The opening of the Mark Cave Academy: Unique art aesthetics+experiential retail space


China News Service, March 29th. Sometimes there is no need to pour “fighting stars and moving” or “vicissitudes of the sea”. It is just the demolition and construction of house buildings. In the film and reinforced concrete, you go to the time of time. Just like No. 99 in Chaoyangmen, Beijing, people’s once familiar with Bailihui Computer City has quietly concluded. Today, it is a building with a new vitality that gives a new vitality, a new vitality, and mysterious inside. Architecture is more beautiful. This is the other place for Mark Home in the exploration of new retail art space -Michamon Academy.


On March 27, the Mark Cave Academic Museum, which has been tested for nearly 3 months, officially opened. “Exploring the artistic realm of Dongxue to give living aesthetics”, and the new retail art space as a new positioning Mark Dong Academy, inherit the bright civilization of human residential arts, and explore the new demands of beautiful lives in the Internet era.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Mark Cave Academy and the well -known industry media home gallery jointly organized the “First Residence Art Festival”. Meng Ye, the design director of the Creative Design Office of Meng Ye, Wu Bin, the founder of WS Shizun/Infernal Design, Huang Zhida, the founder and chairman of the RWD Huang Zhida design, and the founder of GID International Design Director/Rongshe Fashion Artist Furniture Zeng Jianlong as a domestic and foreign domestic and foreign 200 indoor (space) designers, as well as Feng Dongming, chief designer of the Mark Cave Academy, and Sun Xinxi, chief content officer and editor -in -chief director of “ELLE Decoeration”, attended the event together, and conducted art sharing, round table forums, etc. Activity.

As a brand leader who proposed the living culture earlier, the Micham Academy takes time and space as the artistic dimension, design as a means, and a better service lifestyle. The deeper kernel in development is innovative in interaction with culture, cities and people.

Cultural collision, explore new roads

Even in Beijing, which has never lacked “beauty”, the beauty of the Micham Academy is dazzling. As the theme of this event, the Michael Academy Museum is not just becoming a net red’s sacred place, but to pursue a better life expression. This opening ceremony may be the first time that the Mark Dong Academy Museum is self -analyzed and through the mouth of the international -level living room (space) designer, so that more consumers understand the design behind it.

In the Tang Dynasty in China, “Dongxue” refers to the academy in the famous mountain resort, so it is as its name. What it shows is the artistic experience that the cave civilization and modern design concepts of the human turtle grotto. It interprets the innovative achievements of the Silk Road culture. Based on modern design to return to nature and technology, it is the current design of the founder and chairman of the Meike Investment Group, Feng Dongming, the chief designer of the Meicdong Academy, Feng Dongming.

Affected by the Landform of the Western Region and the Silk Road Wenmai of the Turtle style, the Maxic Cave Academic Museum uses modern and simple blocks in an orderly manner to create a sense of light and beauty like a piece of feathers. Combining classical construction in an abstract form, reflecting the sense of value and aesthetics of the times in a unique artistic style. Among them, Guizidongtian has different representative significance. It is located above the entrance of the Mark Cave Academic Museum. The outdoor sun is pouring down like flowing water, reflecting the unique scene of the indoor “unique cave sky”, and the turtle walls that fall on it are also through the entire building. Interior elements fully express the essence of art.

“One step at a time, one scene and one culture” This is the feeling that the Mark Dong Academy desires to bring to consumers.

In addition to Guizidongtian, consumers can also see the “Western Canyon” inspired by the Baiyatan Canyon landforms in the Western Regions in the Dongxue Museum, which shows the visual experience of turning the clouds and fogging in the irregular design; The “Loulan Wall” at the point echoed the real -view video of Yadan landforms played by the naturally formed rock texture and circular LED, which brought the beauty of time and space in the same way.

Cover with silver rock layer texture, with the change of light and shadow, with the change of light and shadow; consisting of Tianren, music, dance and other elements, combining the 25 triangular murals of the Han Tangfeng, etc., together constitute the beauty of the art of Michamology Museum. It is like an art exhibition hall, which attracts the public’s eyes with its unique aesthetics from the outside to the inside. The reason why it is so hard on this is that the purpose is to explore a new road in the traditional mall format of the current homogeneity, in order The posture of the new retail is the ultimate art experience.

