MIJ logo. If you see Made in China, I am afraid it is a emotional pirated manufacturer … don’t buy it.

Baile Pilot camp

1. BX-V5 (weight of about 10g, 135mm in length)

A very popular pen that has been popular in the near future has been sold in the stationery stores at the gate of the school. The overall appearance is very simple. There is no glue in the hand holding part, but the ring slot of the brush tongue is displayed with a transparent pen shell. The black part below the word “V5” is also translucent, which can be used to check how much remaining ink. This pen’s pen is not the perfect cylindrical body, but the thickest back (round platform). I have obsessive -compulsive disorder … Personally prefer to go straight up and down. The capacity is not small, the writing length is about 1200-1400 meters (about 500 meters) and unexpectedly very resistant to falling. As the first product of the HI-TEC-C pen tip and Pure Liquid Ink ink, it is indeed quite momentum to catch up with Mitsubishi. In addition, it supports changes in core changes and motion types. It is implemented in its derivative models. The only small disadvantage is that the tip of the pipe -shaped nib is a bit soft. For people like me, people who have a stronger strength may not feel very “stable” … In addition, because of the simple appearance and simple (actually not) structure, there are A large number of domestic fakes appear on the market. Pay attention to the channels when buying. The simple identification method is to see if the edge of the silver font is sharp, whether the part below the V5 is translucent, and see if the three groups of the three sets of the beads are shaped and depth. The left side of the figure below is the right side of the fake.

This Hi-TEC-C pen tip can also be regarded as a innovative move of Payo. With the tip of the needle tube, it reached a smoothness that can be comparable to Mitsubishi’s complex nib, and the requirements for workmanship are relatively low. The picture comes from the official website.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

2. V-Ballrt (weight of about 11g, 144mm in length)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

This ink with the same BX-V5, which is super classic, is no longer a needle tube, but a nib that everyone likes to see. The previous part uses a softer rubber, and the classic circular small depression above has appeared in many pens of Baile. The visual effect of the metal pen holder is good, and the contact part of the paper surface is also very smooth, and it will not scratch the paper. Pressing the pressure of the motion is too large, the injection molding port of the contact part is also very smooth and rounded, and the workmanship is very good. The capacity is less than BX-V5, but the writing length should be around 600-800 meters. The 8 -shaped hollow of the rear of the pen holder does not know what it is to do. If you have rubber dandruff and the like, you may be picked out with a big needle. The overall appearance of black and white color+metal material pen clip is more fashionable. In addition, the rear of the pen core exaggeratedly adopts three measures to prevent volatilization. In addition to the common sealing oil (yellow part), there are cylindrical rubber (white) soaked in it. Essence I don’t know if this kind of ink is easy to volatilize or flow, or Belle is nothing to lose. However, considering that this kind of ink is mainly used in a relatively closed structure such as BX-V5, it is acceptable. It is very comfortable to write, but occasionally the phenomenon of sliding. When PS first came, the pen ink was full. I took a lot of homework for this pen to take pictures for him, so the ink was only half more …

3.P-500 (weight of about 10g, 135.5mm in length)

This pen is also a classic Hi-TECPOINT series BX-V5 derivative model. It has changed the diversion structure and made the original pen part of the storage of ink. Therefore, the capacity is very large, which increases to an exaggerated 2000 meter. As for the appearance … see the wisdom, I really feel ugly. Pen clip is a width of 0.5, grouper patterns, smooth pens and smooth pen tails? Intersection Excuse me? Intersection I ca n’t accept it … But then the price of this one is close to the BX-V5, and the writing length is so much longer than the BX-V5. If it is not a long ugly point, I am afraid no one can buy V5 … The above is me. Guess, don’t be true. After using it for a while (I used two), it would not be so bad … especially after taking off the pen cap. Besides, after all, it is a writing tool. The hand holding part is a hard plastic with a non -slip thread. But I do not know why it is more slippery than a thread -free V5 when sweating. The smooth writing is not bad, but it has a clear sense of paper. In addition, the bronze paper of the advertising color page is sometimes empty.

