Natural crystal is not beautiful? That is, you did not see the Crystal Crystal of the Southern Song Dynasty.


There are everything in jewelry in jewelry, so the crystal jewelry seems to be less precious. Instead, it is cheaper jewelry, and even the price of artificial crystals is higher than the price of natural crystals. But in ancient times, crystal jewelry was more precious.

Crystal was called water essence, water jade, millennium ice, jade crystal, etc. in ancient times. With its crystal clear appearance, it gives people a thorough and transparent beauty.

Especially the crystal jewelry from the Song Dynasty is really the same as that of modern jewelry. The advanced design talked the beauty of the crystal transparent material.

1. Crystal Crystal Pyramid in the Southern Song Dynasty

This is a crystal from the Southern Song Dynasty. It is difficult to associate it with cultural relics, because a little historical trace has not been left. It is too perfect as the modern crafts is too pure and translucent, and the inner wall It is vertical and neat, which is exactly the precise texture of the machine. If it is not unearthed, it is difficult to convince it from the Southern Song Dynasty.

The most special is its rope, which uses black silk rope, which is similar to the nylon rope suitable for jade today. In fact, this weaving rope has a history of more than 800 years, and it is not easy to save so intact. It also allows us to confess the aesthetics of the Song Dynasty again. Both porcelain and jewelry are so exquisite.

This crystal jewelry is currently collected in Zhejiang

The master of the Huangyan District of Taizhou is Zhao Bozhen, the seventh grandson of Zhao Kuangyin, the founding emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. Because the aristocratic tombs of the Southern Song Dynasty attach great importance to the problem of anti -corrosion, not only using thick and sturdy coffin, but also the gaps left between the coffin and the tomb wall, filling pine fragrance and glutinous rice juice. Such a closed design is completely isolated from the outside world. In this way, the items inside can be preserved intact. Whether it is Zhu Hongyu’s lacquer coffin or dozens of silk fabrics, it is well preserved.


Although it is a crystal, this texture really loves, just like the image of the void, plain and gentle. It turns out that the Song people’s grasp of aesthetics is really great. The simple and stylish style is a style that will not be outdated for thousands of years. The role of this accessory is to suppress the floating light silk clothing, which is also a very practical jewelry.

Second, the special crystal jewelry of the Southern Song Dynasty

The crystal jewelry of the Southern Song Dynasty is very distinctive. This crystal jewelry has a generous appearance.

The outline is oval, and the inner hole is a begonia shape. The function of this crystal jewelry is the same as the previous one. With the wire -made knot, it can suppress the floating light silk clothing


Only such a large design is more suitable for men to wear.


Third, the crystal fish of the Northern Song Dynasty

This lively crystal fish is from the Northern Song Dynasty. It is also an unearthed cultural relic. It is full of shape and beautiful shapes, fine carvings, and even the fish scales on the fish are described finely. It is said that art comes from life, but it is also the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients.

Fourth, the crystal brain of the Northern Song Dynasty

This crystal necklace also comes from the unearthed cultural relics of the Northern Song Dynasty, which is still popular in modern jade jewelry. In fact, jewelry represents the pursuit of beautiful things. This beauty is also cultural. From ancient times to the present, these classics are derived from the accumulation of history.

5. Crystal beads of the Southern Song Dynasty

These different shapes of beads are unearthed and made of artifacts, which are hand -made. These crystal holes are still clearly visible through the crystal. Although it looks simple, it is actually very complicated. Clicked it out. Whether it is the shape of the shape and the hole, it is very time -consuming and laborious. It is precisely this craft that reflects the simple beauty of the crystal.


These two crystal melon ridges also come from the Song Dynasty, which is very historic.


Crystal crystals usually contain a large amount of small solid or gas liquid bodies, which are distributed in the crystal like cotton wool, which is very artistic. In fact, in the Song Dynasty, beads became part of daily life. According to the record of the “Old Martial Arts” of the Southern Song Dynasty, the small craftsmanship of “pearls”, in the “bead shop”, the transaction is “10,000”, from In the number, the demand for beads at that time was very large.

Colorless crystal is known for crystal beauty, clean and transparent,

Although there is no gorgeous sparkling, the unique aesthetics of the crystal jewelry of the Song Dynasty have a charm and it is worthy of slowly appreciation.


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