Art empower new retail and create the ultimate experience


As Feng Dongming said, “I hope the Mark Cave Academic Museum will become a new carrier for people to explore and experience new retail art spaces”, “art+business”, this is the core of the Mark Dong Academy. Just as far as the Museum is concerned, these two are not only superficial fusion, but they really blend the life scenes and artistic connotations required by consumers, forming a distinctive symbol of uniqueness.

Taking the nest in the Mark Cave Museum as an example, this visual shocking “giant book nest” integrates the first and second layers of light -jue space. The beauty of the art of art, the use of space, and the design of the design is very delicate. Customers can use the rotating stairs to use the tentacles to be able to use the book shelf display area to choose an art design book that is interested in. Leisure.

It can be said that every exquisite display in the Mark Dong Academy covers its brand philosophy of “art of life, artistic life”, providing Volkswagen consumers with very artistic lifestyles. Its unique design advantages and the characteristics of home product categories also bring natural appeal and persuasion to life experience shopping.

Markor Light, the newly launched brand, is committed to creating an ideal nest for young and interesting souls. The Markor Light area in the Mark Cave Academic Museum shows the youthful and trendy vitality without reservation. From the stick figure at the entrance, to the heart shape of the light, to the different styles, breakthroughs, breakthroughs, and breakthroughs. The youthful product of the conventional pattern is like a dazzling and cost -effective new retail experience center, which attracts consumers’ attention with its unique artistic sense.

In addition, it is also equipped with 3 cashier, so that young people can follow without burden. The product design contains the style characteristics of modern and stylish and mixed -matching. The different spaces formed by the five themes of “pure life, above the ceiling, light oxygen, life player, and ideal apartment”, allowing consumers to choose and match with each other. A piece of product starts from the actual needs of life, aside from unrealistic designs. While ensuring the aesthetic taste, it emphasizes the purity of the function.

Establish an industry benchmark and explore more possibilities

The immersive space experience and unique artistic aesthetics are destined to make the Mark Cave Academic Museum have the ability to attract the public to visit and check in. In this era of rapid development of the Internet, this “social punch card” method also makes Michamon Cave The academic hall was able to create consumers’ desire to explore the desire to explore through social fission, thereby driving the new passenger flow into the field.

The beauty of the Mark Dong Academy is dazzling. The unique living scene and product display in the space, with refreshing fragrance, soothing and elegant music, and pure afternoon tea, let consumers experience the warmth and beauty of the home. The lifestyle presented by the Dongxue Museum brings strong resonance and attractiveness to consumers. This beautiful vision immersed in the “ideal home” makes consumption more active and pleasant, and then achieve a benign cycle.

It is reported that in the Mark Cave Academic Museum, there are currently 36 brands and functional spaces including Mark Home, Caracole, Yvvy, REHOME, Light Jue, and Sicing Silk Road, covering furniture soft furnishings, fashion catering, cultural leisure and other rich rich and other rich Commodity and services. The unique expression of the value of the Macidon Academic Museum everywhere can be seen. Here people can enjoy art, talk about design, talk about science and art, taste life, and let everyone explore beautiful lifestyles in their busy ways to communicate with each other. Inspiration.


In addition, the Mark Cave Academic Museum also brings to consumers with innovative convenience. It is reported that it provides consumers with a matrix social online experience contacts composed of “on -site QR Code+Cave Scholarship Service Number+Heart Selection Application”. Since the beginning of the store, the self -service scanning code connection hotspot, online parking payment, punch -in guidance, electronic price tags in the shopping guide stage, design consultant mobile shopping guide, brand area “scene purchase” and online soft outfit design recommendation, to the end Purchase the repurchase of rights and interests through the QR code quickly checkout, omni -channel shopping, and the repurchase caused by guiding membership online registration, membership integration interaction, and precise marketing push to create to create consumers “come, leave, visit, visit, visit, visit Consumer place where it is cool.

There is no doubt that for the entire industry, the Mark Dong Academy uses a new “future lifestyle” composed of its innovation and art blending, creating a new retail model and marketing example, and also allows the industry to see business in business More possibilities hidden in development. With the official opening of the Mark Dong Academy, its future will undoubtedly be known by more people, and it will inevitably continue to improve itself in the process of leading the industry as a “benchmark” image.

Source: China News Network