4.PRECISEV5 (weight of about 10g, 135mm in length)

For specific evaluations, please refer to the BX-V5 directly. The reason is as follows: The addition of this product in this evaluation made me write this text and lament what I thought at the time. I heard that this is the export of BX-V5 to the US model. It is said that it is faster, the black color is more pure, and it has gained the best neutrality of “the best neutrality The pen “evaluates, so I transferred from Meiya to hand, and I was still in one breath. However, after a period of writing and use, I found that this stuff is completely different from the BX-V5! I just changed a darker painting. Some minor problems in the past did not change! Intersection Do you ask me why I praised foreign websites? It is probably the people who have never seen a better pen under the deep capitalist … Of course, the objective evaluation is also good (because he is a BX-who has been going abroad to go around V5, just say that everyone does not need to be as stupid as me, it is exactly the same as the BX-V5 that is easy to buy in China.

5.G-1 (weight of about 10g, total length 145mm)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

This is a relatively basic one of the Baile family. The opponent should be Mitsubishi UM-100. In order to save costs, the pen body also uses all plastic materials, but to be honest, the synthetic line and water mouth are not as good as Mitsubishi … In addition, the metal pen tip is retained. The advantage of the metal pen is that writing is not easy to flutter, and the sense of support is strong (of course, the premise is that the size and the core size are as strict as possible), and the workmanship of the pen and the tip of the pen does not lose the high -end model. The traces of the milling cutter on the pen tip are clearly visible. The surprise is that the ink of the Baole G1 is very excellent, the drying speed is fast, not afraid of applying, and the color is very pure. The responsible saying is full of domestic neutral pens at the same price or even higher price. This is probably “good steel is used on the blade”.

6.LFBK-18UF (weight of about 10g, 145mm in length)

This one is also a very special existence in this evaluation, the only rubbing pen. In fact, I am a student who can be rubbed early. I have used the first-generation spindle-type LFB-20EF, LFBK-23EF with high value, large capacity, and SW-FC that can be rubbed. Of course 18UF mentioned here. The advantages and disadvantages of rubbing the pen are too obvious, the advantage is naturally easy to modify, and for some elementary school students, this seems to be something that can be installed. The disadvantage is that the black is not pure and gray, and the other colors are okay. In addition, the stability (fading) after writing and the stability after writing is not as good as ordinary ink. The value of this 18UF is quite high and can be hung on the bag, but the capacity is not large. You can see the small core of the small toothpick.

Next is the emotional time:

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

After obtaining a patent of temperature -controlled ink in 1975, Belle has developed a “Pepletic pen” after more than 20 years of development and research.

The first product was LFB-20EF, and later there were a large number of derivative models using the same technology. However, less than half a year after Bailula’s can be launched, domestic fakes have begun to flood, and some brands have begun to produce imitation models. The things developed in 20 years, imitation and plagiarism can not be used for half a year, and then the quality is inferior and low in price, which has made countless students deceived, but finally scolded the Pepole that can be wiped out, and the mockery of fake goods used genuine flowers with genuine flowers. Fundamental money. What I want to say is because Bailula pays a lot of funds and energy to develop pens that can be developed, and then with the cheap plagiarism of domestic manufacturers, the cheap imitation products in the hands of “pirated users” are available. Not qualified to laugh at the genuine user. As for the saying “20 years of research and development? Domestic manufacturers have done it in less than half a year”, probably the human brain that says this is excreted organs.

Later, I often saw this on the Internet. In this way, like this, there is such an article, I am really unable to vomit. They are all the same plot: Uncle Ma, Ms. Zhang, Ms. Li, seeing a magical pen in the market, bought it for children, the test handwriting lost points. Etc., etc. I do n’t understand what the editors are out of the mentality and purposes to write these irresponsible articles. The official conservative statement disappears 60 ° C, and -18 ° C appears. The answer that wiped off is covered correctly? Intersection Intersection I also tried the electric kettle at home at home. The actual temperature was significantly higher than 60 ° C. To be honest, I prefer Mitsubishi, but I still can’t sit still when I see Belle by hacking. Related interests: I have used a lot of rubbing pens since elementary school (far before starting this evaluation), which has been provided with a lot of trouble. I have always used genuine products. I have never appeared on the Internet. As for those imitation that tied the patriotic feelings to advocate the domestic manufacturers … Send you a picture.

