Coolpad’s new machine COOL 30 Pro exposure, 6500mAh battery exceeds the limit of the voyage of thousand yuan


Many mobile phone brands that have disappeared this year have come back. For example, Charm Blue and Coolpads. The return of these old friends will inevitably inject more fresh blood into the smartphone market, and also add more opportunities for users to choose.

酷派新机COOL 30 Pro曝光,6500mAh电池突破千元机续航极限

After the return of Coolpad, the first new machine Coolpad COOL 20 Pro has been officially released. This new machine can be said to be a role of a brick -and -mortem. After that, Coolpad will continue to launch more 5G new machines. After all If you want to gain a foothold in the smartphone market, you must have a certain product matrix. Recently, a new cool machine -Cool Cool 30 Pro exposed on the Internet.

酷派新机COOL 30 Pro曝光,6500mAh电池突破千元机续航极限

According to the news, the power point of this new machine is mainly on battery life, attracting users’ attention through super battery life. Cool Cool 30 Pro will be equipped with a 6500mAh battery, which is unique in the current thousand yuan machine market, and this machine will inevitably break the endurance of the thousand yuan machine. The core configuration will be equipped with the Tianyi 900, and its performance is enough for thousands of yuan.

The aircraft is still in the news stage. The official release time may be in April next year. Interested friends can look forward to this super -continuous aircraft type.