Ximian is renamed Little Blue Elephant, sweating fabric may become a new trend of future pajamas


Recently, Ximian HINOS, known for “Sweet Pales”, held a launch of a “Break Cotton Cognitive Misunderstanding” at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum today. The founder Jia Qiansheng’s thinking about the problem of sweating without sweat in the pajamas of the cotton children, and not only staged a drama to tear the cotton T -shirt at the press conference. On the day of the press conference, Xi Mian officially announced that the brand was renamed “Little Blue Elephant”.

According to Jia Qiansheng, the cotton fiber structure is naturally fish -scale shape. When the expansion of water is expanding, it will hinder the evaporation of sweat and discharge. Therefore, cotton has the fabric attribute of “sweating without sweating”. Cotton is a natural fiber. It has good hygroscopic absorption and fast sweat absorption. However, moisture absorption and dampness are two different things, cotton, strong moisture absorption, and the relative moisture discharge capacity will be weak. Comecarted clothing can easily make children cool.

Wu Hong, an expert in Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, answered questions on the spot on the question of “infant sweat and dressing and dressing.” She mentioned that the child’s sweat and sweating can easily cause colds, and love rashes, mules, etc., and will give it. Children’s healthy growth has caused adverse effects.


On the basis of the COOLMAX fabric, the United States DuPont has developed this “Hinos-Everyday” that is 5 times faster than pure cotton, and the fabric is more soft and skinny, which is suitable for baby to wear, which has become the pioneer of sweat pajamas. Jia Qiansheng took a Chinese name “Blue Demon Spinning” for this fabric. A lot of troubles brought by sweat: Baby crying at night, eczema from infants, children of children, children’s good sweating towels, parents on kindergartens are worried about cold cold, and it is not cold if it is hot in summer. The embarrassment of the air -conditioned room …


It is understood that the inspiration of the “Blue Devils” fabric has been inspired by the outdoor climbing scenes. In the extremely cold environment, the functions of the fabrics, fast -drying, and warmth of fabrics also have harsh requirements. “Blue Demon Spinning”, as a cheats of Ximian’s sweat -loving cheats, focuses on creating a wearing experience based on sweating speed and drying functions, and more skin -sticking “0 touch”, and launched the representative color of “Xianmian Blue” as a small blue elephant. Strive for the exploration attitude of “both inside and outside” to achieve the lead in the pajamas industry.

【Reporter】 Peng Ying

【Author】 Peng Ying

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