Interesting souls can wear more! 12 clothes, play 15 sets of elegant wear, how high the clothes are?


Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.


How to wear in the autumn and winter workplace? What to wear on a business trip? This is the main purpose of today.

The interesting soul is picked up, and the good -looking dress is wonderful. If Luo Wei asked you, what is the focus of dressed in autumn and winter? Can you say in a word? Why did the layers stand out?

In Luo Wei’s view, this answer is just two words:


Intersection What is the inside? When the coat jacket is down jacket and forms a thick & light and light camp with the sweater and skirt pants, how to wear the inside to look good and determine the beautiful factor of the overall image.


Compared to the calm and single jacket, you only need to change the fashionable inside to get a chic fashion journey. Retreat as a supporting role and enter as the protagonist, switch with the temperature and environment.


Especially office


When the glorious coat is faded, what is wearing inside and what to measure is to measure the attitude, and it is critical.

For example, how to build a list? How to play the beauty of 15 days with 12 clothes? Through a set of business trips through the day, Luo Wei said the matching doorway and listening to you.

搭 搭 ➝ ➝ ➝ ➝ ➝ ➝

The items used this time are as follows:

4 main items

They are: white lapel big sweater, brown V -neck sweater, dark blue knitted cardigan, blue sweater, please appreciate the differences in their style and finding classic versatile elements.

8 items

As follows: gray suit, black wide -leg pants, white jeans, brown shirts, caramel coats, pleated skirts, hip skirts, dark blue wave dot skirts.

Foundation and classic. The so -called unsatisfactory fashion is full of basic models that are omnipotent.

The first set: knit sweater+suit+wide -leg pants

A very simple set of workplace combinations, absorb the advantages of different single products, and jointly present the neat and stylish Fan. Among them, the delicate and particularness of the blue knitted sweater, and the brightening effect is a lot of points.


Wisdom, and


The suit is coordinated. The free and easy of black wide -leg pants, the shape of the body and the momentum is virtually pulled out. There are temperament, exquisite, and unobstructed atmosphere!


: Fine cashmere or wool, instantly improve the texture. If you want to express well, they will add icing on the cake.

2 ~ 3 sets: V -neck sweater

In contrast to fine, a slightly rough sweater is a lazy urban style. Relax and relax, warm and close, and have a closer step with people under the premise of comfort.


V -neck

The dew space splits a little sexy for women. More charming and elegant, the endless tenderness appears. Don’t underestimate it, the scenery on the neck is the basic beautiful window.

These two sets of matching use thick large scarves and large -frame glasses to build V -collar, highlighting the sense of literature and art, and adding points to temperament.

Set 4 ~ 5: round neck and high collar

The difference between blue and white lies not only in color sense, but also



The style changes. Compared with the 2 sets in Figure 2, although it is the same person, does it feel completely different?

The blue sweater and jeans are refreshing and elegant. The restrained low -key white sweater and khaki skirt are cold and warm, cool and sweet, and switch arbitrarily.

: The high -level sense in the workplace requires the support of the same color. There are always some basic color matching CPs, which are unhappy.

Sixth set: cardigan+long skirt

Occasionally attend some wine clubs or business venues. What should I wear to be suitable? Luo Wei thought, perhaps elegant knitted cardigan and A -type long skirt could be relieved.

Compared to the traditional little black skirt, this

Deep blue

The white dot and the wandering skirts look more quiet and elegant. The decent length of the lower calf is diverted in the dignity in the temperament. Playful


Wave dot

Hanging uniformly, adding three -dimensional fun.

: Almost close to the dark blue, with more wise elegance, it has become a must -choose color in the workplace. And silver bags or shoes are the best props to strive for fashion.

Set 7: Big sweater+wide -leg pants

The clear comparison of black and white matching, there is also the opportunity to release the suspicion. Combine the white tone into rice and white, change the material with a soft glutinous sweater, with a pair of large pants pants wide -leg pants, a kind of unprecedented unprecedented


The momentum flows out.

Quiet but high -profile; stable but flying, contrast, contradiction, and are afraid not good enough? The red scarf and green high heels are bright and fashionable. Just a little bit, enough to town.

