What are the couples paying attention to their fingers on the ring and the wedding ring? Xiaohan tells you the answer


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Today I will explain to you: Which fingers should be worn by couples to the wedding ring? What are the meanings?


The fingers of the couple rings are worn on which fingers are worn, because the meaning of the couple is different, so according to our customs, you can choose three fingers for wear.

1. Wear it in the middle finger of the right hand, suggesting that the famous flower has the master;

2. Wear the ring finger of the right hand, suggesting that you are in love;

3. Wear in the middle finger of the left hand, implying but engagement.


1. Wedding rings are worn on the unknown finger of the left hand;

2. The unmarried girl is worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand

The passing language of the pass, that is, the wearing method of the ring:

Unknown finger — indicates that you have been engaged or married;


Right -handed ring finger: Love in love.


Left -handed ring finger: Marriage.

Middle Finger — is already in love;

The right of the right hand: The famous flower has the master.

The middle finger of the left hand: engagement.

Forest up index -want to get married, indicating unmarried;

Right index finger: single nobleman

Left index finger: unmarried

Left -handed little finger: Indicates that the single is unmarried.

The origin of the ring: It is said to be the result of the ancient wedding interpretation. At that time, the man who grabbed other tribes wore a shackles for her. After many years of evolution, the shackles became engaged and wedding rings. The man wore a ring to the woman that she had belonged to me.

Wearing a ring is a language of love


Regarding the meaning of wearing a ring, there are several versions of the explanation of several versions in the society. One of the more common sayings is:

Wear on the thumb to indicate chasing (the pursuit of the other party with action),

Wear on the index finger (limited to the desire for love in the heart),

Daizhong refers to fixing (in love or engagement),

Wear on the ring finger (already married),

Wearing on the little finger means divorce (decided to be single or divorced).

The ancients worshiped the sun. The ancient ring was made of jade, symbolizing the sun god of the sun. It believes that it is like the sun god, giving people warmth, sheltering human happiness and peace, and also symbolizing virtue and eternal, truth and belief. During the wedding, the groom wearing a gold ring symbolizes the fiery sun; the bride wears the silver ring, symbolizing the bright moon.

There is also a saying:

Wear on the thumb -self, accommodation;


Wear in the index finger -already lovers; I want to get married and have not married.

Wear in the middle finger -in love, engagement

Wear on the little finger -indicates single or divorce or determination to be alone

婚 名 -engagement or marriage

Right -handed ring finger -indicates the heart of a nun.

Today, many people are not very confined to this set of rules. As long as they like it, it does not matter which fingers we wear. If you have any own statements and ideas, you can also comment below.