Summary of Baile camp

In the early days, Belle was unable to compete with Mitsubishi, but in recent years, Payo’s market share should not be lower than Mitsubishi. I have to admit that many of his marketing methods are very witty, including product naming, such as JUICE, friction (don’t stain), smiley pens, concubine or something, as well as the color of the color 雫 series Naming is indeed a good way to attract students to buy. In addition to marketing methods, Baile has indeed made a lot of innovation, such as rubbing pen, such as the Hi-TEC-C pen tip structure. And Pure Liquid Ink is applied to almost all neutral pens of Bailey, which seems to be a bit fried in cold rice. The bad thing is that all the colors of PLI include black. Knowing its handwriting looks like gray on many paper. In general, I also like this brand very much. I also thank him for the invention of the pen, and I do n’t know why Belle ’s pen is more resistant than Mitsubishi … It may be that the HTC and other structures of the pen tip may be relatively simple. Very skinny and stable.

Pentel camp

1.bln-75 (weighs about 13g, total length 147mm)

Both weight and size are a “heavyweight” pen in this evaluation. There are three “conventional models” in the same model. I buy the so -called limited models, big red paint, structure, and pen core. When I chose it at the time, I took a look: Oh, the pen is metal? Pentel identifies the upper and lower metal ring? Pen pinch metal? The button is metal? And at that time, when I saw the red coating part, I thought it was the aluminum alloy pen of the 925 of Schidel. However, it was found that it was basically plastic. Fortunately, the workmanship is acceptable, and the surface treatment is good. It took a long time to expose the plastic nature (white, like glass fiber). The rubber in the hand holds the moderate softer, and the texture of the texture is good. You can remove it with the black rubber sleeve on other versions (but there is no egg). After I removed the rubber sleeve, I polished it with a knife in the usual block.

The latter clip is made of metal. Another piece of metal is bent many times. The structure and thickness are similar to UBN-176, but there is a layer of plastic in the inside of 176, and the BLN-75 is not, so it is a bit of a hand. This nib is also very special. I don’t know if it should be classified as a bullet or a needle. In fact, it is very smooth to write. However, when the buttons of some efforts are quickly written, the button hat will shake up and down, making a sound of sound, which is a bit annoying. The overall appearance is already a fairly exaggerated one in this evaluation, which is very beautiful, but it is fashionable rather than business positioning.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

2. BLN-105 (weight of about 11g, 147mm in length)

The appearance is similar to the BLN-75, but it has been disassembled from the rear. All pseudo-metal components are replaced with translucent plastic. There are 4 willow-like decoration depression at the end of the pen clip and the connection of the pen. Through the transparent pen, we can see that there is also a white rubber in the sealing oil in the pen, which is combined with sealing oil to prevent leakage and evaporation. Press the mobility medium.

Zebra Zebra camp

1.BE-100 (weight of about 9g, 135.5mm in length)

This is also a pen to position entry, so it is inevitable to compare it with UM-100 and G-1. This is only the shortest of the three models, the lightest weight. It also uses all plastic materials and cannot be replaced. Therefore, it greatly reduces the complexity of the number and structure (such as threads). Even the small round cushion and related structures that hold the tip of the pen tip behind the pen cap are saved. Then the name be-pen (Chinese translation “must”) is also full of feelings. Is this meaning “I just make a pen quiet Payo’s design, so there is really nothing to say in appearance. It feels like a lot of places such as the teacher’s office, and the kind of throwing it when it is abolished. The workmanship is indeed very good, and this is also a heavy disaster -stricken area. For specific authenticity identification, you can go here to refer to it. I think it is clear. In addition, I really bought fake goods at the school gate. , Almost turned black about the zebaba road. The water is very stable and the writing is quite smooth, but it seems a bit floating for students with strong writing. In addition, the color is really not very pure, it seems a bit like dark green. All in all, it is an ordinary, positioning business pen, and occasionally takes out a word or brush the job. It is good for a month to grab a month. It is difficult to win if it is hard to competition, and it is more feelings. Here is Zhihu Great God

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

@ @普 普

description of:

Products in 1981, classic, nostalgic.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

(Yes, I just answered because this pen evokes my memories.)