: This kind of combination may have the problem of waist line ratio. When wearing, you can quietly stuff the corner of the side to make the harmonious unclear.

Set 8: Brown same color system

Needless to say, the high -level sense of the same color system, especially in these calm colors such as rice tan, are becoming more and more fascinating. As if the noise of the world was quiet in time in time, leaving only a quietness.


The effect of healing

Beige brown

How can I not make people passion? This set is very simple, beige sweater with khaki skirt, and a caramel coat, perfect!

: Snake leather single shoes, with the harmony of beige tones and the cool pattern of the tide, became a wonderful pen.

9th set: knit sweater+pleated skirt

Seeing the refreshing light blue, the mind was cooled instantly, even if it was still passionate. Its hearty is not only attentive, but also stands out in dullness. For example, when matching with brown.

This set of the overall color is cold,

Gray, blue, brown

Together to create a high -knowledge arrogance. If you want to be more lively, the gray and black scarf is replaced with a little red style, and the effect is more amazing.

10th set: shirt+jeans


Unexpectedly, brown shirts and dark blue cardigans have such affectionate views. Confucian elegance, restrained and momentum,


Brown blue match

High -level, whether it is dark or light, can be promoted to the good temperament as always.


Come to a pair of classic jeans, echo the dark blue cardigan, and then use the brown leopard and short boots to echo the brown shirt. What is even more wonderful is that the yellow personality barrel is cute, so that the image is advanced, I don’t know how many times!

: When shirts and sweater are stacked, the focus is on how to wear!

11th set: big sweater+long skirt

The ultimate charm of the long skirt is always unexpected! For example, when it is a big sweater

mash up

When stacked, it has unexpected practicality and surprise. If it is a V -neck sweater, the lace or lace neckline of the skirt is more good.

Very gentle and feminine combination. Whether it is matched with any coat, you can wear it to feel crooked! If there is another bright yellow bag embellishment, Luo Wei wants to let go of her heart and anger to describe the most appropriately.

Set 12: Blue+Brown

The brown and blue with darkness is mentioned above. This set is a light -colored demonstration. Exquisite and cold knitwear, forming a thick and warm brown skirt

Cold and warm

For strong comparison, light luxury has a texture, which arouses a glorious.

A caramel -colored coat is covered with a stable rendering, making the low -key connotation more symbolic. The embellishment of the silver bag echoed two or two with the light blue, and the finishing touch was still tension.

Set 13: Knit sweater+wide -leg pants

The combination of dark blue sweater and black wide -leg pants has no suspense, and it seems to be natural. They are combined together to let


Same color

The subtle differences have obvious attachment points. This is the mysteries of dark blue and black.

The outside of the gray suit is more logical. Only the decoration of blue single shoes is quite tension. The whole set is calm and powerful, and it is light and luxurious.


Set 14: Brown+brown

The tan coloring made Luo Wei think of Lao Tzu’s words: the same name out of the same name. It also comes from the calm and deep earth



There are a warm and cold and delicate contrast, which makes them a long -lasting classic.

The stack of brown shirt and dark beige sweater just make up from the neckline. With a brown pleated skirt, the gentleness is instantly steaming. Although it is bland, it is full of wind and elegance.

: There are two highlights of the white bag, one is the color brightening, and the other is the sense of quantity.


Set 15: coat+jeans

This set is too worthy of reference. If you have a calm color coat such as beige, brown, brown, caramel, black, dark blue, etc., you may wish to wear white sweaters and classic jeans on the top.

The contrast between white and denim blue is elegant and energetic. The diverse of leisure style makes everything bored more interesting.


: Basic color matching, fashionable all accessories! Leopard patterns, snake skin patterns, zebra patterns, silver, gold, silk scarves, hats, earrings, necklaces … are all power points.

Well, the 15 sets of wearing sharing is over, and there will be higher -level drying goods in the future. If you want to really improve your clothing, you may wish to pay attention to Luo Wei carefully and seriously.

I hope to inspire you a little bit!


I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!