Yu Yan, a student of Hua Nong Chutian College, revealed that the sound rubber wipe was obtained by the national patent


Jingchu News (Reporter Peng Yanwei correspondent Yang Weiping and Zhu Qianqian) Students who often use pencils may be troubled by one thing, that is, small rubber rubbing will be small and light because they are small and light, but I don’t know where to fall. Essence On May 8th, the reporter learned from Chutian College of Huazhong Agricultural University that Yu Yan, a sophomore student in the international economic and trade major in the school, invented a rubber cover that would speak for half a year. Happening.

patent certificate

This kind of sound -sounded rubber wiping shell is set up with a mobile mechanism, which can adjust the support plate according to the usage of the rubber use, so that the rubber length of the rubber exposed outside the shell is moderate, and the sleeve of the rubber material is prevented from being too long. To the role of seismic buffer, protect the delayed circuit and avoid damage to the bell.


This rubber rubbing is a shell that adds a rubber material to ordinary rubber and installed with an electric bell reminder device. When it falls behind, it will make a sound reminder to prevent loss. There is a cleaning device on the shell. When using a rubber, you can move the block and clean it with a soft brush. You can adjust the beam as needed until the appropriate position. Then use the soft brush to clean the crumbs. It is very convenient to use.

Main structure schematic diagram: 1 -rubber 2 -shell 3 -limit slot 4 -Promoting block 5 — first limit hole 6 -soft brush 19 — cover 21 — buckle buckle

“Once my younger brother in high school went to his own homework, the rubber wiped it to the ground. Because the room was very dark, I couldn’t find it.” Speaking of the original intention of the invention, Yu Yan laughed. I did not expect to get a invention patent because of this trivial matter. “


“There is no real thing in the rubber rubbing. Before a manufacturer of Guangdong found me, I wanted to buy a patent, but the two parties did not talk about it.” Yu Yan admitted that there is no time and energy on the transformation of results. Opportunities will still be put into the market. “