The BE100, known as the “must -have pen” in Hong Kong, can be called the first imported neutral pens to enter the Chinese market, which has a profound impact on the Chinese stationery market.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

In the 1980s, the pens of BE100 were generally used in the 1980s when using handmade machine tools to produce ballpoint pens in China. Until the early 1990s, before Mitsubishi (UNI) entered China, Zebra could be regarded as the first China (China) (Zebra) was the number one in China ( The only) imported neutral pen brand. However, the success of BE100 is a complicated background. The zebra and its Hong Kong agent did not seize this opportunity. Today, the high -end student stationery market in mainland China has become the world of Pilot. The pride and procrastination of the year paid the price.

(Payo has also started to die recently)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

There are too many fakes of BE100, and the genuine technology is old. According to today’s standards, it is no longer a Japanese neutral pen that has to be written.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

The bearing needle tip, the setting of water is the helplessness of the technical restrictions of the year.

The king of the needle pipe tip is undoubtedly the PRECISE V5 of Baile, but note that V5, V5-RT, and V5-CS just look like the pen tip. If you write it, the closest to BE100 is V5-RT. The smoothness of the original V5 and the convenience of CS are far beyond BE100.

2.jjm-88 (weighing about 11.5g, 140.5mm in length)

This pen was the last one to be added in, derived from the recommendation of classmates (girls). The unknown percentage on the core, the hazy white rubber grip, and the golden “Sarara Study” on the pen holder is a means to attract the girl. I have not affected a lot. However, there are two points worth praising. The touch and non-slip of the hand holding part of the first pen are the best (but there is a gap with the α-Gel). It is not easy to draw paper, elasticity is good, and the appearance is not monotonous. It is a bit astringent to write, especially when the corner of the pen and paper is close to 90 ° or inverted. Generally speaking, it is a good pen, but the money you spend for him may not be spent much on the technology of the pen, and most of them are estimated to be in the appearance. Yan controls can consider that I am not very cold.

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

MUJI camp

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

1. MUJI 0.38mm/0.5mm (weighing about 7g and 139mm in length)

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

If anyone can tell me what the MUJI family is called, it is really grateful. Every time I talk to others, “Yes, MUJI, that is the white frosted, the one that Chenguang Youpin is imitated” … For a while I also used it during that time. Later, I also brought it back to Japan. Each one was less than 4 yuan, which is much cheaper than domestic. The overall appearance is not outstanding, but it is very simple, it looks pretty, but the label and the domestic imitation products are stupid … I want to say that this core should be the founding of other manufacturers to help MUJI foundry. After all, MUJI sold it. The east -west range is very wide, not like investing in a lot of funds in neutral pens. 0.38 writing is not very smooth, 0.5 is very good. The color is very positive, the black is very pure, and the drying speed is medium. However, the disadvantage is that the quality control is not very good, so I used 10 of the one I have used (the previously used up, the picture is new in the picture), probably only 6 are complete. There is no problem. It is useful until 80%of the beads fell, and there was a drop of beads, and some of the water became less or a lot of water. Overall, but the price / performance ratio is not very high in terms of pricing of MUJI 8 yuan in China.

6. The last last …

日系文具横向测评 篇一:选择恐惧症的终极解决方案!25款日系中性笔评测

If you have been seeing this seriously, either to eliminate time, or you must have a certain pursuit of text like me. I hope that this article can make everyone gain something in the process of buying stationery in the future. I also wish you all never buy fake WW. If you can, please like/reward to support me! Intersection If you have any suggestions, dissatisfaction, or think This Article Sucks, please say it in the comments. And I hope I will leave a message in the comment area next time I want to evaluate what items (stationery -related). If you want to get the original picture of all the pictures that appear this evaluation, please send me privately.